Windows 10 Dark Mode: How to Enable It? (Steps to Follow!)

Dark offices and brightly lit faces in front of bright displays:

This is not only uncomfortable but also harmful to your eyes.

For this reason, many software manufacturers are now opting for dark designs that are easy on the eyes and battery.

Netzwelt tells you how to activate dark designs in Windows 10 with Dark Mode.

However, if you sit in the apartment at night, the display can dazzle you and only consumes battery unnecessarily.

For this reason, under Windows 10 you will find a so-called “Dark Mode”, which you can use to give all system windows a dark look with just one click.

 Windows are bright and white by default. You can also activate the dark theme.

This will put Windows in dark mode and, for example, get a dark Windows Explorer. We’ll show you how. 

 With the dark mode activated, windows in Windows 10 also appear with a dark background.

The dark theme is particularly helpful in the evenings when the eyes are more sensitive to brightness.

It is the exact opposite of the Light Theme. Here you can find out how you generally set other designs in Windows 10.

 How Do You Undo The Change?

Undo The Change


  • Opens Settings> Personalization> Colors.
  • Select in the settings under “Colors” in the tab “Bright”.
  • The standard bright mode is now reactivated.

Where are the colours changed? If you activate the dark mode of Windows 10, most standard apps will change from light mode to dark mode.

Dark mode makes the following changes:


  • The white background in apps is changed to black.
  • If you have a white background it will be changed to black.
  • Standard light grey scroll bars are changed to dark grey.
  • Black text in apps is changed to white.
  • Apps like: Mail, Calendar, Weather, Contacts, Photos, Microsoft Store and many more are also affected by the change.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Windows 10?

How To Enable Dark Mode In Windows 10?

  1. Right-click on a free area of ​​the desktop and select the Customize entry.
  2. Click on the menu item Colors on the left.
  3. Scrolls down and activates the option Dark under Select standard app mode.

Windows 10 will then automatically change the window colors from light (white) to dark (black).

 What Do You Think Of The Dark Mode?

 We showed you how you can switch from light mode to dark mode in Windows 10 and what changes are made.

We have told you which applications are affected by the changes and how you can undo the whole thing.

We also told you dark mode is best for keeping your eye safe from getting affected especially while using the system at night and with closed lights of the room.

 Once in the appropriate settings, look for the “Colors” menu item and change the setting to “Dark” by clicking on the dropdown.

 The above-written article is regarding dark mode and how to enable it in windows 10. I hope this article will help you to apply in the dark mode in Windows 10. 

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