2021 Best Songs to Listen to in 2022

When we need the music more than ever, the artist did not disappoint us and gave us some amazing tracks that we can’t stop listening to. So here we are with the 2021 best songs to listen to in 2022.

Time is always in flux, but what is produced in the name of art gets better with time like old wine. So we cannot just disregard what was a trend last year. Of course, this does not apply to everything created, but for some, it is indeed.

So let’s explore some gems that were produced in the last year which we can still enjoy as well in the coming times. The list for you includes the tops from major music streaming and listing platforms, based on the user response.

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Levitating –Dua Lipa

The song came out in 2020 featured in the second album of the singer. Dua herself, Sarah Hudson, Clarence Coffee, and Stephen Kozmeniuk contributed to the lyrics. Stuart Price and Koz handled the production.

An electronic and nu-disco, the song constitutes many disco tropes. Here you will find dance-pop, power pop, pop-funk, space rock, and other styles such as the 1970s up to 1990s and R&B Styles.

The words that constitute this track encompass the idea of levitating when you are falling in love. You will find many outer space references here. It became the most popular song of the year and topped Billboard’s Hot 100.

It is part of the album Future Nostalgia. The most attractive and enticing song from this whole release. With an upbeat feeling, you will enjoy it no matter how many repeats you put it on.

Driver’s License –Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo the songwriter and singer came up with this title on January 8, 2021. She wrote the soundtrack herself with a contribution from Dan Nigro, who also produced it.

It details a heartache with its emotional lyrics which is why it managed to garner so much listening on the famous streaming platform Spotify. Here it became the most streamed song for the year 2021 across the globe.

Even her whole album became the most streamed one for the year as well. The track details the mixture of emotions one could go through after a breakup. The year was another hard one after the commencement of the pandemic and gave us a poignant memory to remember.

It became a hit not just for its words but a great delivery by the singer that amplified the feeling in this soundtrack from start to end. For this reason, it got nominations for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Pop Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards 2022.

Dynamite –BTS

BTS drops a song and how it is not possible that it gets ignored? This is why it got the title of the most played song on Apple’s streaming service for the year. Though released almost half a year ago in August 2020, it took its time to claim the title.

The band’s first full English song was written by David Stewart and Jessica Agombar. With funk, soul, and bubblegum pop elements, you will find it an upbeat disco pop. It talks about valuing little things in life.

In midst of a pandemic and times of uncertainties, how can such a message get sidelined? With attractive music and cute delivery by the band ensured liking and praise for the title from many corners of the industry and listeners.

This is why it brought the band the best pop duo/group performance at the 63rd annual Grammy awards.

Up –Cardi B

Up is a hip-hop song coming from the famous rapper Cardi B. It hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 making the singer the first rapper to top the charts with multiple singles solo.

The title secured a nomination for itself at Grammy 2022 for the Best Rap Performance, making Cardi B the female rapper with the most nominations in the category. At the same time, it won the American Music Award for Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Song.

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With a flow that starts once and only ends at the finish line, the song became a must-listen even for people who are not rap fans. In peculiar Cardi B style, it is a treat for the lovers of this genre.


So these are the best 2021 songs to listen to 2022 for you. Other titles on the list are ‘Back in Blood,’ ‘Bad Habits,’ ‘Good 4 U’, and ‘Save Your Tears’ that you can give a try now. Tell us which one is your favorite and why below in the comments.