10 Best Chiclet Keyboards In 2021 – Reviews and Guide

Keyboards are one of the most important and basic components of computers. Using a computer without a keyboard makes no sense, and to be very honest even if you try, you won’t get too far. 

These days, a lot of time of a person is spent on their keyboard typing away. A keyboard has a lot of uses few of which may include sending an e-mail to the clients, inputting codes, or using a keyboard for gaming. 

There are a lot of different types of keyboards out there. If you are out there looking for a chiclet keyboard, then this is the right place for you! A gamer would know how much of an impact a chiclet keyboard can make when it comes to playing computer games. 

What is The Chiclet Keyboard?

Chiclet Keyboard

Chiclet keyboards are a specific type of keyboard that uses keys in the shape of small rectangular and square shapes. 

These keyboards were named after a popular chewing Gum in America which was named, yes, “Chiclets”. These keyboards are mainstream with laptops and notebooks. 

The Chiclet Keyboards are usually spaced with perforated bezels in between the keys. The keys are designed in such a method that they appear clean and thin.

:star: 10 Best Chiclet Keyboard Reviews:



To begin our list of the best chiclet keyboards, this one takes the first position, and rightfully so.

The contemporary design of this keyboard makes it an excellent choice for anyone that is looking for a chiclet keyboard.

The price tag at which this keyboard is featured is also a rather effective one and makes it one of the most affordable options without compromising on the quality for one bit. 

The best part about this keyboard is that it also includes a wireless mouse with it which makes it a great choice and these two products go very well hand in hand.

The wireless option of this keyboard is what makes this chiclet keyboard the best one on our list.  

The batteries are also included with the product and they make the product last for a long 12 months before needing a replacement.


  • Features a Contemporary Design. 
  • Comes with Wireless Functionality. 
  • Typing on this keyboard feels very silent.


  • Despite being the best keyboard, this keyboard lacks any kinds of indicators that are offered by the other chiclet keyboards. 



Gamers are the ones that are basically looking for a good looking keyboard with good quality. 

This Redragon keyboard is the one that every gamer will love and dread. This keyboard has been designed in such a manner that it looks very eye-catching. Moreover, the build quality of this keyboard is so good that it allows the users to type comfortably and fast. 

This keyboard also includes backlit customization which purely depends on the users but is a step ahead in keyboards that look extra stylish. Moreover, this feature alone makes this keyboard a great one for enabling the users to type in a dark environment. 

This keyboard features anti-ghosting technology which will allow the users to press up to 10 keys simultaneously on the keyboard.


  • Comes with a great design. 
  • Supports Silent Typing. 
  • Has a backlit customization option. 


  • Not for those who are looking for a simplistic design.



The manufacturer of this keyboard has brought one of the most important factors that a lot of other brands don’t keep in mind while manufacturing their keyboards: Durability. 

Unlike the many other options on this list, this keyboard is actually designed to be washable and remove all or any dirt that hides behind the keys making them stiff. 

As for the looks, this Chiclet keyboard features a rather simplistic and elegant design which makes it look very attractive and makes it go with any theme, whether be gaming or for the professional working environment. 

The main highlight about this keyboard is the fact that it features quiet typing which a lot of users seek.


  • Has a great build quality. 
  • The ergonomics of this keyboard are very good. 
  • Not a very costly option.


  • This is a wired keyboard.



If you are not a fan of the new wireless keyboards and like things the old style, then this Chiclet keyboard is the one for you.

 The keyboard design is made in such a way that it looks very interesting as well as beautiful.

The manufacturer hasn’t made any compromises on the quality of the keyboard either as this keyboard feels really good and comfortable to use and can allow a person to go a good long time before they need a break from the computer. 

Due to its designing feature alone, this keyboard is able to provide its users with high functionality and makes typing easy and comfortable on it.


  • Comes as a full-sized keyboard. 
  • Offers great value for money. 
  • This keyboard has a vast compatibility range.


  • The build quality is a little delicate.



If you are the one that simply loves well-built and futuristic designed keyboards, then this Chiclet keyboard will shut down your hunt. 

From the looks and feel of this Chiclet keyboard, it is easy for anyone to find out that this keyboard was made with the intent to provide users will ultimate quality and comfort. 

This keyboard has a good build quality and is made from rigid materials, this keyboard can take a hit or two. The design of this keyboard is reliable and offers optimum levels of comfort to the users. 

This keyboard also includes a wireless mouse and also has the ability to be operated wirelessly.


  • A compact build with an attractive design. 
  • Has a good battery life. 
  • Includes a mouse.


  • The ergonomics of this keyboard are not the best. 



For this next option, this keyboard is one of the most lightweight options on the list. This Chiclet keyboard is one of the best keyboards, as it offers ultimate workability to its users. 

From the looks of it, a person can easily tell that this Chiclet keyboard has one of the most attractive and sturdy designs that serve as the foremost reason as to why would someone choose this keyboard. 

Unlike the other fancy designs, this design is very simplistic and gives an elegant look to the computer setup. This keyboard is the best one to enhance your gaming experience.


  • Comes with a Mouse. 
  • Full-sized keyboard. 
  • Has an attractive and sturdy build. 


  • This keyboard doesn’t come with included batteries.



If you are looking for options that will enable wireless functionality, and are looking to clear the clutter by removing wires, then this falls right in the middle. 

As you can take away from the lines above this keyboard’s most highlighted feature is that it is wirelessly operational from as far as 30 Meters. 

The build quality of this Chiclet keyboard is very good and can be a very good choice for anyone that is looking to go for intensive gaming or for writing codes, or just anything that requires a person to type very fast. 

The elegant design of this HP keyboard makes it look great with your PC as it gives an elegant and simplistic look.

Besides, this keyboard feels really comfortable and you can go on writing for a few hours before your fingers feel tired.


  • Has a compact design. 
  • Feels comfortable when used. 
  • Is one of the most versatile Chiclet Keyboards.


  • Features simplistic design.



When looking for a Chiclet Keyboard, this is one of the best options. All the users need to do is take a glance at this keyboard to know that this will exceed their expectations and perform exceptionally well. 

If you are looking for a Chiclet Keyboard that can be operated from afar, then this keyboard is the perfect choice as it is one of the wireless keyboards. 

Unlike the other extravaganza models on this list, this Chiclet Keyboard is rather simple and has an elegant design.

The build quality of this keyboard is also very solid as this keyboard feels very good when a user uses it to type on them.


  • This keyboard has an elegant and simplistic design. 
  • Comfortable to use. 
  • Wirelessly operational.


  • Not for the ones that are looking for keyboards with Backlights. 



For anyone that is looking for aesthetics in a Chiclet Keyboard, this option will surely strike them as a considerable buying option. 

If you are able to look past the fact that this keyboard comes without a wireless connection this laptop has a very elegant design and comes in two different colors, those being black and white. 

There’s more to this keyboard as this keyboard comes with a custom switch for LED Backlights of seven rainbow colors. 

This keyboard can be used for many different things, but its compact and good design are what makes this keyboard a great choice for coders and programmers.


  • Comes with RGB Backlights.
  • This keyboard has smooth Keys.
  • Has an Elegant design.


  • Portability is hindered as this keyboard is a wired keyboard. 



Last but not the least, this is one of the best Chiclet Keyboards that are readily available for purchase. 

These keyboards come in a white color which makes them look rather beautiful and will make your computer give a better look overall. 

The size of this keyboard is full-sized, but it is designed in such a manner that it looks and feels compact. Here’s the best part: It also comes with a wireless mouse! 

These pieces of equipment were designed by the manufacturer in such a manner that they provide prompt feedback upon the user’s interaction.


  • Comes with a mouse. 
  • This Chiclet Keyboard features an attractive design.
  • These pieces of equipment can be operated from as far away as 30 feet.


  • The ergonomics of this keyboard are off point.
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:money_with_wings: Factors To Consider When Choosing a Chiclet Keyboard – Buying Guide:

Best Chiclet Keyboard

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The ergonomics of a keyboard are one of the most important factors when considering buying a chiclet keyboard is to look out for.

This ergonomic design is one of the reasons that are responsible for reducing and minimizing the risk factors of the following conditions that include.

reducing muscle strain, fatigue, and other similar problems that are caused by prolonged use of computer keyboards. 

An ergonomic keyboard can come in really handy depending on your typing style.

If you are the one to type with hands, the ergonomic keyboard is made in such a way that it divides the keys in an equal manner that are easily accessible by each hand. 

The ergonomic keyboards have different types which are as follows: 

  1. Split Keyboard 
  2. Contoured Keyboard
  3. Handheld Keyboards. 
  4. Angle Split Keyboard
  5. Other Ergonomic keyboards come with a customized design for a certain hand angle. 

If you are looking for a comfortable experience and are going to be using a keyboard for a prolonged period, we prefer that you should get a chiclet keyboard that offers a good ergonomic design.

However, if you prefer using a keyboard with a single hand and do not have much use for typing, a keyboard with a poor ergonomic design will not be a problem for you.


The chiclet keyboards come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. However, you should choose a chiclet keyboard based on your preferences for using the keyboard.

The Chiclet keyboards come in full size as well as a different size that is smaller than your standard keyboards. 

For maximum compatibility, we prefer that you choose a full-sized Chiclet Keyboard. This is so because these full-sized keyboards are based on the usual sizes that a normal person is used to using.

This will allow the users to have a comfortable feel and will enable ultimate functionality for the users. 

Moreover, the full-sized Chiclet Keyboards feature the most features, this is why we prefer our users to use a full-sized chiclet keyboard.

Types Of Keys: 

The types of keys matter a lot and are indeed one of the most important features to look for when buying a Chiclet keyboard. This factor comes in handy for people that belong to the domains of gaming and programming. 

This factor is also a great factor for people that need to type fast and need prompt replies.

The people who are going to get a chiclet keyboard for gaming purposes should look for factors such as backlighting, integrated LEDs that will matter the most. 

As for the people that belong to the niches of programming, they should look for factors in a keyboard such as programmable keys and changeable number pads.

These abilities will allow them to type quicker and faster and the results will be more efficient. 

However, if you are a general user and don’t have much use of a keyboard and the only reason you are considering buying a chiclet keyboard is the comfortability factor offered by them, even then there are a few features that will count in making the chiclet keyboard the right one for you. 

A chiclet keyboard should include features such as elevated wrist rests and curved keys. These features will allow users to prevent health problems such as Wrist pain.

Connectivity And Interface: 

This one is totally dependant on the users themselves.

This is so because the Chiclet Keyboards come in two different types of connectivity options, one being a peripheral device that is connected through the USB to the computer and the other one being the wireless one which runs on batteries and is connected to the computer via a wireless dongle allowing the users to steer clear of the clutter. 

However, we prefer you to get the wireless keyboard as it gives a hassle-free experience as there are no wires and this also gives a clean and aesthetic look to your system.

However, there are some drawbacks to the wireless keyboards and mouse, and the main one is that they run on batteries, and batteries run out.

Depending on your use, you would need to switch the batteries every now and then which can prove to be a barrier and can cause some real troubles when you are at a critical stage in a game and your device’s power off. 

This is why, if you are going to be buying a keyboard for gaming purposes, you should buy a keyboard that is wired rather than the wireless ones.

One more advantage to the wired variants of these peripherals is the fact that they are more durable. 


Surely, you are going to need a Chiclet keyboard. Remember: A good product always doesn’t mean high prices. When you are considering buying a chiclet keyboard, check for the other options that are available for purchase in the same price range. 

This is a really essential factor as the product that you might consider buying might be old and there can be newer or better products that could be available for purchase that offer better features than the one you are going to be purchasing.

Remember, you have to decide very calmly in order to make a good investment.


:clipboard: Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the chiclet keyboard better?

It all comes down to the preferences of a specific user. Chiclet keyboard is different than your typical keyboard in the sense that it is rather slimmer and the keys on it are designed in a rectangular and square shape.  

Moreover, they allow a user to type silently and feel more comfortable when used. So, if you don’t mind a keyboard that is rather slim than most definitely, a chiclet keyboard will feel like an upgrade over your standard keyboard.

What is an illuminated chiclet keyboard?

The correct term for an illuminated chiclet keyboard will be a backlit chiclet keyboard. These are the keyboards that look stylish and are different than the keyboards with a simplistic look. 

These keyboards feature led lights behind them which gives them the term “backlit”. The backlit feature comes in handy for those who are looking to give their gaming setup’s look an upgrade or for people that want to work in darker environments. 

Which is the best keyboard for typing?

The best keyboard for typing will be defined by your respective preferences. If you prefer a normal keyboard, then you may find so many standard keyboards that will feel really comfortable and you would be able to use them for extended periods. 

However, if you like laptop keyboards and want a full-sized keyboard with the same specifications and better design, then chiclet keyboards will suit you right.

A chiclet keyboard is designed in such a manner that a user feels really comfortable while using them and can go a long time without getting RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

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:books: Conclusion!

If you have decided on buying a chiclet keyboard, it is vital for you to understand and go through this article thoroughly as it includes all the information as to what actually chiclet keyboards are and all the important factors that you should weigh in before you actually buy a Chiclet Keyboard.

When you are considering buying a chiclet keyboard, consider all the above products that are mentioned above in the list, as the specifications that make them the best are rather rare to find in a chiclet keyboard in a single place.  

We hope that this dedicated effort to help you find the best product comes in handy for you and you are able to find a product that will leave you satisfied with its top-class performance and ultimate durability. 

However, if you have also found a chiclet keyboard that is one of the best, let us know as your opinion might also help someone else make the right choice.


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