How to Delete Duplicate Rows in Excel and Google Sheets

Working with Microsoft Excel is important and easy, but at the same time, it gets complicated. While working with Excel it might happen that multiple copies of data are formed. Duplicate rows interfere with your work and need to be deleted. And so it is important that you know how to delete duplicate rows in Excel and Google Sheets. The repetitive data is mindless and is not required but there are some tricks that will help you remove duplicates Excel spreadsheet and Google Sheet.

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How to Delete Duplicate Rows in Excel

Some of you might be aware of removing duplicated from Excel spreadsheet, but find it difficult to do from the Google Sheets. But today in this post we will be discussing the methods to highlight duplicates in Google Spreadsheets and to how to remove them in both Excel and Google

Method 1- Remove Duplicates in Excel Spreadsheet

With the help of inbuilt functionality, you can remove the duplicate rows without any difficulty. To get started, create an Excel Spreadsheet.

Step 1: After creating a simple Spreadsheet in Excel, click on Data tab.

Step 2: Then select Remove Duplicates option.

Step 3: After this, you will be asked to select the rows and columns, where the duplicates are located.

Step 4: While selecting the rows or columns, you can opt to choose them one at a time if you are not sure about it. Though if you are sure about the columns, then you can try doing it in one go.

So this was one method by which you can delete duplicate rows in Excel.

Method 2- Delete Duplicate Rows in Excel through Advanced Filtering

Advanced Filter is another tool that will help you delete those duplicate rows in Excel. The method is similar to the previous one, with little modifications.

Step 1: Open the Spreadsheet. Press Ctrl +A to select all your spreadsheet.

Step 2: Now click on Data tab. And then choose the Advanced option in the Sort and Filter section.

Step 3: Next select the checkbox against the Unique Record the only option.

Step 4: Hit the Ok option.

So you can try this method also. Though if there are two copies of the data left by the system, then it is mainly because the method assumes to have a header in your spreadsheet. And so if you wish to remove the data from the first row as well, then you will have to remove duplicates Excel Spreadsheet manually.

Remove Duplicate Rows from Google Sheets

In Google Sheets remove duplicate rows by making a simple script. If you are unaware of the method, check out the following steps.

Step 1: Open Google Drive > go to Spreadsheet.

Step 2: click on Tools, followed by Script Editor. Then navigate to –

File > New > Script Fil. Rename the file as “remove duplicates”

Step 3: Now copy the below given code into the main body. Omit the quotes while copying.

Code Link –

Step 4: Now save it by pressing Ctrl+ S and close the tab.

Step 5: To run the script, click on Tools in the Spreadsheet. Then click on Script Manager.

Step 6: Here you will observe the script called Remove Duplicates. Select it and hit the Run option.

You will be asked for authorization, the first time you run the script. Within a few minutes, your job to remove duplicates in Google sheet will be done. So apply this one and only method to Google Sheets filter duplicates and removing them.

These were the direct methods by which you can remove duplicate rows in Google Sheets and Excel Spreadsheets. We hope that now you will be able to sort your sheets and remove those extra, unwanted duplicate rows and columns from your files.