Top 5 CSGO Trading Sites that are Fast & Secure

For anyone who has an idea of what CSGO Trading sites are, they know what is its purpose. But, for the unversed, CS:GO trading sites are those websites wherein for a relative commission you can easily trade, sell or buy any of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive items that are available on the market- skins, weapons, case-keys, miscellaneous- anything that comes to your mind when you think of the Steam market.

Many different websites provide users with CSGO Trading Sites. While some of these may take a small fee, many of these even take up a larger commission, but that depends on websites to websites. However, if you are new to this trading market and are interested to know more about it, then you have come to the right place. We will give you a proper and deep insight into this huge community. It also offers a platform for daily transactions and trading for millions of people.

What are CSGO Sites?

CS: GO sites may not be as big a name like Amazon, but the work they do is similar to Amazon. It includes buying, selling, online trading, etc. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter video game.  It was released in 2012.  Despite being an old site, it still has a large base in 2021. Skins were introduced in CS: GO in 2013 as a cosmetic feature that would encourage more interaction among the players. In a really short time gained real money values. These skins can range in value from a few cents to whooping thousands of dollars.

An entire CS: GO gambling industry has risen based on CS: GO skins with certain websites offering skin betting on esports and other casino-type games. At present, there are approximately dozens of CSGO trading sites where people can easily trade skins.

How to Select the Best Trading Site?

We will provide you with some ideas that might help you in selecting the Best Trading Site for your items. You must always go for the site that you fully trust. Unfortunately, many sites also scam people, and hence, not all sites can be fully trusted. Here are a few ideas and tips to keep in mind before going to any site:

  • Duration of the Site: If a site is new, it doesn’t mean it can scam you. Many times new and unidentified sites can easily prey on the users. But, not all new sites can do that. If a particular site is old it is safe to use as compared to a newly launched one.
  • The number of users/trades: When a CSGO Trading Site has a long list of users and trades successfully done on it, it’s good. It’s a sign that the site is reputed and trustworthy.
  • Reviews: Reviews, of course, are a great way to know whether you are making a good investment or not. Reviews from other people and sites can help you to get a good idea of the site.
  • Social Media Activity: Staying active on social media can be a good indication of the site. If they constantly stay updated on their social media and simultaneously respond to users, then you can go ahead with them.
  • Customer Support: Good customer support on a website is surely your ticket to accept their service. Their adept and active response to customers’ queries and requests make them an overall effective website to work with.

Top 5 Trusted CSGO Trading Sites

We will present you a list of Top 5 Trusted and Tested Trading Sites that you can look for. They are mentioned below:

1. CS Money

CS Money Trading Site was launched not long ago in 2016. It is by far the best-known Trading Site around here. It is officially registered as CS Virtual  Trade Ltd. Since the year they were launched, this site has completed around 92 million trades.

On average, they get around 5 million visitors every day to their site. The base rate of commission is just 7% but the users can lower it to around 5%, just by adding “cs. money” to their Steam profile name. They can also bring it to 4% by getting a Prime subscription.

2. DMarket

DMarket was launched in 2017 and immediately rocketed to becoming one of the most popular CSGO Trading sites. On average approximately 1 million visitors are received on the site every month. Customer support is also done on the site via a live chat feature and emails. DMarket is available on Twitter and Facebook as well as Steam Platforms. The site also has a good FAQ section for the users and reviewers.

3. CS.Trade

CS.Trade has been online since 2016 as, before being officially launched in 2018. Although they are not as big as other well-known sites they have completed over around1.4 million trades since 2018. The CS.Trade gets around 50,000 visitors every day at the site. CS.trader can be contacted easily on Facebook, Twitter, or their Steam group.

4. started initially in 2017 and since then has become one of the tops most and very popular CS: GO Trading Site. This trading site has over 2.4 million users and has completed 31.8 million trades since its launch. The site receives 1 million visitors every day. has a huge inventory of skins that values thousands of dollars. One striking feature of this site is that they offer instant cash out, in which you can convert the skins into cash in an instant but, you will have to pay a premium fee.

5. was launched in 2017. The services are provided by Xyvo Gaming which is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Since the time has been launched it has completed over 5.2 million trades and gathered more than 930,000 users.

The site receives more than 500,000 visitors every month. is active on social media and it has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Discord. Out of the total reviews that the site holds, 89% claim that they are either excellent.


CS: GO Trading Sites will make your buying and selling more fun and exciting. One of these sites mentioned above is sure to make the trading more interesting. I hope you found the article helpful. Leave your comments and suggestions in the box given below. Happy Trading!