How to Do Facebook Image Search to Find Someone?

Ever tried searching for images on Facebook? I am here to help you with the Facebook image search. This article is purely meant to clear all the doubts about FB image search and will lead you through every difficulty in this regard. Facebook has plenty of pictures which makes it difficult for a user to find a particular image or picture. Do read this article thoroughly if you want smoothness in the Facebook image search.

Facebook Image Search – What is it?

As the name implies, Facebook image search is like a process or technique which is used to search certain pictures, images, and profiles on Facebook. This feature is generally used to locate or find details of particular pictures or social media account of a particular person.

It is a way to search about a person through images rather than other credentials like his name, contact number, city name, profession, etc. An advanced search option is also available which you can opt for a Facebook image search. The advanced search allows you to filter out the search results based on the picture details which is used for carrying out the primary search.

How to Use Facebook Image Search?

Here, I will let you know about the best available methods and techniques that a user can choose to conduct an image search. The best and perhaps the easiest ways for conducting Facebook image search are the following:-

1. Search Using a Photo ID

The first and foremost method for Facebook image search is to pick a photo from the Facebook account and use it to conduct the image search. To identify whether the picture is taken from the Facebook account or not, just look at the file name of that particular picture.

If the picture is taken from Facebook then it will have FB in its filename. In the filename there will be a total of three sets of numbers, the middle set will be the photo ID. This photo ID is all that you need for a proper Facebook image search conduct extracting the details of an image.

2. Using Reverse Image Search

This is another technique that is used to discover similar images. For this, a user has to upload an image on the search engine and click on the search option.

The result will display all the images similar to the one used for searching. To conduct reverse image search numerous ways and search methods are available online. In this article, we will be dealing with the reverse image search topic separately.

3. Use of Search is Back

The search is back tool is used for advanced Facebook searches. This is a search engine in itself that allows you to search based on numerous credentials. The credentials which can be used in conducting an advanced search through search back include the details like your city name, your relationship status, your first name, the name of your school, etc.

In addition, this tool also makes it possible to search for other stuff like events and posts. ‘Search is back’ provides for the search with the use of a limited number of resources.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search is a method or technique which brings out the primary source and origin of an image and it also extracts additional data regarding the particular image. For instance, through reverse image search, a user will be able to know details of upload of the particular image like date of upload of the image and who is in the picture, etc.

Facebook reverse image search can be done either by uploading the picture itself or by entering the image URL in the search menu. This command of search finds out similar results and compares all the available data before giving out the final results. Through reverse image search, you will be able to get such details of pictures that are otherwise not available anywhere.

How to Use Reverse Image Search?

As mentioned earlier, this article will provide every detail in and around reverse image search. Now I will give you a few of the ways to use reverse image search. The following are some of the most feasible ways to easily carry out Facebook image searches.

1. Using an Image Filename

Tracing out the details of an image through the filename of the image is perhaps the easiest way. For every post, photo, os, and video, Facebook assigns a particular user id which is also known as the file name. This filename distinguishes an image from the other image available on the internet.

The pictures downloaded from Facebook will always carry a unique ID in their filename and it will include the alphabets FB in it. To find the source of an image, the easiest way is to do it using the filename which is always unique for every image. This method is more promising as it delivers exact and accurate results.

2. Using Google’s Reverse Image Search Tool

It is perhaps the easiest option to choose for conducting a reverse image search. One must give a try to Google’s very own image search option to find out more details about a particular image or picture. Google reverse image search tool is quite easy to use as it is very similar to the Google search engine.

The only difference between both is that in one you use an image for getting search results and in the other one, text credentials are used for searching.

The image search option is easily available on Google Chrome and if you are not using Google Chrome, you can also upload the image on the Google search engine for conducting the search and finding out details about a particular image.

3. Using Other Search Engines

Apart from Google, other search engines can also be used for conducting reverse Fb image searches. The search engines which can be chosen as alternatives to Google include Bing, Yandex, TinEye, and SauceNAO among others.

While Microsoft’s Bing can help extract out details of an image, in particular, TinEye, RevIMG, and SauceNAO are the dedicated search engines for reverse image search, which provides for the information of the image uploaded.

Final Words

On the whole, we have covered all the important aspects regarding Facebook image search in this article. If you are keen on searching for details of a Facebook image and want to know everything about it, then this article is surely meant for you.

Browse this complete article and learn everything about Facebook image search and please write to us in case you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article.