6 Rust tips and tricks you might not know yet

No rules, no goals, and even no objectives – yes, that’s Rust for you. Rust has now become a trendy survival game among gamers. Undoubtedly, it is the wild west of several online multiplayer games. Though all this might sound intriguing, Rust isn’t a place that goes easy on its players. Regardless of the beautiful scenery and no rules, surviving in the world of Rust isn’t a piece of cake. In fact, a lack of goals and rules makes it even harder to survive and win. But don’t panic, as with these best rust hacks from Sidegamer, now you can increase your chances to survive till the last and take the trophy home with you.

1. Do not cook meals at night

Rust is all about survival, and the easiest way to get yourself killed is by disclosing your location by cooking meals at night. Only a fool will cook at night in the world of Rust. The fire alerts your enemies about your location and can result in raids, lowering your chances of survival. You will not be able to track your enemies, but it will be way easier for them to track your location as you are closer to the source of light.

2. Put your eggs in a different basket

Many rust players, especially ones that are just getting started, believe it is best to hide all their treasure and rewards at a single large base to make it easier for them to find them later. Yes, the idea might sound cool to keep an eye on all your belongings after hiding them in one place, but it isn’t safe at all. Ever thought about what will happen if your enemy raids your base? Yes, you will lose all your belonging with a single raid. That’s why it is best to hide your treasure in different spots so you won’t lose everything in one go.

3. Stay away from large monuments

It is easy to fall into the trap of camping near large monuments and other hotspots which hold the biggest and most exciting loot when you are just getting started. However, those places can get you killed due to their high radiation. Not only this, but many pro players are also after these loots, and you do not want to engage in a fight with them.

Until and unless you have protective clothing on you against radiation and high-class weapons, it is best to stay away from such hotspots.

4. Do not forget to gather scrap around the coast

Whether you need to build a tool or a hiding spot for your valuables, you must collect scrap available around the coast. These scraps are the most valuable items if you need to build any tool in the world of the Rust. Though you can also collect scraps from various hotspots, the hostile nature of these places does not guarantee your safety. That is why collecting scrap from ocean coasts is a safe option. You can get a boat from the fishing village and collect scraps scattered around the ocean coast.

5. Keep an eye on your health levels

In a game where survival is the key to victory, you cannot overlook your health levels. If you see at the bottom right side of your screen, you will find three tabs for your health, calories, and rad levels. In this, your health levels are the most important thing that will take you ahead in the game. Make sure you eat enough and keep an eye on your health levels.

6. Look out for the crackling sound

You can avoid drowning, aggressive players, and other factors but can still get killed with radiation. Yes, radiation exists in Rust, and unless you are prepared with proper protective gear, it is best to stay away from it. How? Look out for any crackling sound near your place; if you can hear it, just run. Running from the spot, regardless of what you are doing, is the safest course of action if you do not have proper protective gear.

It might take time to get used to the world of Rust, but with these tips and tricks, you can quickly improve your gameplay with every match.