Fix Device Not Migrated error on Windows 10

It is very frustrating when you are working on an important project and suddenly see this message says, “Device not migrated“. If you are using Windows then it is very common to face this type of errors. This Device Mot Migrated error occurs due to many reasons including faulty hardware and corrupted drivers.

When you plug in your USB drive or Hard Drive, the system says Device not Migrated. In this article, we will share some working solutions to fix the error.

Fix Device Not Migrated error in Windows

If you are seeing this error message then you won’t be able to use the problematic device on your Windows PC or Laptop. So you have to fix the error first and then you can access that drive.

Reasons behind Device not Migrated Error

Now no one knows the exact reason behind this error. Also, Microsoft hasn’t posted anything about it officially. But according to many experts and users, it occurs due to compatibility issues with the Windows 10. So you have to download some latest drivers to make them compatible with your new Windows 10 OS.

Plug and Play (PnP) is the new feature developed by Microsoft that enables Windows to work with the drivers automatically. PnP provides an automatic and dynamic connection with drivers and hardware.

There are many working solutions to fix Device not migrated error, that occurs while plugging in an External Hard Drive, Mouse, Monitor or another external device in your Windows 10 OS.

Fix 1: Check Windows System

We have to check whether Windows system files are corrupted or not. If they are damaged or corrupted then you have to repair them.

Step 1: Open command prompt (Run > Cmd > Right-click on it and Run as Admin).

Step 2: Enter sfc/scannow.

Step 3: This will check all the system files and see if there are any damaged files or not.

Fix 2: Reset or Update BIOS settings

Sometimes wrong BIOS settings can prevent PnP driver to identify your device. So you can eighter updates or reset BIOS.

Fix 3: Uninstall and Reinstall the driver

Step 1: Open run using Ctrl + R and then type devmgmt.msc.

Step 2: Navigate to the faulty device and see select its driver.

Step 3: Select uninstall. Once done, reboot system and then try again.

Step 4: Try to install the drivers in compatibility mode.

Fix 4: Update Chipset Driver

Step 1: Open start > Search Device Manager > Select the device > Right click > update.

Step 2: Select Search Automatically > Now the windows will search for an update.

Fix 5: Check USB Devices connectivity

Finally, check if your USB device is working or not. Try to connect them with another system.


We shared all the possible solutions to fix Device not Migrated error. Try them all and see which one is working for you.

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