How to Fix AMD Radeon Graphics Error 43 on Windows 10

Windows 10 is certainly never free of errors. Just like other graphic cards, AMD Radeon graphic also comes with an error code 43. AMD Radeon Graphics Error 43 on Windows 10 is a kind of AMD error that is related to device manager. When you open up the Device Manager and navigate to the properties of AMD Radeon the error will appear saying that “Windows has stopped this device” with code 43. This in short means that the AMD Radeon graphics error 43 on your PC is unlikely to work properly. Not only AMD but other graphic cards like Intel, NVIDIA and ATI etc. also pop up the similar error.

Causes of AMD Radeon Graphics error code 43

There are certain factors that are linked to this error such as AMD graphics are not updated. Other causes may include broken AMD Radeon Graphics or old hardware, or it may be due to some incompatible graphics driver along with some conflicts with system files or registry.

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Methods to Fix AMD Radeon Graphics error 43

Now since you have known what are the possible causes of this error 43 on Windows 10 let’s have a look at the workarounds that can solve the issue for you.

Method 1- Check for AMD Radeon Hardware

Visit the official site to see latest graphics card drivers and if available download them and install them.

Method 2- Using troubleshoot Method

To begin with the next method, you can follow these steps.

Step 1-  Open Control Panel > Troubleshooting.

Step 2- Choose the Hardware and Sound > Hardware and Devices.

Step 3- Next > Apply.

Check for it, and you will no longer face the same problem again.

Method 3- Uninstall and Install the AMD Graphics Driver

Try to Remove and reinstall AMD Graphic Card driver on your Windows 10. You can manually download and install drivers from the official website or use 3rd party tools.

Uninstall AMD Radeon Graphics

Step 1- Enter Safe Mode > Right click on This PC.

Step 2- Properties > click on the Device Manager.

Step 3- When Device Manager open, find AMD Radeon > Uninstall.

Step 6-  Select Delete the driver software > OK.

Step 7- Restart PC.



Now start the Device Manager, and you will see that you have successfully fixed the AMD Radeon Graphics Error 43 on Windows 10. You can try any of the above alternatives according to the steps mentioned and get rid of the problem.

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