Download Amazon Alexa For Windows 10

Alexa is Amazon’s talking service which functions as a digital personal assistant, like Siri and Cortana. Alexa provides various great jokes. Now you can ask Alexa anything you prefer! It’s very easy to get started using Alexa. Amazon Alexa is an impressive device for entertainment and you can download Amazon Alexa For Windows.

Alexa can let you know the remaining time when you ask. Alexa may also be controlled remotely using the Alexa mobile app. If you don’t have an account, now’s the opportunity to create one. After launching Amazon Alexa for Windows, you’ll need to login to your Amazon account to be able to use it. Windows 10 users may not wish to install the Alexa as there’s a built-in digital assistant named Cortana in Windows 10. Internet browsers have turned into a necessity.

Download Amazon Alexa For Windows 10

Amazon Alexa is eye-catching and an enjoyable app that provides you everything linked to audio and music and the very best part is the fact that it is completely free to download. Virtually all newspapers and magazines are at present available online. Certain newspapers are now available on the internet only. Google Assistant uses all info that the search giant has about a specific user.

First, you have to download Amazon Alexa app for Windows 10. Please note that the link is not the official Amazon Alexa download link. Scan downloaded file with Antivirus. Now run the file in Zip > accept the User Account Control Prompt > Install Amazon Alexa App for Windows.

Download Link –

Now sign in with your Amazon account. Once logged in, click Alexa Settings > enable Launch.

Download & install Amazon Alexa on PC

Now make sure you have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 installed on your computer because you cannot install Amazon Alexa For Windows 10.

Now if your computer is officially supported for Amazon Alexa, you are very less likely to have the custom firmware. You can ask Amazon Alexa to play your favorite song.

Now you can use Ctrl + Shift + A key combination to wake up Amazon Alexa on Windows 10.

Hope you find this article very useful. If you are an Amazon Alexa user then we hope you will use it on Windows 10. Comment below for more information.

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