Dining Room Sets for Every Home

The dining area is a central hub for many homes. Guests and family members alike spend time sharing stories and life’s important moments over the dining table. That’s why it’s a room that deserves special attention when it’s ready to be furnished or redecorated.

The dining room’s ambiance should invite everyone to have a seat at the table and break bread with loved ones. The right dining set can help you accomplish that goal. Start by making the dining area’s measurements to have a realistic idea of the table’s size. The number of people in your household will help determine the size as well.

Also, consider how many people you plan to entertain in the space and how you would like them to interact to determine the shape of the table. Don’t forget to leave enough room for everyone to move around the table and chairs smoothly. Three feet of space should be left on all sides for guests to move up and down without a hindrance.

If your dining area is small, think about purchasing an extendable table. The removable leaf gives you the option of adding more surface area to the tabletop and extends an invitation to additional guests. Another feature you can look for if you are tight on space is storage compartments. There are tables with shelves and cupboards built-in underneath. Some benches also have hidden storage to stow away items and keep the area tidy.

Before choosing the tabletop’s shape, consider the household’s needs. The most common shapes are rectangles and squares because those are the most common room shapes. A large number of people can be seated at a rectangular table. You can opt for a bench in smaller rooms as they will take up less space and can be stored under the table when not in use.

Groups of four or less fit well at a square dining table. A square table allows everyone seated to interact closely, much like a round table. The circle works well in any shaped room and has a casual feel since there’s no head of the table. While they are wonderful for intimate conversations, they are not ideal for large gatherings.

If you want the extra room rounded edges permit in the space, but need to seat a group larger than four, then an oval tabletop is the answer. These uniquely shaped tables are sure to spark up a conversation between guests and give a glimpse into your more sophisticated side.

If you have small children over often, then rounded edges are the way to go. The sharp corners of a square or rectangular tabletop can cause injuries that children could easily avoid with an oval or round table. Keep the little ones safe and free from any potential harm by purchasing a dining table set to meet everyone’s needs.

Do you entertain quite a bit? Or, do you love serving your family dinners in style? Then when it comes to size, you want a table at least thirty-six inches wide to leave enough room for serving dishes and place settings. Each person is also going to need about twenty-four inches between them to sit and eat comfortably. Keep these measurements in mind to choose an accurate table size.

What kind of table support would work best for the home? That is an area many forget to pay attention to, but it’s an important part of choosing the right number of dining chairs. You can pick a table with legs, a trestle, or a pedestal.

The supports at the corners generally limit tables with legs, and they cannot squeeze in an extra chair as easily as a pedestal table. With the support in the middle of the table, friends and family typically have more legroom and don’t worry about their legs bumping the table.

If you are sitting at the table for long periods, you want a dining set that has comfortable seating. For many getting, upholstered chairs are the answer to that comfort desire. Leather and fabric options are available, and you should consider maintenance before choosing one.

Leather and faux-leather upholstery can be easily cleaned if there is an accidental spill. However, fabrics tend to have a cozier feel and come in a wider variety of colors. Also, feel free to show off your creativity by mixing and matching colors and textures. Step outside the box and give your guests something to talk about.

Let’s not forget the importance of choosing the right material for your dining room set. A sturdy set that enhances the design of the space will bring you and your family joy for years. Wood is the most widely used material, but solid wood sets can be a bit on the pricey side. Just remember, heat and humidity are not friends of wood as they cause it to expand and contract.

Keep the dining room cool and free of moisture so the set doesn’t warp, especially if you have an extendable table. You don’t want to plan an evening with friends only to find out the leaf no longer fits perfectly in the tabletop. Make sure to store it flatly in a cool, dry part of the home.

Glass tabletops are great for open floor plans or rooms that receive a lot of sunlight. The sparkle from the glass’s reflection brightens the space. While glass tables aren’t affected by moisture like wooden ones, they can crack or chip if exposed to high degrees of heat.

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