6 Best Operating Systems for Laptops and Computers!

 Are you planning to buy a new computer? If so, then you have got a variety of choices for operating systems.

Among all the operating systems, Windows is still a popular choice.

Even Macs are now also budget-friendly for creative professionals. There are other operating systems too that we will discuss in this article.

Moreover, we will tell you what you need to do when you decide to change your computer.

Let’s start with the article and make sure that you’re focused so that you don’t miss any important points. 

1- Windows


Windows is undoubtedly the most famous and familiar operating system that is ubiquitous in most desktop computers or even laptops.

In 2015, Windows 10 was released by Microsoft. It has been a long period that Microsoft is ruling the market and it only got better ever since there is a tough competition for it. 

The main reason for Windows ‘ popularity is its user-friendly features.

It has been everyone’s favourite operating system and since everyone has gotten habitual of Windows features and functions, it is hard for them to move to any other operating system.

Windows provides its users with a wide range of software availability. From home computing apps to business software you get everything in Windows.

Another reason for Windows popularity is that you can easily find a number of Windows Operating Systems in a low budget and good quality as well. While this is rare with other operating systems. 

It also has some drawbacks with benefits. The most talked-about disadvantage of Windows is its security issues.

Due to its wide audience, Windows is usually the target of a large amount of malware. It is important that you must keep your Windows updated if you decide to use it. 

If you are a gamer, then there is nothing better than Windows. If you are a game lover and like to play games on the computer and for this purpose we would advise you to always go for the Windows Operating System.

Windows provides a broad range when it comes to the selection of games, however, Mac and Linux are also coming to the competition.

With the launch platforms such as Apple Arcade and Steam, they are making their game choice better and bringing support platforms beyond Windows.

2- macOS


Most creative professionals such as photographers, video editors, animation etc, prefer macOS.

MacOS is only available on Mac systems unlike Windows that you can install on most computers. As compared to Windows, Mac is a bit more complicated.

Especially if you have been using Windows for a long time, you will find difficulty in running Mac computers. Similarly, when you get used to Mac functions, you will find difficulty in using Windows Operating systems as both of these operating systems differ from one another in several aspects. 

The best part about using a macOS for creative professionals is that it provides great support for creative software i.e Adobe Photoshop or Premiere. Although this software is available on Windows too, you get better features and functionality on Mac computer or laptops.

The other advantage is the regular system updates by Apples. Moreover, the interesting point is that you can easily upgrade to the latest version of macOS and it’s free.

And it has better security protection against malware as compared to Windows. 

With all the advantages being mentioned, macOS is not prone to disadvantages.

The main disadvantage of macOS is pricing because it could be extremely expensive for some people, costing you thousands of dollars.

Mac Operating Systems will dig deeper into pockets than any other operating systems because there is less availability of free software. 

But, while spending a hefty amount of money, macOS does provide you with great value, they last longer and there are fewer chances of macOS to get hacked than Windows. 

3- Linux


One option that most people don’t consider or don’t know about is Linux. This operating system has gotten recognition as hard to use.

But, over the years user-friendly versions have been introduced in the market. Linux Operating is best for you if you like the functionality of Windows and safety of Mac.

Linux provides you with the best safety and offers you a broad range of features and it is convenient to use. 

The best part about Linux is its flexibility. If you have the relevant knowledge, you are able to change each and everything in a Linux system.

For this reason, Linux is the most preferred operating system among the power users who wish to perform complex tasking with viable results. 

For average users, it is very challenging to learn how to operate a Linux system.

It will take a long time to understand the commands that the operating system requires to be used effectively. That is why Linux is not ideal for less technically experienced users.  

There is one aspect where Linux completely overshadows all the other operating systems and it is resurrecting old hardware.

If you have a low specs computer which runs the Windows very slow then you should try to install a compact Linux version on it.

This will help you perform low tasking such as web browsing and email easily.

If you did not have a good experience using other operating systems and you are looking for a new one then we would advise you try installing Linux in your computer.

This is compatible with a lot of features and software, therefore, it is worth trying.

4- Chrome OS: 

Chrome OS: 

Google has also joined the league of operating systems and when we talk about the best-operating systems for laptops then Chrome is one of them. Google has introduced Chrome that is actually a very good operating system for both laptops and computers.

After achieving great success with Android for mobile, Google is once again ready to make its presence prominent in the world of computers. 

But, What Chrome has to offer to you? Well, if you are an android user then you must be aware of how convenient it is to use your smartphone and the number of features it provides can be used on laptop and computer as well.

In here, you can access android apps, chrome and chrome apps. 

Although Chrome is a relatively new operating system, it definitely gains a lot of popularity as compared to the Macbook or windows operating system because it is very user friendly. When you are using Linux or Windows, you cannot run Chrome.

Besides, you need to make sure that you have installed your Chrome operating system correctly for the smooth working of the computer.

While not all enterprises have Chrome enabled, Chrome and Windows 7 are simple to use as all are very user-friendly and the applications and not fancy software are used.

Chrome is gaining popularity with time especially among students due to its convenient use.

It can be a great operating system for both laptops and computers because chrome books are easy to use.

Updates are automatic and sync with Google drive for storage. Moreover, it is safe and secure and does not require any anti-virus tool.

You will be paying $200 to $300 for a ChromeBook (excluding bloatware expenses.)

5- BSD OS: 


It is certain that most people are unaware of the BSD operating system. BSD stands for Berkeley Software Distribution.

This not so popular operating system is Unix based which is an open-source and developed for researchers.

Nowadays, BSD descendants like FreeBSD or OpenBSD are usually seen in use.

BSD systems are especially helpful to experienced users who prioritize features such as high security or complicated networking.

BSD has a better versatility in certain respects than Linux, it can be built on a much bigger hardware unit.

The big drawback of BSD is that third-party developers don’t support it well.

Also, you are limited in using the software as BSD systems do not support familiar software that you use every day.

6- Android: 


You must be wondering about Android in this list. Well, if you don’t know Android is now also available for tablets that you can use as a portable mini-laptop.

There are many benefits to doing this, and one of them is that you have almost all you need on your tablet that you can take with you wherever you go and this simplifies your work.

There are others which do not have a SIM slot while some tablets are provided with a SIM slot.

If you intend to use your mini Android tablet as your main device, you might start having an Internet connection with a SIM slot regardless of how you work.

What you need to do is invest in your tablet’s Bluetooth keyboard to make the type simpler.

Although many people might think it could get very packed, you may want to use no other device primarily until you become used to your tablet or phone, as it is easy to operate and comfortable.

Things To Consider Before Changing Operating System!

Things To Consider Before Changing Operating System!

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Check the System Requirements

When you are confident that you need to change your operating system, you first need to know which operating system you want to buy next.

Each operating system has different system requirements, therefore, if you have an old computer, then you need to make sure that it is compatible with the latest version of the operating system. 

You need a minimum of 15 to 20gb of free hard disk space and 1gb RAM for most Windows installations.

Ensure the following specifications will be met on your Computer. it is better to update older versions of the operating system, including Windows 98, XP, if you don’t have the following specifications.

But, if you are considering the Linux operating system then it does not require much space and computing power as compared to Windows.

The requirements and specifications vary with each operating system i.e Mint, Ubuntu, Fedora etc. 

Download Or Purchase? 

You need to buy a license if you wish to install Windows on your system.

All the licenses for windows have a special key which is eligible only for one installation. 

On the other hand, Linux operating systems are available for free and they are free of any restriction such as a one-time installation key.

This means that you are allowed to install anytime. 

Research About Your Software Compatibility

Ensure that the Operating System supports all the applications, which you choose to install on the system.

Note that you will not be able to run Microsoft Office if you want to install Linux operating system.     

While certain alternate systems are easily available, the flexibility of the work may be quite restricted.

This implies that the ton of games that run smoothly on windows might not work on a Linux operating system.  

Get Your New Operating System

When you buy a copy of Windows from the reliable store, you will be provided with an installation disc and an activation code for your windows.

You can download a copy of the installation disk online if you don’t have a valid disk but have a valid code.

You should access an ISO from the official developer’s website directly if you choose to run Linux.

An ISO file is a disc of the image that is to be burned.

Backup Your Data

You will certainly delete the hard drive during the installation of a new operating system.

This means that all of the data will be destroyed if they are not backed up.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you back up all the essential data before the installation of a new operation because you don’t want to lose your important data. 


Packing Up!

As we have mentioned many options regarding the best operating system, but there is one that we would declare as the best among all.

Each one of them transcends each other in different aspects, so it totally depends on your personal choice. 

Lastly, we hoped that we have given you an idea about the operating system you can choose.

You only need to know what type of work you will do and choose accordingly.