Family Photoshoot Ideas

Taking photographs has become so easy and commonplace these days that we hardly pay much attention to them. However, for many of us, the most important thing is family, the shared stories and moments that are captured in photos. And today we will look at the options of where, how, and at what time you can arrange a family photo shoot.

For most of us, summer means bright, warm sunshine, a riot of color, and a long-awaited holiday, which we prefer to spend with our nearest and dearest. And it’s a shame that hot summer can’t last all year round! But, there’s a great way to preserve the warm memories of those wonderful summer days – capture them on camera and have the opportunity to go back to those happy moments you spent with your family at any time. You can check out about mom and daughter photoshoots on Skylum`s blog.

Features of a summer photoshoot

It will sound strange but a summer photo shoot is in no way tied to the three calendar months. More often than not, when we say “summer photo shoot” we mean photos in nature on a warm, sunny day. It may be late spring when the trees enjoy blossoming and lush green foliage, or it may be early autumn when the heat is not so oppressive, but nature still preserves its beauty and fullness of colors.

Regardless of the time of year, a “summer photo shoot” is always full of vivid emotions. No matter where the photo shoot takes place – in a forest clearing, beach, or city park – one of the main themes always remains the unity of man and nature.

The advantages and disadvantages of a summer photoshoot

Naturally, not everyone likes summer. Some just can’t stand the sun and the sweltering heat; some would prefer to go skiing in winter.


  • Natural lighting that does not require the use of additional lighting equipment;
  • Natural scenery;
  • If a child is supposed to take part in a photo shoot, in the summer, in nature, it is easier for children to relax, they behave at ease, so the photos are very bright and emotional;
  • There is a huge choice of photo shoots and themed areas. This can be an ethnic-style photo shoot, beach shoot, family picnic, camping, or fishing.


  • Some people don’t tolerate the heat well, suffer from allergies, and cannot stay in the sun for long because of skin sensitivity. In this case, you should try to provide them with comfortable conditions using the available opportunities: move the photo session from a blooming meadow to a lake shore, try to choose a not-very-hot day, or “hide” under the shade of trees in a park or forest;
  • If during the studio or home photo session you have everything at hand (a professional make-up artist can do your hair on the spot, you can change quickly if necessary, children have everything they need such as food and drink), while outdoors you might encounter some temporary discomfort. To ensure this does not interfere with your plans, think of everything in advance – bring food and drink, a change of clothes, comfortable shoes, and toys for children, and plan an itinerary.

Ideas for a summer outdoor family photoshoot

On bicycles, roller skates

Outdoor activities are gaining more popularity, so why not use that in your photo shoot? Grab a bike for each member of the family and ride to the country lanes or the park. Needless to say, clothing should be comfortable in this case.

You don’t have to use modern sports bikes and rollerblades. If you prefer to shoot in a retro style, then you can take regular old bikes, put on vintage costumes and go for a fun costume family picnic.

With soap bubbles

You can buy all sorts of bubbles these days. There are bottles for small bubbles and bottles for huge bubbles. You can even find special machines that “make’’ bubbles themselves in huge quantities if you want.

With animals

Do you have a pet? Then don`t hesitate to take him or her on a photo shoot, because otherwise, the composition would be incomplete.

You can have a bike ride, a picnic, or active games on the beach – just think of a role for your pet (the dog can run along, catch a ball, the cat needs a special carrier).


Here you will need a brightly colored plaid (large checks are now fashionable, but if you prefer to show your individuality by choosing a knitted blanket or plaid with a floral pattern, your photos will by no means be worse), a basket with food (thermos of tea, sandwiches, fruit, and vegetables) and toys for children.

Choose a picnic area that your whole family will enjoy and make sure it’s safe. Act casual – as if you’ve just come to the countryside to play with the children or take a break from the noise of the city.

In the field

There are several shooting options here:

  • Ethnic shooting in folk costumes with suitable props (earthenware, baskets, milk can, working tools nearby).
  • Modern style. In this case, you can dress casually. In the photo, you will see relaxed, rested people from hectic city life – a happy family lounging in the sunshine on green grass surrounded by an endless array of colorful wildflowers.

Photo in the jump

A beautiful, dynamic, vibrant, and life-affirming jump photo is the emotional peak of any photo shoot. To make it work well, you need to practice well, preferably beforehand. There are many variations of such pictures, which one will suit you, you need to decide with the photographer based on your physical data, age of children, training, etc.


A summer family photo shoot is a great opportunity to relax with the whole family (and you have to admit, this is a rare chance) and to keep the memory of these happy moments in the family album for a long time to come! You can find information about the mom-and-daughter photoshoots on Skylum`s blog.