Choose a Virtual Number to Strongly Develop your Business

Communicating on the phone with customers (namely advising them and taking orders on time) is an important factor in the success of any company. However, the era of copper cables for setting up traditional telephony is already a thing of the past. The development of technologies has brought SIP telephony.

What opportunities does it provide for business?

It’s about a modern network method for transmitting audio and video information. It is one of the communication protocols in IP telephony. SIP telephony helps to communicate via the Internet instead of using traditional telephony. Its services are available in different countries where there is an Internet connection with a speed of more than 64 Kbps. Thus, if there is a need, you can easily get even a Nigerian virtual phone number for your business development via a Freezvon Company.


Saving the company’s budget

Connection and maintenance of SIP telephony are many times cheaper than a traditional line or office PBX. Such a solution can save more than 50% of a company’s budget, especially if it uses a lot of long-distance and international calls. Freezvon offers you a clear pricing model so you will know exactly the price of the option. In addition, you can significantly save on the installation and maintenance of the system.

Communication speed

The high speed of information transfer accelerates communication with customers, colleagues, or suppliers. Prompt processing of applications and services will increase the flow of customers. Buyers can quickly withdraw a reply to their inquiry by calling the company. This makes them more loyal to your business. Workers can answer the calls of clients from any comfortable place.

Scaling your network

SIP telephony allows you to quickly scale the telephone network and increase the number of contact center operators. It is also convenient for seasonal businesses. Scaling will be expensive if you have traditional telephony because you will need to purchase additional physical lines. At the same time, SIP trunks provide enough bandwidth for all your simultaneous calls during peak periods when the number of calls increases.

Mobility of employees

SIP telephony is not tied to the location of your office because the corporate number is assigned to the employee. That is, managers can help clients wherever they are. If necessary, the worker can easily relocate to another region at any time and have no problems setting up IP telephony in a new place. Voice calls can be routed to employees’ corporate mobile devices and work in a remote or hybrid format.

Minimum equipment

An employee must have one of the following devices connected to the Internet to work with SIP telephony.

  • Stationary PC, laptop, or headset.
  • Tablet or smartphone.
  • Landline SIP phone or router.
  • Analog phone or router.

Consolidation of programs and data

SIP telephony can be integrated with the data of your CRM system, thereby creating a single corporate telephone network. This will allow you to make a more efficient analysis of calls, a faster process of customer feedback, etc. Call tracking helps you to monitor the workload of managers, listen to their calls with customers, and check the level of service.

Additional services

SIP telephony is the basis for deploying a remote contact center based on a virtual mobile PBX and a toll-free number. For example, a PBX allows you to receive many simultaneous calls from clients to one number. It means that customers will not have to wait for an operator to answer the line for a long time. The virtual mobile PBX has some more convenient functions.

  • You can connect and combine corporate mobile and landline company numbers.
  • It is possible to integrate the cloud PBX with your CRM system and view call history in the client’s card.
  • It’s easy to set up voice greetings (IVR) to keep the customer on the line.
  • Analyze customer calls and improve operator service by recording phone conversations and more.

Companies are increasingly moving to cloud-based phone services because they want to provide employees with the more modern tools they need to communicate effectively with customers, even in a remote work format. Contact Freezvon Company to enjoy one of the most cost-effective options.