3 Better Ways to Store Your Files Than on the Desktop [Short Guide]

It is no longer recommended to store your files on the desktop. By doing so, you are only harming and damaging the productivity of your desktop station.

It is urged and requested to all of you to not to save your files on the desktop.

Though saving files on the desktop gives you immediate access with just a single click.

But this practice eventually makes your system failure.

Moreover, saving files on the desktop, it does not gives your files any kind of protection.

There are chances that your files may disappear unexpectedly. You experience no file backups.

You tend to accidentally lose any of the important files of yours.

Lastly, this practice only brings clutter and more clutter.

You can have a look at these smart ways and alternatives and start to save your files and important documents in these locations.

Try to keep your P desktop zone as much clutter-free as you can.

1. Opt for the medium of Separate Drive Partitions

How (and Why) to Partition Your Hard Drive | PCWorld

You can go on making separate and individual drive partitions for the sake of saving your important files, images, folders and documents.

Avoid saving all your files in the same drive zone. Make different and varied drive partitions.

This is a general rule of thumb that you should go for. What you can do is to make a partition of your operating system.

And then keep your desired files and folders in those partitions. This is an important piece of advice that you can give to your fellows too.

You must have heard about this rule regarding avoid putting all of the eggs in one basket. And this same principle is applied in this area as well.

Like, if you have saved some of your files in C drive. And some of them are stored in D drive.

So, if your C drive is infected with some virus, then at least your D drive files will remain to stay secured.

Keeping all your files in one location increase the chance of losing all of them.

In addition, it is advised to go with the option of separate partitions because this method does not harm your files no matter you reinstall your Windows again and again.

You can even resize your Windows partitions. Hence, do take advantage of this feature and avoid saving any of your file on the desktop.

2. Make Use of Windows Libraries

Remove Libraries from Windows Explorer in Windows 7 - TechRepublic

The other alternative for you is to make use of windows libraries.

As you have noticed and observed that with each and every single installation of Windows, this process is always accompanied by directory.

This directory is called with the name of My Documents.

Most noteworthy, if you have got Windows 7, then there it is renamed and re-titled as Documents.

This section is injected and embedded with lots of friends and partners like that of Music, Pictures, as well as Videos.

That what we call with the name of Windows libraries.

You might not be aware of this fact that you can use these Libraries for saving your files rather than keeping them on desktop.

All of these libraries and their accompanied buddies hold a special and exclusive place.

They do not only act in the form of directories. Instead, you can use them for other purposes.

Besides, these are actually and specifically multi-purpose directories. It is in these locations that you are free to save your video files.

You can even link and connect those directories right to the Videos library. This is a convenient option that you can go for.

So, instead of storing and keeping all your stuff on the desktop, you can pick and choose this alternative.

This approach is more flexible as well as more organized.

3. Keeping all Your Important Files In The Cloud Storage Zone

Content Collaboration with on-premises storage zones

The last option for you! It is to save your files in the cloud storage zone.

We know that this term of Cloud storage, it has turned out to be a buzz term these days.

Individuals prefer to use it for saving and securing their important and critical files.

It is for this good amount of reason that you can opt for this medium as well.

However, a few of the cloud-related solutions like we have this Dropbox and G+ Drive, they have privacy concerns.

But at the same time, they offer an immense number of benefits, so do utilize them.

Upon saving your files in these locations, you will then be able to access them from anywhere.

You are free to make them private or public.

Thus, always utilize this option of cloud storage provider.

You can use any of the good cloud services. And this service usually and generally appears in the form of folder right there on your computer.

This cloud storage option automatically and instantly syncs everything.

And it allows you access and reaches to your files from any of the multiple devices.

Moreover, you get multiple copies of your important folders and files.

There are a few of the cloud storage providers that do provide the user with some revision history.

This way, you will be able to track any of the possible changes that are made to your respective file.

Moreover, if you want to get back your files with an old version, then it is also possible to do that with just a few of the clicks.


So, what’s the bottom line? It is a wise decision to save your files in these mediums rather than securing them on the desktop.

Furthermore, with the utilization of these options.

you will experience immediate backups, to automatic synchronization, revision history and lots of other benefits.

So, never and ever save your files on your desktop. Get rid of the cluttered desktop and opt for these solutions.

All these suggested solutions are marked as quick as well as straightforward methods that can make your life easy.

These solutions are not going to hurt or damage your PC system productivity.

Keep connected with us as more informative data is sooner to be shared over here.

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