4 Reasons to Hire an Online Trainer

If you’re looking to take your workout plan to the next level and accelerate your results, it helps to have a personal trainer. But before you head to the nearest gym and ask for any old trainer, consider going an alternative route.

In many situations, hiring an online personal trainer makes more sense.

How Does Online Personal Training Work?

If you’re new to online personal training, you’re probably wondering how it works. And while it’s different from in-person training, the underlying purpose is to help you achieve your goals through strategic, customized training that keeps you motivated and accountable.

Every online personal trainer has their own individual process, but this type of training usually begins with a consultation over the phone or Zoom. During this consultation, you’ll discuss health and fitness goals, your fitness background, workout preferences, medical history, dietary restrictions, and the length of the program.

After the initial consultation, the online personal trainer will usually develop a customized training plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and schedule. Then, it’s up to you to follow the plan. You’ll usually be required to log your training sessions and results. The trainer will then check in with you, monitor your results, and help optimize based on your progress. (In some cases, online trainers will host live video-based classes, but it’s usually up to you to perform the workouts on your own. Most of your discussions with your trainer will happen in between workouts.)

4 Benefits of Working With an Online Trainer

Online personal training is definitely unique compared to traditional in-person training; however, it’s also highly beneficial.

Here are several of the top benefits of working with an online trainer:

1. Exercise on Your Time

One of the biggest benefits of working with an online trainer is that you’re able to work out when it fits your schedule. Unless you’re doing live Zoom classes or some other form of real-time coaching, in which case you’d obviously need to attend at a certain time.

For most people, the ability to exercise on their own time is a huge plus. It allows you to fit exercise around a busy schedule, instead of shifting your work/personal calendar around your training sessions.

However, if you’re someone who needs the accountability and predictability of a firm time/date, this could create challenges. You’ll have to decide what’s best for you.

2. Exercise Where You Want

Another benefit is that you can work out wherever you want. If your gym has multiple locations, you won’t be restricted by where your trainer works. Or, if you enjoy working out inside on colder days and outside on warmer days, you have that flexibility. You can even continue to follow your workout regimen when you’re traveling.

3. Unlimited Access

While it depends on the trainer, most online trainers give you the ability to reach out with any questions, concerns, or needs you may have. DeMetz Online Personal Training, for example, allows for unlimited video reviews, messaging, and stat reviews. You send a quick text message or email and get a fast response.

By contrast, a traditional trainer is usually only accessible when you’re in the gym. In fact, many will not provide assistance unless they’re on the clock for a scheduled training session.

4. Less Expensive

We’re intentionally including this benefit last on the list for two specific reasons. First off, online training isn’t always cheaper. There are some online personal trainers who charge way more than the average in-person trainer. It all depends on the trainer, the experience they have, and the services they offer.

Secondly, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. Sometimes you get what you pay for. If you find an online trainer who costs 75 percent less than an average in-person trainer, there might be a reason for this.

So, while online training is often less expensive, make sure you pay attention to all of the factors involved and make your decision with all of the information available.

Adding it All Up

When you add each of these benefits together, it becomes clear why online personal training is such an attractive option for so many people. And while you might still be on the fence about what you want to do, it would be a great idea to at least get in contact with an online trainer to learn more about the process and how a customized training plan can help you achieve your goals of losing weight, building muscle, and/or getting in shape.