Will Tron reach 100 dollars?

There is information that a certain crypto investor sold bitcoins worth $ 215 million literally a short time before the price of the first cryptocurrency fell, and then a couple of hours later bought the sold volume at a lower rate, while receiving a net profit from operations for $ 15 million.

In short, someone sold 25 thousand bitcoins for 215 million, and a little later bought them back for 200 million. In the bottom line, he has the same amount of bitcoins on his hands as before, and a $ 15 million bonus from above, “for ingenuity ”.

It has been discussed a million times that the cryptocurrency market is highly manipulative, mainly for two reasons:

  • the first is because the market is not yet large enough, now the capitalization is about $ 250 billion.
  • second, fortunately, the crypto market is still largely unregulated.

And just the speculative potential of cryptocurrencies attracts a lot of people. If you decide to try it yourself, start with small amounts.

Main features

Tron is the main newsmaker of the week. According to media reports, the founder of the TRON blockchain platform, Justin Sun, paid more than $ 4 million in an auction that raffled off a traditional annual dinner with renowned Bitcoin critic, billionaire Warren Buffett. Justin Sun informed about this on his Twitter and promised to enlighten Buffett about cryptocurrencies. The Tron network is characterized by high bandwidth, reliability, and the mission to create an operating system where every developer can freely deploy their decentralized application. There are more and more people who want to buy Tron cryptocurrency every day. Online entertainment is another area where the throne is used to great effect and is showing great results. The gambling industry strives every year to form honest and new approaches using blockchain technology. And these changes naturally attract new players. The bal to trx pair is very profitable.

The market needs new gaming platforms based on a fair and transparent system. And in this, blockchain is the best solution. That is why projects that build their processes using blockchain achieve ever-higher traffic rates and become new market leaders.

A new and striking project in this area is the 888 Tron ​​platform:

  1. The first is a completely decentralized platform built on smart contracts of the Tron blockchain.
  2. Second, the game takes place directly from the user’s crypto wallet, passwords and access to the personal wallet are not requested by the platform and are not saved.
  3. Third, winnings are paid instantly to the player’s wallet. The payment speed depends only on the bandwidth of the Tron network.
  4. Fourth, with each bet, the player receives 888 platform tokens, the purpose of the token is to receive dividends, which are accrued every 48 hours. Holders of 888 tokens receive 65% of all platform profits in the form of dividend payments.
  5. Fifth, the 888 Tron ​​platform has set a record among all blockchains in terms of payments. One-time dividend payments reached more than 250 million trx, which in dollar terms amounted to more than 5.8 million US dollars.


And one more important point – all TRX coin holders receive BTT tokens every 11th of the month. Given Justin Sun’s zeal for developing his projects, this may be one of the best investment methods.

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