10 Best Gimbals for iPhone Review in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are a Vlogger or try to capture videos and take cinematic shots with your mobile, Gimbal is the best tech for you. If you are an iPhone user, you would probably be looking for the best Gimbals for iPhone.

These Gimbals stabilize and provide you with the best shots from your iPhone without any jerk. These Gimbals are the best product for an iPhone.

Several Gimbals are released every year with the best quality picture results with your iPhone.

Most of these gimbals look similar to each other, and they are upgrading themselves by the passing time.

They are not made by the companies here but are made by such companies you won’t have even heard their name before. 

These tech products are the ones you can’t even try before you buy them, but by this review, you will have a clear choice to buy the best product with the best specifications in our list of best Gimbals for iPhone.

⭐ Best Gimbal For iPhone Reviews:

We have enlisted the best Gimbals for iPhone according to their specifications written down below.

  • DJI OM4 
  • DJI OSMO Mobile 3
  • Hohem iSteady X
  • Zhiyun Smooth 4
  • Zhiyun Smooth X
  • MOZA Mini-MI
  • Hohem iSteady mobile+
  • BathBull 3 Axis Gimbal
  • FeiyuTech Handheld Gimbal
  • Zhiyun CINEPEER C11

10- Zhiyun CINEPEER C11


Zhiyun CINEPEER C11 is one of the best Gimbals for iPhone and is a pretty much lightweight Gimbal.

It is not only lightweight but also a smooth stabilizing system. This tech can effectively eliminate blurring, which is produced by the movement.

It is made up of high molecular compound material and consists of comfortable design.

This is a very supportive and user-friendly device for the vloggers and YouTubers as it contains many options for capturing the best shots.

This Gimbal provides you with Landscape and Portrait modes. This Gimbal also consists of Motion Lapse, Hyper Lapse, Time Lapse, and Panorama modes for shots.

This Gimbal comes up with a great battery time and can work up to 12 hours on just a single charge.

It also consists of USB support, and it takes Gimbal for about 2.5 hours to be fully charged and work all day long.

It can also charge even your smartphone with the same charging cable. 

The buttons on the panel of this Gimbal consist of a 4-way Joystick. It also consists of an app that wirelessly connects the mobile phone with the Gimbal. 

👍 What We Like:

  • Best cinematics capturer
  • Lightweight
  • Consist of Creative Operation Modes 
  • Good battery timings

9- FeiyuTech Handheld Gimbal

FeiyuTech Handheld Gimbal

FeiyuTech Gimbal stabilizer comes with sensors to enhance the clarity of the shots and provide you with stabilization with its enhanced brushless motor.

It also eliminates the blurring of images caused by their fast-moving motion.

It can easily capture the shots of fast-moving trains, bikes or cars, etc. without blurring them and is indeed one of the best Gimbals for iPhones.

This is a multi-function Gimbal as a handheld stabilizer allows you to shoot a picture or video with ultimate smoothness.

This can also turn into a selfie stick, which is stretchable up to 180mm. This Gimbal is the best one for you.

This is a very powerful Gimbal that is foldable and is pretty much lightweight and is small in size too.

It also comes in another variant, and that one is smaller than this version. If you want even to carry it outside, it won’t feel like a burden because of its lightweight.

It is a built-in stabilizer, so you will not feel any kind of a blur in the shots you take.

It consists of a battery which can last up to 6 hours and consist of an ergonomic shape.

This Gimbal also consists of a comfortable hand grip to help you shoot for a long time.

It consists of easy zoom in/out features to help you shoot videos more comfortably and easily.

This Gimbal also consists of other modes like Portrait, Landscape, and some other hotkeys to quickly complete different operations.

It can easily shift positions and manage the rotations of the gimbal to provide the cinematic effect.

These Gimbals consist of apps that allow you to do creative production like Hitchcock, Gesture Control, Light track recording, Time Lapse, and Dolly Zoom, etc. for creating different and unique works.

👍 What We Like:

  • Consist of different Operation Modes
  • Very powerful
  • Multi-functional
  • Good Compatibility

8- BathBull 3 Axis Gimbal

BathBull (1)


BathBull is a pretty much well-efficient Gimbal that supports the devices weighing up to 250g, which is very good.

It is a very functional tech to use as it consists of Zooming, Vertical Mode, FPV mode, and Time Lapse modes.

This Gimbal is also a zoom wheel to help you create a professional video.

BathBull is not only compatible with iPhones but is also compatible with the Go-Pro hero series but is also compatible with Go Pros and Action cameras of small size and can be used very easily.

This Gimbal supports many shooting apps for a better and improved user experience for the ones who use this product.

It offers you face tracking and the tracking of objects for a better focus and less blurred shots.

This Gimbal provides you great stabilization while taking different angular shots with this and can be easily connected with the devices using its dual Bluetooth system.

It not only consists of great stabilization, but it also consists of good battery life. It can easily be charged using Micro-USB and takes up to 2.5 hours to get fully charged. The battery timing of BathBull is perfect and can easily work up-to 12 hours of usage.

👍 What We Like:

  • It can support a weight up to 250g
  • Good battery timing
  • Great Compatibility
  • It is very functional.

7- Hohem iSteady mobile

Hohem iSteady mobile

Hohem iSteady mobile+ is one of the best Gimbals for iPhone in our list because it is kind of a one-time investment.

You can use this Gimbal for creating your desired movies and shots. It consists of all the options needed to turn yourself into a good quality photo/videographer.

These Gimbals consist of good battery life as it can work a usage time of 12 hours and can easily be able to charge the position.

This Gimbal is not only efficient but is durable too. It offers you with great stabilization and smoothness in the shots by offering you Multi-scene.

This is a great Gimbal and will provide you with the best shots with anti-shake and Anti-blur technology. It can also help you in becoming a professional photographer.

It comes up with great stabilization support as it comes up with a handle consisting of great smoothness and design; this Gimbal provides you with enough balance to let you shoot with great ease and control.

iSteady consists of an Anti-shake technology and is compatible with many devices with a great user experience.

This Gimbal can easily be controlled by using the Hohem Gimbal App. It can easily track your movements and capture the best slow-motion shots without involving your Gimbal efforts.

This can perform many tasks, including Panorama, Face Tracking, etc., just with the App stored in your smartphone.

👍 What We Like:

  • It can be controlled by Hohem Gimbal App
  • Great stabilization
  • Good battery back up
  • Anti Shake/Blur free shots

6- MOZA Mini-MI



MOZA Mini-MI is very well known for being one of the best Gimbals for iPhone devices. It is not only just a Gimbal, but it also works as a power bank too.

It can wirelessly keep your devices charged while working using its magnetic coils in the phone’s holder.

It can keep your device being charged until the work is finished and take your device out of the holder. 

It consists of an independent control system for controlling the Axis, Roll, Pitch, and Yaw.

There are 8 different modes to control these axes individually, and it provides you the same professional functionality similar to MOZA’s advanced technology. You can use any of these modes to capture smooth cinematic shots.

This app provides you with the ergonomic shape to smoothly adjust the cinematic control with a good handgrip.

It consists of a joystick and dial wheel within reach of your fingertips to access the modes and camera settings.

You will not be needed to use your phone’s screen as you can directly adjust Shutter Speed, Focus, ISO, Exposure, and zoom directly by using the buttons present on the Gimbal. 

It comes up with its own MOZA App, which is a very efficient controlling system for the best usage of the Gimbal.

This app helps you organize all the operations, including sensitivity, time-lapse shootings, etc.

It helps you in achieving all the controls for your photography effects and also provides you support to use RGB settings for the achievement of customizable filter effects.

👍 What We Like:

  • It consists of different modes.
  • Wireless charging for your mobile
  • Its consist of its built-in MOZA App
  • Great cinematic controls

5- Zhiyun Smooth X

Zhiyun Smooth X

Zhiyun Smooth X is a great Gimbal as it consists of great camera stabilization, but ZY Cami’s activation is required to be activated before Gimbal’s usage.

Although this is a very lightweight stick to help you take stable and high-quality photos and record videos with great stabilization as a selfie stick.

Actually, it consists of a selfie stick to be used with a very durable Aluminum rod for taking group selfies.

This is a great feature of this Gimbal that it can be easily folded and can be taken anywhere as a portable and pocket-sized gimbal stabilizer.

It is not just a simple Gimbal; it provides you with the best quality of Gesture controls to easily click photos or make videos as it easily lets you connect through the Bluetooth wirelessly.

It can pictures up yours by just showing a ‘V’ gesture in front of it or just wave at the camera.

This Gimbal offers you wirelessly switch between portrait and landscape modes by just clicking the buttons present on it.

You will just have to press the ‘M’ button present on the Smooth X so that you will easily get your recording started for your Videos, Live session, or whatever project you are working on in your own way.

It consists of Zhiyun’s own app ZY CAMI used with this Gimbal for better user experience. It offers you a better filming experience and provides you with the best tools and modes.

You can create professional videos using this within a matter of time by just simple clicking. This app also offers you to track any object/face, creating slow-motion videos, time-lapses and panorama shots, etc.

👍 What We Like:

  • Consists of its own ZY CAMI app
  • Good Gesture Controls
  • Gimbal stabilizer
  • Consist of several modes

4- Zhiyun Smooth 4

Zhiyun Smooth

Zhiyun smooth 4 is widely known as one of the best Gimbals for iPhones because of its wide range of capabilities.

It comes up with Zhiyun’s official app, which is known as ZY Play, to give you access to all the features you want to use.

You can use Filmic Pro, which also works the best with Smooth 4. This app is considered as a good alternative to the official ZY Play app.

You are provided with an option to balance your gimbal according to you.

This also consists of screws, so you just need to adjust them for Gravity’s control by adjusting the horizontal arm.

You are advised to watch the video tutorials for a better setup of your gimbal accordingly. 

This Gimbal consists of the best time-lapse and object trackers for a great user experience.

It can easily rack the movements with great focus and is pretty much easy to use.

It consists of good battery life, and it supports two-way charging with longer running time.

These Gimbals consist of Phone Go mode for the best shots and are widely known for their instant scene transition.

They also consist of an integrated control panel that allows you to focus easily and zoom capability.

So, you can easily zoom in/out and create the best video shots according to your choice.

👍 What We Like:

  • Unique modes
  • Can be easily workable with filmic pro
  • Great Object tracking
  • Consist of a control panel

3- Hohem iSteady X

Hohem iSteady X

iSteady X remains on number 3 in our list for being one of the best Gimbals for iPhone as it is an easy to use tech with a lot of good specifications.

It consists of one-handed operations and the simplest design with several functions to enable you with a great user experience.

This is an easy-to-use gimbal, and it is capable of switching between portrait and landscape modes with ease.

You can easily create the best professional videos by using this gimbal with ease.

It is not only small in size, but it is way too much well efficient. This gimbal is equipped with an enhanced motor and comes up with the best Anti-Shake performance to provide you better user experience.

It can eliminate the shakes and can easily provide you the best coverage without blur. The best fact is that it will provide you the best video if you are walking or even running. It also consists of 2000 mAh of battery to provide you up to 8 hours of usage.  

iSteady X comes up with its own official app known as HOHEM Pro, which is now upgraded to another level.

This enables your gimbal to use several functions such as Face tracking, Time Lapse, and Beauty Filters.

It is the best one to be used if you want to upgrade your video filming. You know what? it provides you with 4 different modes to satisfy you, and it comes up with great compatibility. iSteady X can be used with several devices.

This gimbal stabilizer is the best one for you, and it does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional one.

It consists of a moment mode as it provides you with 7 templates with just one tap.

That includes Panorama, Dolly zoom, Time Lapse, and Inception and it is very highly recommended to use.

This stabilizer can rotate to 270°/180° automatically with just one click without difficulty.

It can provide you with the best cinematic inception imagery.

It consists of a pocket-sized shape and can be carried outside easily, anywhere you want.

This gimbal can easily be used anywhere you want as the world’s lightest 3 Axis gimbal stabilizer.

It weighs only 0.57 lbs and can’t be a burden to you while you take it outside.

You can easily use it anywhere and create the best memories for you and your loved ones.

👍 What We Like:

  • Consist of HOHEM Pro app
  • Easy to use
  • Best Anti-Shake performance
  • Pocket-sized shape 

2- DJI OSMO Mobile 3

DJI OSMO Mobile 3

DJI OSMO is one of the best Gimbals for iPhones as it comes up with many features. It is also a good stabilizer and an easy to use a gimbal.

It is a lightweight handheld stabilizer, which makes videos for the new content creators or Vloggers.

The brushless motor enables you to smoothly make videos and give you good responses to eliminate unwanted camera shakes. 

DJI OSMO gives you access to many functions, including Panoramas, Time Lapses, Hyper Lapses, Sport modes, Dolly Zoom, and Gesture Controls.

It is the best choice for you if you want to make vlogs or shoot videos. 

This Gimbal consists of the DJI Mimo official app, which is compatible with several devices and is very easy to use.

It is widely; liked by several customers for its simplicity. It can easily handle the phones that may weigh up to 7 lbs and handle them with ease.

DJI OSMO provides you with a built-in battery so that you don’t have to insert the battery.

It also comes up with a power cable, a Wrist strap, and a storage pouch. This gimbal also comes with 4X Anti-Slip Pads for you.

👍 What We Like:

  • It consists of a power cable.
  • Allows you Smooth video making
  • Built-in battery
  • Good compatibility

1- DJI OM4


DJI OM4’s magnetic phone clamp provides you with a good grip, and it also has a magnetic ring holder.

It can effortlessly capture the best moments for you, and it is perfect for you to film the best moments of yours.

It won’t let you make shaky videos again and provides you smooth videos by keeping your phone steady.

It also lets you shoot a Hitchcock effect, which is a creative zoom shot. All these features of this gimbal work with just a tap. 

Gesture controls are so far the best in these Gimbals as you take selfies to provide you with shaky photos or videos.

You can simply use these gimbals with different gestures, and you can easily snap a picture or make a video by simply controlling this gimbal. 

These gimbals consist of an Active track 3.0 is used in these gimbals and consists of an interesting technology as it is capable of tracking children, adults, and pets with accuracy. It is even capable of fine-tuning your images with the joysticks. 

You know what? The box contains a magnetic ring holder to provide your phone a good grip, a magnetic phone clamp, a grip rod, a power cable, and a wrist strap. It also provides you with a power cable that comes in the box.

This is one great gimbal with great compatibility with many smartphones, but not every phone can be used with this as several phones cannot support the DJI Mimo app because of their version of mobile’s software.  

👍 What We Like:

  • Great Compatibility
  • Dynamic Zoom
  • Perfect for filming videos
  • Gesture Controls

💸 Things to Consider Before Buying Gimbals for iPhone:

Gimbals for iPhone


The weight of these gimbals matters the most for us. If these devices aren’t lightweight, how come the users will be able to use it to film the videos.

You always need the lightest device for you, especially when you are willing to make videos or do vlogging; you won’t be able to use a heavyweight gimbal.

The weight of these devices also affect your filming experience, and it won’t work for you.


The stability of these devices also matters the most. As you are looking for a stabilizer and it is not providing you enough stabilization, what will be the advantage of even buying it.

The stability provides you with the best filming experience you have ever had.

The more stabilized video, the best filming/vlogging shots. The stability matters the most when you are buying a gimbal.


You should always check the controls before buying a gimbal for yourself.

If you are buying a product by spending money and it consists of glitchy controls, then what would be the benefit of buying that product.

You should buy that product in the market which consists of the best controls. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it with ease, and it would be of no use for yours.


Being a user-friendly device is also an essential quality as if a device is not user friendly, how would one be able to use it?

So, if one is spending money to buy a product, they should always check the product before.

A user-friendly product will help you and will be easier to use for a long time and without facing any kind of difficulties.


If one is buying a product, check its capabilities first before buying it.

As most of these products use their own official apps to control these gimbals, and if your phone contains an older version of the software, they won’t be able to work with them.

So, if one is willing to buy a product that can come in handy to them, you buy a compatible product with a long-range of mobile versions. Only then will you be able to use these gimbals properly. 


The battery also matters if you are going to buy a gimbal product. These devices are made for shooting videos for you, and they are needed to be used the most if you are going outside for making a Vlog or taking selfies.

Most of these gimbals come up with a good battery time, but you should always check it before. If their battery timings are not that good, it will be of no use to buy such products.

You should always check for the best battery back up gimbal for good user experience or use your gimbal most of the time.

Gesture Controls:

The gesture controls also matter for you if you are using a gimbal. Gesture controls also play an important role in the functions of a gimbal.

They help you provide a more smooth and effective user experience as these gestures come in handy many times.

So, if one is willing to use a gimbal, you should always check its gesture controls as they play an important role in using a gimbal product. 

Why Should I Get an iPhone Gimbal?

I Get an iPhone Gimbal1

In this modern world of technology, you won’t be able to afford a high-quality camera and accessories.

So, most of people use their mobile phones to shoot videos. As you know, the mobile phone’s cameras are reliable, but they do not consist of that much stability to shoot perfect videos. 

These stabilizers are used with your mobile phones to get you those professional shots that you were trying to take without using a gimbal stabilizer with much more accuracy.

They do not just stabilize your performance, but they also give you access to much more than that.

They provide you with modes that you can easily use with a single tap and turn your ordinary videography into a professional one. 

If you are not using such products and using your phone’s camera, it is highly recommended to use this product to come in handy to you in many more ways that you can’t even imagine.

So, you should buy this product to become a pro in film masking or Vlogging. It will surely provide you great user experience, and you won’t regret buying this product for sure.

Non-Motorized Stabilizer Pros and Cons:


  • They provide you a lot of stabilization while using a camera
  • They can provide you a good grip
  • They consist of an ergonomic shape
  • They can be used by professionals for movie making or shooting other stuff etc


  • They can be pretty much heavy weighted 
  • They do not contain any extra functions
  • They can’t move directly and can not be handled easily if you are a beginner
  • They do not contain motor so they can not rotate easily  

Gimbal Stabilizer Pros and Cons:


  • These stabilizers come up with an ergonomic shape
  • They are pretty much smoother to use
  • They come up with a good quality of stabilization
  • They are good for shooting videos/vlogging or taking selfies 
  • They are pretty much easy to set up  
  • They have several modes.


  • They can be pretty much heavy weighted
  • They may be a bit glitchy touse
  • They can’t be easily taken outside
  • They consist of several controls you can mess around with them
  • They can’t be compatible with the older version of mobile phones
  • They can be a bit heavy weighted

📚 Conclusion:

In the end, I would like to tell you that we have enlisted the best gimbals for iPhone and thoroughly discussed what makes them the best of them.

They are the best in most of the ways and are listed here accordingly.

Please read the full description for a better review for each gimbal we have listed for better user experience to buy the best one accordingly.

I hope you liked the review and made a choice of which product you are going to buy.

You can buy them from the given links on Amazon for great discounts.

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