Why Esports Is a Godsend for Online Marketing Specialists

There are a few other products that resonate with young audiences quite the same way as esports or at least video gaming. That is why online marketing specialists have developed a taste for understanding these competitive communities a little better. Just like you know how to promote great free spins products with the help of turkey-bonusesfinder.com/free-spins, so you can benefit from knowing how to promote a product through esports and video games.

Tony Sloterman, the product owner at Casino Bonuses Finder, has confirmed that consumers tend to respond better to the advertisement that is aired during something they love. Of course, you always need to factor in how to best carry out the advertisement in a way that doesn’t detract from the experience, or else your marketing efforts will backfire.

Esports is a godsend for companies that are looking to advertise smartly to fans, but to do so, they will really need to focus on what makes these people tick. Never mind the challenges of advertising to esports fans, esports and video gaming is great media to advertise in, and here is why.

#1 The Esports Demographics Has Plenty of Disposable Income

Esports fans are smart, tech-savvy, and more importantly, they have a lot of money to spend on products they like and see a genuine value in. That is why, if young gamers are in your sights and you want to reach them, targeting esports is smart.

Even established esports organizations are working with big brands from across multiple industries, including beverages, food, carmakers, hardware, and others, to get the message across. Esports fans engage great with products, and they are willing to spend.

Of course, esports fans are not just spending blindly. You cannot mislead them into buying something, and you would rather need to present them with a value-added product that makes sense to have. One way or another, they will buy it, as long as there is something that benefits them.

Some fans choose the same hardware as their esports icons, for example. They would buy the same chairs, gaming gear, and periphery, which is a huge opportunity for companies specializing in those sectors.

But then again, it’s not just hardware makers that can get esports fans to spend. Not at all! For example, esports players are still only human, and many make a great buck. When they make money, they also spend them back, and sometimes that’s on housing, investment, or cars.

BMW and KIA have become some of the most competitive advertisers in the esports scene, and their sales with esports fans have gone up. Of course, KIA and BMW would never succeed if they were just trying to sell cars. No, they decided to sponsor esports genuinely and sought added value for fans.

Mercedes-Benz, for example, is sponsoring an esports arena where players come and see live events, and they refer to the venue as the Mercedes-Benz Esports Arena.

#2 Esports Fans Will Engage on Social Media

One of the best ways to get the message out these days is to ensure that you are on social media. Well, for those of us who are trying to master social media, there is a quick answer to all our woes – esports fans.

If you tailor your campaign in an intuitive way, you will soon find out that you have achieved hundreds of thousands of impressions and views just by publishing an amazing work of advertisement online.

Social media is free clicks, and that is a fact, but to get there, you really need to find a tailored and focused approach that allows you to engage. You cannot just publish memes, for example, and hope that people would appreciate your spurt of witticism. If anything, people are bored with that.

Behind-the-scenes coverage seems to be the biggest driver of social engagement. So, for many companies investing in esports, it’s best to produce something that adds value to an event many people are going to see, and that will definitely make it big time on social media.

Just think about the documentary that was made for OG, a Dota 2 team that won two back-to-back events that turned them into the richest esports team in the world. Securing something that adds value and broadens your audience’s knowledge is always welcome.

What is the best part? If you have a quality product, you will definitely elicit a strong response from social media when it comes to esports products. However, underestimating your target audience may cost you.

#3 There Are Many Investment Opportunities

Online marketing experts can definitely appreciate the fact that there are numerous investment opportunities in esports. It’s not just about investing in, say, an esports team. You can equally be sponsoring an entire organization that hosts events, an individual player, or anyone else who is involved with esports.

In fact, many out-of-esports organizations enter the space through numerous activations, such as the one between the crypto exchange Gemini and Gen.G. The idea behind it is that esports fans are tech-savvy, and they will appreciate something as intuitive as crypto payments.

Aggressive strategies seldom work, though, because esports fans are quite smart. In the case of Gemini, the exchange just ran a few panels about how crypto works, where the common touch-points with esports are.

All of that put together makes for a great overall experience, and online marketers can definitely follow Coinbase’s example to make sure that their products are better tailored for the digital world.

Esports is also creating new investment opportunities such as fresh events that draw massive eyeballs. The Lol Worlds, for example, one of the biggest esports events, clocked in 100 million viewers, which is a record-setting number.

With such big events, you can see why suddenly, you are presented with many new advertisement windows that will prove worthwhile in every sense of the word. You will be able to push your brand message but remember – with so many esports fans watching, you better offer them something of real value.

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