The 7 Best Mac Weather Apps [Top Pickups]

If you are a Mac user then you might want to get in this article.

Why? Because this article contains the best applications for the weather.

7 Best Mac Weather Apps

The 7 Best Mac Weather Apps

Having the weather update with you so that you can roam around at your ease.

I know in this world there are several places where the weather is unexpected thus having a good weather application and especially on Mac can be viable and advantageous.

01- Carrot Weather

CARROT Weather for Mac - YouTube

Now: this weather app is a stand-alone weather app to use when you are using Mac.

Because all of the features that other apps provide this app include and provide them with efficient accuracy.

The corresponding software behind is a working AI named Snark.

And with that AI it is packed with full-features that you were not even expecting in a weather app.

How Ai works is not only implemented to show you accurate weather results but also animation as whenever you open the app according to the weather condition the scenery changes.

And the AI also helps you in determining long term weather forecasts.

To view the weather result you don’t even have to open the app, by notifications you can view all the weather updates and details such as the start of precipitation, a severe weather alert, and the daily forecast.

The current temperature will always be visible on the notification bar so that you never miss anything that is valuably related to weather updates.

02- Living Earth

Living Earth Mac - YouTube

Living Earth weather app for Mac gives you the weather updates and the concept of viewing the current weather with a different perspective.

This application is added to the menu bar of Mac and with the ability to have world clock this also gives you daily or hourly weather updates and forecast.

With the help of weather underground information support, you can have 2 hours and 10 days of weather forecast.

The best part of this application is the 3d view of the world or I shall say earth.

This 3d imagery gives you a live cloud feature to view either there is rain chances or hurricane expectation.

This can be extremely advance for the people who either are really intrigued in weather condition or they work in similar jobs.

Here is a touch of advancement, this application provides a live wallpaper feature and a live screen saver feature so that you can view these weather updates on the highest resolution possible. 

03- Weather Bar

How to add the weather forecast to your Mac menu bar

Now: this app is for those people who just want to have a prediction and simple weather update for the day.

To make sure that getting out of their home can be safe or disastrous.

Well, if you are one of those then you need to prioritize the weather app list and bring this application on top if you are a Mac user.

As the name suggests this application can be accessed directly through the Mac menu bar.

To view the temperature, humidity, dewpoint, and even wind speed you need to click on the application icon and there it will show these updates on the preferred location that you either live or travel to.

You need to set that location and turn on the location in your Mac.

And just simple drag down of the menu bar will show the 12 hours and today’s prediction of weather. 

04- Swakett

swackett x for Mac: Free Download + Review [Latest Version]

Now: Whenever you come across some advanced data that your brain can’t registry you know why?

Because you couldn’t understand that type of data because you don’t have that much knowledge.

Now: to understand that type of data here is a perfect app which makes that data and predictions easy to understand for a normal human brain.

The concept of this application is unique you will see people as the weather update.

And those people will be appropriately dressed depending on the weather condition of the area which you have selected.

Let me give you an example when the forecast is sunny and hot then these displayed people will be presented by wearing shorts and sunglasses which are usually appropriate for such weather.

If you wear different like tank tops or anything similar then you can personalize the app to show people wearing your preferred selected clothes for appropriate weather.

05- Weather Bug

WeatherBug - Weather Forecasts and Alerts on the Mac App Store

Here is a Weather application for Mac for those people who are thinking is there a free option on this list?

Well, yes there is this is the one, WeatherBug is a completely free option when it comes to reading and determining the weather conditions of the current location you live in.

Through the Mac Menu bar, you can access this application thus it is reachable and easily maneuvered.

With that, this application offers an hourly forecast update on weather and a liv radar for added functionality.

If you are traveling then you might want to have this feature in hand as whenever there is a severe weather condition or a disaster then this application will create an alert sound to make you conscious to not go to that area.

06- Clear Day

Clear Day for Mac: Free Download + Review [Latest Version]

With this application, you don’t have to worry about traveling because this application offers you a wide range of locations that you can enter to get the weather update.

This can be handy in some scenarios.

With that clear Day is an application that you would love because of the animation and effects as the weather the animation replicates its conditions to make sure that you know how bad or how good the weather is in your preferred location.

07- Radar Scope

RadarScope on the Mac App Store

Now: this application is strictly for the professionals.

Why? Because the design and the data that this application provides is readable if you are a weather expert.

For a normal person, it can be hard to read. 

This application will give thermal imaging of the weather conditions in the area that you want to get weather updates for.

This can be extremely handy and this application is easily accessible through the Mac menu bar. 

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