How to Connect to a Hidden Wi-Fi Network in Windows 10

To Connect to a Hidden Wi-Fi network in Windows 10 is quite a tricky job to do. It looks straightforward but needs precision to do the job. In another version of Windows simply clicking on the Connect to a hidden network option and typing the SSID name with a password would make the list of available networks appear to you. But the case is different with Windows 10 for here it appears that the OS is actually hiding the hidden Wi-Fi network that users can connect to. In other words, Windows 10 displays a list of hidden networks but no longer connects automatically to them.

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Methods to Connect to a Hidden Wi-Fi Network

Every Wi-Fi network has a specific name in order to identify it among others. While setting up a Wi-Fi network, one needs to choose not to broadcast the network name (SSID) for creating a hidden Wi-Fi network that is called as a closed Wi-Fi network. It is not visible on the list of available networks.

Further, in order to prevent others from connecting to your wireless network, you have to create a hidden Wi-Fi network in Windows 10. But even your own computer cannot connect to this hidden wireless network.

But you need not get frustrated with the method mentioned here will make you learn how to connect hidden Wi-Fi network on Windows 10.

Method 1- Using Network Settings

Step 1- Look for the Wi-Fi icon. This you will find on the right side corner on your desktop.

Step 2- Once you have clicked then open the Network settings by clicking on it.

Step 3- Under Wi-Fi section click on Hidden Network

Step 4- Then click on Connect.

Step 5- Now enter the name SSID and click on Next.

Step 6- Now enter the security key or password and again click on Next.

Step 7- Wait for few minutes till the network gets connected.

Once it is done you have successfully connected the hidden Wi-Fi network on your Windows 10.

Method 2- Open Network and Sharing Center

If the above method does not brings success to you then you can revert to the next method mentioned here with steps given below.

Step 1- Right-click on the wireless network icon as done for above method.

Step 2- Then select Open Network and Sharing Center menu.

Step 3- Click on Set up a new connection or network option.

Step 4- Then select the option as Manually connect to a wireless network. Now click on Next.

Step 5- Enter the security information for your network connection in the given appropriate fields. Finally click on Next.

Step 6- Check the Start this connection automatically check box if you want to connect your computer to this hidden Wi-Fi network automatically.

Step 7- Check the check box Connect even if the network is not broadcasting option.

Step 8- Click Next and finally click on Close

Step 9- Windows 10 will now notify you that it has successfully added to the wireless network.

Next time whenever you will open the PC it will automatically connect to this hidden network.

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