Beginners Guide to Sex Toys

An introduction to women’s sex toys to provide you with all the information you require to begin your journey toward sexual emancipation. Purchasing your first sex object is an investment in your health and sexuality.

The trusty bullet vibrator

The bullet vibrator is brilliantly reliable and the perfect sex toy for beginners. Every woman should own it because the sleek and subtle design gets the job done every time. It may look simple but it’ll leave your body buzzing for more.

Bullet vibrators are the perfect sex toy for beginners because they are easy to use and super portable, and their size makes them very discreet. You can even get some that look so much like lipstick that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

The Raunchy Rabbit

Rabbits are nothing to be afraid of, and they’re a great beginner sex toy for women who are just starting to explore self-pleasure. The style of vibrating sex toys has been in production and popular with orgasm hunters for decades.

Rabbit vibrators have the potential to provide intense dual stimulation. The shaft is placed into the vagina to provide internal stimulation, while the external arm –which may resemble bunny ears or might be a single, vibrating nub- provides simultaneous clitoral stimulation.

The Delightful Dildo

The dildo is another terrific sex toy for beginners. Complete with a suction cup, dildos are a great way to fly solo and learn about your pleasure points. If you’re new to the game, don’t forget that lube is your friend. It’ll make playtime a world more pleasurable.

Perfect for the woman who doesn’t love the intensity of a vibrator or who wants to explore G-spot pleasure on her own, there’s no shortage of dildos available on the market.

The Excellent Love Egg

The little love egg can be used either externally or it can go inside you, and the remote controls the vibrating settings. This would be the perfect toy to bring into the bedroom if you are starting to experiment with your sexuality and what feels good.

A love egg vibrator would be the perfect beginner sex toy for couples, too, as it’s discreet, and your partner can use it to pleasure (or tease) you as they desire.

Butt Plug

Anal sex doesn’t have to be scary, but you should be wary of rushing in. To ensure the experience is pleasurable, start with a small, sleek butt plug and work your way up.

A butt plug can be the perfect way to introduce sex toys into your relationship, as it doesn’t get in the way of you and your partner while still maximizing your pleasure. Beginners, beware, the anus is not self-lubricating! Whip out that lube before proceeding to put this one in your bum.

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