Easy tips for cleaning up your Mac

There are lots of ways for your Mac to become a sluggish mess. Mac cleaning tips are needed to help control and organize your device, making it both more secure and perform better. A lot of performance issues can come down to having a full startup disk, for example, whilst zero file organization can heavily impact your productivity. So, here are some easy tips for cleaning up your Mac.

Tidying up the storage disc

First and foremost, it’s important to start with tidying up your storage disc. This is the disc that you save all of your photos, apps, and files to. In order to get a quick overview of what’s going on with your storage, head to Choose Applications, then click on Utilities, followed by Disk Utility.

From here, choose your storage drive and press Verify Disk. You can repair your disk if there are any errors, but if not, then you can view the categories of storage. If photos are taking up a particularly large among of storage, you could back these up to iCloud or another HDD and delete them from the local memory.

If OS X Sierra is running, then you can optimize this storage very easily. By clicking System Preferences, you can click iCloud and set up an account. From here, you can move some items to iCloud. If you’re struggling to free up enough space (at least 15% memory should be free) then it may be worth upgrading your HDD – or perhaps getting an SSD instead, which are much faster.

Cleaning up your downloads folder each week

Another tip is to clean up your downloads folder each week. It’s very easy for a downloads folder to get out of control because this is where things like screenshots will be automatically saved. Over time, the downloads folder is generally the place where things aren’t saved in appropriate folders. So, instead of letting it build up, once a week, it is worth doing a quick tidy-up. This may take a matter of minutes and help keep on top of things. Move your photos to the photos folder for example, and perhaps a more specific subtitled folder with an appropriate name.

Cleaning up your desktop

Cleaning up your desktop is a big one because the desktop is so visible. If you’re presented with a hot mess every time you turn on your Mac, it’s going to be difficult to find things. Many people believe that the desktop is a good place to save things because it will always be within arms reach. This logic works for the first 10 items that are saved there, but eventually, you have a large Picasso painting of homogenous-looking files. Finder will slow down because of this, and it will become a persistent problem. It doesn’t take long to tidy up the desktop, but it can make a massive difference.

Taking out the Trash

Finally, after deleting things that aren’t necessary, you’re going to need to remove them from the Trash. This is where they lie, taking up space, all whilst you’ve already decided you don’t need them. This makes emptying the trash something you don’t need to think much about. Simply right-click the trash/bin on the dock and then press Empty Trash.

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