10 Best Free VPNs for Mac Reviewed and Tested in 2021

A Virtual Private Network Is a setup of Network provided to a limited number of employees working over for an institute.

This network uses typical Encrypted information for the security of data. 

VPN is widely used to protect one’s privacy while logging in or to surf on websites with an unsecured wifi network.

Your data or information such as Transactions, E-Mails, shopping, or Billing Information aren’t protected and could be exposed to the people around you using the same private network.

This network is necessary for people who are concerned about their data privacy.

VPN not only helps you protect your data but it also keeps your browsing anonymous by establishing a secured and encrypted connection.

 Best Free VPNs for Mac Reviews:


The Best Free VPN for mac depends upon the following categories:

  • Data Packages
  • Connections Speed
  • Top-Level encryption
  • Compatibility
  • Access limits
  • Servers
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Data Packages:

Data packages are the most important quality for free VPN users as these VPNs are limited.

The data packages play an important role for the users to access their favorite websites and use them easily without facing any difficulty.    

Connections Speed:

Connection speed also matters if you are a free user the more the connection speed, the more you would be satisfied.

If you will find a slow connection speed or you will face lags, you won’t be using such a VPN again as the speed matters.

Most of these VPNs are fast but some of them are slow because they connect free users on a single server which turns out to be a problem of slow connection speed.

Top-Level encryption:

The most important thing that matters for a VPN user is its security.

If a VPN won’t turn out to be secure enough to protect one’s privacy and protection no one will use it for sure.

So, the best VPN services use high-Level Data encryptions, Kill switches, and many other protections to ensure their user’s privacy and data protection.


VPN users also take compatibility very seriously. If a VPN service isn’t compatible with enough devices there won’t be a use of it.

The more devices a VPN would be compatible with, the more users will get attracted to it.

Access Limits:

Access limits also have great importance as they provide users greater connectivity.

They are the number of devices that can be connected on a VPN at one time.

They depend on the efficiency of VPNs and how much access it can give at one time maintaining its speed and connections.


The most important quality of a Virtual Private Network is its number of servers and their speed.

The increase in the number of servers won’t affect anything if their speed isn’t that fast and reliable.

Moreover, servers also affect the connectivity of users and there will be few or single servers, and if it’s peak time you won’t be able to get connected to the server. Your connectivity will fail instead.


There are many different Virtual Private Networks ( VPNs ) setup in the world.

We would probably be reviewing the best free VPN for Mac.

  • NordVPN Best Free VPN for 30 days
  • Windscribe 10GB Data per month
  • Hide.me 2GB free data
  • Hotspot Shield
  • ProtonVPN Unlimited Free Data
  • TunnelBear Beginner-Friendly
  • Opera VPN-Unlimited Free Data
  • Speedify-Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Betternet High-Speed Connections
  • VPNBook – Unlimited Free Data

10- VPNBook


VPNBook is one of the best free VPN for MAC which offers you unlimited free data and doesn’t ask for an account for registration.

This VPN service uses 256-bit AES encryption to secure your browsing or streaming and keeps your activity hidden.

This VPN service includes 5 server locations that also includes the UK and US server.

It can be compatible with Mac OS, iOS, Windows, and Ubuntu. 

You can install this VPN by downloading its available OpenVPN app in the App store.

It can be a tricky process of using this app but you can open a VPNBook site to get help. You can also Mail them for help. 

It also works with ITV Hub, Hulu, Netflix US, and HBO Go but you can not access Torrent by using VPNBook. 

What We Like:

  • 5 different server locations
  • Has access to ITV HUB, Hulu, Netflix US, and HBO Go 
  • Consist of 256-bit AES encryption

9- Betternet High-Speed Connections

Betternet High-Speed Connections

Betternet High-Speed Connections is ranked as no 9 in our list as being one of the best free VPN for Mac.

It also uses 256-bit encryption to keep your browsing or streaming securely.

This VPN won’t record your activity but it keeps an eye on your device and location. 

It only includes one free server and its US-Based. It can be compatible with MAC OS, Android, IOS, Chrome, and Windows.

Betternet doesn’t offer you free Unlimited Data but it can offer you 500MB of Free Data per day.

But these aren’t enough MBs to play online games but you can easily browse for around seven hours.

This VPN consists of very High-Speed connections that are way too much reliable even if it only has a single server with a lot of users. It’s pretty much impressive.

You can’t access sites that are based outside the US as well as Netflix US and or Hulu but you can access Torrent. 

What We Like:

  • It does not record your online activity
  • High-Speed connections
  • Allows Torrenting

8- Speedify-Unlimited Bandwidth

Speedify-Unlimited Bandwidth

Speedify is also considered as the best free VPN for Mac. It uses ChaCha encryption and it comes with a kill switch that is available with the iOS app only.

There is a risk that your MacBook won’t be protected if your connection failed.

The website’s policy of speedy says that it keeps your partial logs but speedily does not log anyone’s activity or partial logs.

It might store information about your location, connection’s duration, and usage.

It consists of servers in about 200 countries and you can easily connect to a single device at one time.

It is compatible with MAC OS, Android, Windows, and iOS. 2GB data is offered by speedily to its users for each month.

This is enough MB to do browsing or streaming etc with unlimited bandwidth. 

Speedify can access Youtube, HBO GO, and Kodi but it can’t access Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and ITV HUB. Although, it allows torrenting.

What We Like:

  • It comes up with a Channel Bonding feature
  • Speedify won’t log your activity or IP address 
  • Provides Unlimited Bandwidth

7- Opera VPN-Unlimited Free Data

Opera VPN-Unlimited Free Data

Opera is a browser extension and not a complete VPN but is still considered as the best free VPN for MAC. It also offers you free unlimited data and can encrypt Opera Traffic Only. 

Three servers are available in America, Europe, and Asia. Geoblock walls can’t be accessed by using Opera VPN.

It is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Windows.

It is way too easy to install Opera VPN on your Macbook, as it does not include any desktop apps to be installed.

Optimal Location Feature is something different that helps you connect the fastest server but it works pretty slow. 

As I mentioned before, it’s a browser extension which is pretty much lightweight.

It has access to Netflix Sweden, YouTube and HBO GO but it does not provide access to Hulu, ITV Hub, or BBC iPlayer.

What We Like:

  • It consists of an Optimal Location Feature
  • Has three server locations
  • You can watch Netflix Sweden’s library without any difficulties 

6- TunnelBear Beginner-Friendly

TunnelBear Beginner-Friendly

TunnelBear is a beginner’s app for macOS. It uses 256-bit encryption for the protection of your mac and that’s why it is considered the best free VPN for Mac.

Kill switch is built-in and it is named as Vigilant Mode and its policy says that your activities or data are completely anonymous/un-recorded.  

23 High-speed servers are available which also include servers in the US and UK and you can freely access them.

It is compatible with macOS, Windows, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Android, and iOS.

This can easily be installed even if you are a beginner or if you haven’t used a VPN before.

TunnelBear offers you 500MB data per month for free.

Although these aren’t enough MBs for heavy usage you can be rewarded by 1GB of data for free by tweeting TunnelBear.

It works with HBO GO, Google, Kodi, and Youtube but you can’t access Netflix, Amazon Prime, ITV Hub, or BBC iPlayer.

A pretty much drawback is that you can neither stream on TunnelBear nor you can download large files. It allows torrenting. 

What We Like:

  • It consists of GhostBear Mode to bypass Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Can easily bypass the Great Firewall of China
  • 23 High-Speed servers

5- ProtonVPN Unlimited Free Data

ProtonVPN Unlimited Free Data

ProtonVPN is very well known as it uses 256-bit AES encryption and a choice of L2TP/IPSec or IKEv2/IPSec for better safety and protection of data.

It also consists of a no-log policy which means your data can neither be shared nor stored. This consists of three different servers that include the US, Holland, and Japan.

You can only use it for one device at a time. It also offers you unlimited and free Data/Bandwidth but you can’t use or unblock any streaming sites.

You can face some serious slow connections while you use this app which could drive you mad but you can still load websites.

However, this VPN is not advised to be used for video streaming. It has access to Youtube, Kodi, and Google but it does not allow Torrenting.

What We Like:

  • Built-in Ad Blocker
  • Heavy encryption
  • Unlimited Data and Bandwidth

4- Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield2

Hotspot Shield uses heavy graded encryption to protect your device’s data.

It consists of a privacy policy that states that it shares your location with Google which is city-based but it will still show the IP Address of your VPN Server.

It consists of one server in the US and offers you 500MB of data per day.

Heavy encryption of data is used and a built-in Kill switch is used so if servers fail it will hide your identity from your ISP by disconnecting you from the internet.  

This VPN provides you with 500MB of data per day which allows you to stream for some times a day. It is compatible with Mac, windows, browsers, Android, and Ios.

It connects the same users on one server so you might get difficulty in connection sometimes in peak hours.

It has full access to youtube and Kodi but it can’t access Netflix US, HBO GO, and Amazon Prime Video.

What We Like:

  • It has built-in Malware Protection
  • Consist of a built-in kill switch
  • Easy to use

3- Hide.me 2GB free data

Hide.me 2GB free data13

Hide me offers a 2gb free data and 256-bit AES encryption for data protection.

It also consists of a no-logs policy and an IP leak protection which keeps your IP hidden even if there’s a problem. 

It offers 2GB of data per month and allows you to stream but not for a long period of time like watching a movie etc.

It is compatible with macOS, Linux, Windows, Browsers, Android, and iOS. 

Split Tunneling is one interesting feature of hiding.me and it also has a zero-logging policy, so you don’t need to register on the site to protect your information. 

It has access to five different servers and has access to HBO GO, Netflix Canada, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, and Sky Go.

What We Like:

  • Split Tunneling Feature
  • Consist of IP leak Protection
  • Has a Zero-Logging Policy

2- Windscribe 10GB Data per month

Windscribe 10GB Data per month

Windscribe is ranked 2nd on our list and it offers 10GB of free Data per month to its users and it uses 256-bit encryption for the protection and privacy of Data.

It also consists of a Kill switch and DNS Leak protection that is an interesting fact. This is pretty much easy to get installed on your MacBook and it is pretty much easy to use.

It does not ask you for registration as it is a zero-logging policy, used for the betterment and protection of its users.

It can give you access to YouTube, BBC Iplayer, and HBO GO.

Moreover, It comes up with 10 High-Speed servers including the US but as it is free so during the hours of the peak, you might get a bit slow speed.

This can’t get you access to Hulu or Netflix US but it allows you Torrenting.

Windscribe won’t track your browsing history as well and is compatible with macOS, Linux, Firefox, Windows, iOs, Android, and Chrome.

What We Like:

  • It is offering DNS Leak Protection
  • Login Free entry with Military-Grade encryption
  • 10 High-Speed servers

1- NordVPN Best Free VPN for 30 days

NordVPN Best Free VPN for 30 days 

NordVPN is not a free VPN but it gives you 30 days free trial to test this premium site which is the best free VPN for Macbooks.

It offers you free and Unlimited Data and Bandwidth and uses 256-bit AES encryption. It consists of 5400 lightning fast servers in over 59 different countries.

This consists of Ad-blockers Malware protection to block avoid any kind of interruptions.

It can easily access Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Sling TV, HBO, and Netflix

NordVPN is a reliable app for Mac users as it is a lightweight app and it allows 6 devices’ connection at the same time.

This VPN consists of a No-log policy to protect your personal information and a login free entry with a built-in kill switch. 

DNS Leak Protection is also used for the protection of your data and browser history and you can stream pretty well because of its lightning-fast servers.

It also has a Built-in function so that you can easily use the Onion network by using any of the available browsers.

NordVPN is compatible with macOS, Browsers, Linux, iOS, Android, Routers, and Windows and due to any issue, you can contact NordVPN’s available 24/hours Live chat for support.

What We Like:

  • It allows 6 device connections at a time
  • It consists of 5400 servers in approx 59 countries with unbelievably fast speed
  • It can easily bypass VPN Blocks and geo-restrictions

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What’s the Catch with Free VPN?

Almost every free VPNs consists of limited data and bandwidth and can’t let you access all the sites you want.

Moreover, with these VPN’s you can’t stream or browse every one of your favorite sites.

Very few sites allow you to do streaming accordingly and provide you their access. 

Here’s a fact that most of the free VPNs consist of some limitations and however, some kind of glitches.

These glitches may be related to Data, Servers, SlowConnections, Privacy-policies, or tres-passing geoblocks.

These free VPNs are easy to use but they are based on different terms and conditions.

So, not every free VPN is compatible with macOS but most of them are, which is a great fact. 


 Free vs. Paid VPNs: What’s the Main Difference?

Free vs. Paid VPNs

The main difference between free and paid VPN is that free VPN does not provide you access to all the sites and streams while paid VPN provides you access to all the sites and streams.

Free VPNs can’t always provide you unlimited data bandwidth while paid VPN can.

Free VPNs provide limited connections and servers while paid VPN provides you several connections and servers.

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Speed Comparison:

Free Virtual private network can be a little bit slow and can lag while browsing or loading heavy sites while a paid VPN provides you lightning-fast speed which won’t lag while browsing.

A paid VPN provides you ads-less streams while a free VPN might show you ad pop-ups which could be a little bit frustrating for users. 

Encryption or Privacy:

Free VPNs use good quality encryption of data but there is a chance of sharing your browsing data or personal information gets shared with other servers.

But paid VPN uses Heavy encryption and includes login-less entry so that there’s less chance for you to get your information or browsing history getting exposed.

Free VPN uses protections to protect your privacy and browsing information and keeps your activities hidden but saves your IP address or location data by creating logs.

Paid VPN also uses such protective data encryptions but it does not save any of your information and you become completely anonymous while using these paid VPNs.


Free VPNs are good with many devices and may be proved efficient with several devices but as compared top them Paid VPNs are more efficient and are workable with a large range of devices.

Another major difference between Paid VPN and free VPN is that most of the Free VPNs do not allow you to use torrent while Paid VPN has no restrictions and you are easily able to do torrenting.  

Free VPN is very useful and can easily bypass some of the tough and secured geo-blocked sites but are not able to bypass the walls of every geo-blocked site while Paid VPN works a bit differently and easily unblock and bypass the walls of a large number of sites with one of the toughest securities without any kind of difficulty.

Free VPNs use good quality kill-switch or Malware protection software but comparatively Paid VPNs use some jaw-dropping software for the data protection and satisfaction of its customers.


Paid VPNs:

Some of the best Premium/Paid VPNs for macOS are namely 

  1. NordVPN – World’s Leading VPN
  2. ExpressVPN – A Fast and Secure VPN
  3. Surfshark – Exclusive VPN
  4. CyberGhost VPN – Fast and Secure VPN Service
  5. Private Internet Access – Anonymous VPN Service Provider

📋 Frequently Asked Questions:

Many frequently asked questions come to our mind when we are finding the best free VPN for Mac. These questions may be concerned with Data, speed, protection, or compatibility.

Will Every Keyboard Work With My Mac?

Every VPN mentioned in the list above is compatible with macOS but if you are using an older version of macOS so it might happen that your device can’t be supported. There are certain ways you can get help with your version of macOS. 

In the app store, an app is named as an OpenVPN app that can support your device and it can help your device in configuring a free VPN for you.

Will a VPN impact my speed?

If you are using a free VPN then you might be able to face a slow connection because it makes your data travel far away which consists of heavy encryption. Many free VPNs consist of single servers and connect all the free users to the same server. 

It automatically lowers your speed and connection. Sometimes, VPN uses different tactics to trigger you to upgrade to their premium package like throttling down your bandwidth to slow your connection down or by using frustrating ads.

How do I know how much Data I need?

Your data depends upon your usage or how you want to spend your data. Most of these VPNs offer you different types of data packages.

If you just want to do browsing 500MB of data will be enough according to your usage. You will need to use 10GB of Data if you want to watch movies, Play games, or Stream but exceeding the usage may cost you more Data.

📚 Conclusion:

So, in the end, I wanted to tell you that all of the above-mentioned Virtual Private Networks are enlisted in our one of the Best Free VPN for mac list.

They are all free VPNs with different qualities that are widely known for their satisfactory performances. 

These are not only our recommendation but these are also the choice of a large number of VPN users.

Above mentioned VPNs are the best free VPN for Mac and you should also give it a try.

If you are a mac user these are the perfect choice for you. Now, it’s upon you what you choose for yourself.