How to Fix Common Zoom Problems on Windows PC and Laptops

Online meetings and teleconferencing are more usual than ever nowadays. With the majority of companies opting for “work from home” scenario, usage of online video call applications like the zoom is on the rise. Zoom is one of the most popular telecommunication applications in the market right now. But like any other digital platform, it is also not untouched of glitches and issues.

Fix Common Zoom Problems on Windows 10

Having considered the vast user base of the zoom app, we will discuss some common zoom video conferencing app problems. We will deal with problems faced by the majority of Zoom users and the methods to fix the same. Therefore, this article is quite useful for all the Zoom users out there.

1. Screen sharing issue

We have put this issue on top for a reason for its being the most common one, among others. During a formal meeting, employees are likely to share their screen for discussion. But if your zoom screen sharing isn’t working properly, you can try out these fixes.

How to fix it?

  • Disable automatic graphic card switching.
  • Update drivers.
  • Reinstall the Zoom application.

Webcam audio not working

2. Echoes during a call

During a call, if you are getting echoes of the speaker on the other side. Then it’s not a unique issue with the Zoom application. It’s a common technical issue faced by several Zoom users. It may be caused due to network connectivity or related problems. So you can consider the following fixes to resolve the same.

How to fix it?

  • Check your Internet connection.
  • Disconnect the call and try reconnecting again.
  • Reboot your system.
  • Ask the caller to check connectivity on their side.

3. Webcam/audio not working

If your webcam or audio isn’t working on the zoom app then just make sure that all applications that use webcam are closed. You can also test your audio-video on zoom. If that also doesn’t help, try out the following fixes.

How to fix it?

  • Switch to web or application, while using zoom either way.
  • Choose your webcam by clicking Start Video and click the arrow next to the camera icon. Choose the option the same as the system or webcam name from the displayed list.
  • Reinstall the zoom application.

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4. Zoom doesn’t launch

Nothing can be more annoying than zoom not launching on your device, especially when you have an urgent meeting coming up. This issue often occurs when the app is outdated. So here’s how you can fix it

How to fix it?

Reinstall the zoom application and check for any installed zoom plugins. If so, remove them and re-add them after launching the app successfully.

5. Can’t Install App

You are trying to install a Zoom application on your device but you find yourself unable to do so. It usually occurs when you have insufficient device storage. Try out these solutions to fix the stated issue.

How to fix it?  

  • Remove junk files from your device.
  • Delete unnecessary files.
  • Install on any other device, if possible.
  • Contact zoom support for reporting installer issues.


We tried to include the most common zoom video conferencing app problems and the best ways to fix them. It is hoped that you also find the zoom related issues and its effective solutions in this list. The easiest way to prevent technical glitches is to keep your operating system and drivers updated. Most of the issues can be solved just by updating the same.

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