How to Find Someone’s Location By Cell Phone Number?

With technological advancement, we have reached the extent of knowing someone’s location without the concerned person’s knowledge. In this article, we will know in detail how to find someone’s location by cell phone number. Here, we will provide you with all the necessary information about tracking someone’s location by using their cell phone number. So let’s start this.

How to Find Someone’s Location? [Tools & Tricks]

To find someone’s location by using their phone number, we have to acquire and opt for some tools and tricks. Here in this article, we will be looking into a few of the prominent and most trusted tools and tricks that are widely in use to find someone’s location through their cell phone numbers. These tools and tricks are as under:-

1. Minspy

It is a prominent phone spy app that is widely used to track someone’s location by using their cell phone number. It is a hidden app to track the location without the knowledge of the user concerned. The Minspy app helps you to locate the targeted device in real-time.

It also provides for watching the location history of the tracked device. Minspy is a user-friendly app that can be easily used by anyone. Moreover, it also sends you timely location updates. Apart from it, the Minspy app also provides some additional features which make it a full-fledged phone monitoring app.

These features include reading someone’s messages, accessing their social networking sites, access to contacts and call logs, managing the apps installed on the device, and much more.

2. Zosearch

It is another tool that tells you about how to track someone’s location by cell phone number. Zosearch is like a database or directory which possesses the details of all such persons who are available there on the internet. This tool makes it possible to search every detail of the targeted person if you have at least one authentic and reliable piece of information or input of the person.

This input or information can be the phone number, address, family details, business details, and anything like personal details. Zosearch directory is the best location tracker in the sense that it provides you with such information of the targeted person which does not even exist on the internet.

It can be their criminal record as well. Zosearch is as easy to use as an internet search engine like Google. The use of Zosearch to find someone’s location using a phone number is called reverse phone lookup.

3. Spyic

Another important method through which you can know about how to track someone’s location by cell phone number is Spyic. It does so without the targeted person knowing about it. Spyic is a wildly trusted phone monitoring tool that is capable of tracking any Android or iOS device merely by the use of a cell phone number.

The features of the Spyic tool include an in-built location tracker, geofence, protection of privacy through stealth mode. It is not possible to detect speak on both android and iOS devices as the app works in the background while tracking the location of the targeted device. Spyic is secure and does not violate your privacy as the app does not collect your personal information from the device.

Spyic also has some other features including convenient access, not require to root or jailbreak, tracking real-time location, accessing the location log among others. So do try the Spyic app if you want to know about how to find someone’s location by cell phone number. For this, all you need to do before using it is to sign up and purchasing a monthly plan.

How to Find Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number?

As mentioned earlier, we will be looking into every aspect of how to track someone’s location by cell phone number. So, now we will be talking about such methods which help track the location of a device using the cell phone number. A few of the commonly used methods of finding someone’s location by cell phone number are as follows:-

1. Using a Phone locator

The easiest way to track someone’s location is through a phone locator. The phone locator tool is convenient to use which makes it the most used method for tracking devices. Nowadays, phones are there in the market with their own and in-built locator apps which are specially designed to locate the device in case of theft or when the device gets lost.

Another use of the locator is to track the location of your family members or close ones. One prime example of an in-built phone locator is the ‘find my device app’ which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

However, in the case of android devices, find my device app works only when the android version of your device is Android 4.0 ice cream, sandwich, or higher.

2. Using Third-party apps

A large number of third-party apps are also used to find someone’s location by cell phone number. The top third-party apps for this purpose have already been discussed in this article. The prominent third-party apps which are widely used to track the location of a device include apps such as Minspy, Zosearch, and Spyic among others.

These are compatible to use on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. To use the third-party apps you just have to purchase the app license from the official website and start tracking the targeted device.

3. Using an IMEI Tracker

Using an IMEI tracker to track the location of a device is the most convenient method as it is quite easy for everyone to use it. IMEI withstands for Internation Mobile Station Equipment Identity is a 15 digit number that is unique for every device. There are several advantages of IMEI number one of which is to find the location of a device.

To use the IMEI number to the advantage of tracking any device you just need to download and install the IMEI tracker app from the Google Play Store or Apple app store.

Final Words

Summing up everything we have looked into almost everything about how to find someone’s location by cell phone number. The details highlighted in this article will be really helpful to you to locate the device of your loved ones.

Do read this article to learn about it, as we will be really happy if you use the details provided in this article to locate the device of your dear ones as a gesture of love and care. Drop your comments below if you have any queries or suggestions for us.