Can’t connect to this network Windows 10 Problem Fixed

Nowadays, the Internet is the most required thing. You cannot live without it. We use the internet for checking emails, Social Messaging, watch movies and more. But Windows users are facing this serious issue after installing a new Windows update or installing new drivers. We will share the complete guide related to this Can’t connect to this network Windows 10 problem.

We will also list down all the possible reasons for Cannot connect to this network issue and how to fix them.

When you try to connect to the Intenet, you will see this message, “Windows 10 can’t connect to this network”. This is a common Internet access error faced by all Windows users. You cannot use or access the Internet without solving this unable to connect to this network problem. Sometimes it is very frustrating to face the “Windows 10 can’t connect to the network” error. The problem is related to Windows 10 Creators Update, and Fall Creators Update 1709.

Reasons for Windows 10 can’t connect to this network

There are multiple reasons for this can’t access the Internet Problem. In most of the cases, the problem is with your Driver or Windows update. Sometimes due to damaged drivers, you will see this error.

Network drivers are important in Windows to use the Internet.

Also due to the wrong DNS, you will face this issue. So make sure that you are using working DNS.

Why won’t my computer connect to my wifi?

Sometimes due to Network Driver Error, you will face this issue. Also Damaged DNS can cause this issue.

How to Fix Can’t connect to this network

Many laptop users are also facing the same problem with their WiFi network. After restarting the laptop, it would not connect to the same network and says “Can’t connect to this network”.

Solution 1 – Uninstall Network Adapter

Network adapter is the main component in Windows that managed all the connection in your Windows system. So to fix the can’t connect to the network, you have to uninstall its drivers and install them again.

Step 1: Press Win + x > Select Device Manager.

Step 2: Find network adapter > expand and find your Network Adapter driver > right click on it.

Step 3: Choose Uninstall > Ok.

Once the driver removed from device manager, restart your computer. Now Windows 10 will automatically detect and install the latest version of Network Drivers.

Solution 2 – Update network adapter drivers

If you re using an older version of Network drivers then its time to update it. This can be a major reason for can’t connect to this network hotspot problem.

You can update the driver manually or use 3rd party driver update tools like Driver River or Driver Easy.

To update drivers manually, go to Device manager and then go to Network Adapters.

Expand it and then Right Click on your Driver > Update Driver.

Let it search online for the latest driver available and download it for you.

Click on Search Automatically For Update Drivers. It will check and download the latest version of Driver.

Once done, restart your PC and See if you are still facing windows 10 can’t connect to this network problem or not.

You can also use 3rd party driver tools like Driver Easy. This tool will automatically scan your computer for all required drivers and then update them all.

Solution 3 – Change channel width for the network adapter

Step 1: In the Sart Menu, search for control and then select control panel. Then go to Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2: Click the Change adapter settings.

Step 3: Find wireless adapter > right click> Choose Properties.

Step 3: Now go to Advanced > Select the 802.11 channel width > change the value. Changing the value to 20 MHz is working for many users.

Solution 4 – Disable IPv6

Step 1: Open Network and Sharing Center > Go to Change Adapter Settings.

Step 2: Then click the Properties > find Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP /IPv6) > uncheck it.

Step 3: Save changes and Restart your computer.

Solution 5 – Use ipconfig /release command

Step 1: Press Windows Key + X > Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 2: Enter the following lines > press Enter after each one.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Step 3: Close Command Prompt and connect to your network again.

Why can’t my computer connect to WIFI?

Check your WiFi connection first. Reasons can be damaged or outdated drivers. Poor Connection or IPV6 issue.

Final Words

Windows 10 offers more than 1 method to rapidly connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection, whether you’re establishing a new device, bringing your computer to some other location, or searching for an efficient means to connect several devices to the exact same network. If Windows can’t locate the appropriate drivers, you might need to download them from the manufacturer’s support website.

We have shared all the possible solutions to fix can’t connect to this network windows 10 problem. If you need any help then comment below.

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