The most common mistakes when choosing a good casino

Online gambling is going through a period of rapid development and popularisation around the world. Not surprisingly, the number of those wishing to make money from casinos by fraudulent means is also increasing rapidly. Scammers and illegal gambling sites are thriving online today. Regardless of the country and local laws, scammers find numerous loopholes for their devious schemes.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of every player to choose online casinos wisely and intelligently. One of the first tips is to look for only non Gamstop casinos UK to play at. Other important tips will help to recognize in time a site that is not to be trusted.

What are the common missteps players make online? We present the top 5 typical mistakes when selecting online casinos.

Mistake 1. Ignoring the license

Many players make the mistake of thinking that only land-based gambling establishments are licensed. Modern legislation in European countries requires all gambling sites to be licensed. And when you’re looking for a really reliable and safe casino on the Internet, it is the obligatory first thing to check the information about the license.

What you should know about online casino licensing:

  • The license number, date, and series of issues should appear in a prominent place (home page).
  • The expiry date of the online casino license should be up to date at the time of the site visit.
  • The license must be local, i.e. issued by the regulatory authority of your country.
  • Information about the license must be available to any user (including unregistered ones).

Mistake 2. Tricks when registering

Even at this stage of visiting the online casino website, you can already tell a lot about its reliability. For example, there is a widespread online fraud scheme that involves charging a fee upon registration. Even if you are an inexperienced beginner in gambling, you should think: is it profitable for an honest online casino to take a fee when registering new users? After all, this is an institution that makes money from website traffic. And its goal is to get as many visitors as possible who will want to spend their money here. So why scare them off even at the very first stage?

How this scam scheme works:

  • Players are asked to make a payment for the opportunity to register.
  • Instructions on how to proceed are allegedly sent to the user’s email.
  • The website visitor never receives an email.
  • The online casino blocks access to the site for the new member.

It is important to know that honest online casinos not only do not charge a fee for registration but even count new members different types of registration bonuses. These can be cashbacks, free spins, and even a token amount on your account.

Mistake 3. Lack of monitoring

The Internet is a world of open opportunities! Today, it is very easy to monitor information about any company, online shop, or online casino. Gambling enthusiasts all over the world have created numerous thematic websites and forums, groups, and communities in social networks. They will be valuable in helping both the novice and the already advanced gambler.

If you come across a new online casino site, be sure to check out the online mentions about it. Are there any negative reviews, what do they write about the possibility of withdrawal of winnings? And if the site’s reputation is clean – only then boldly proceed to register and play.

Mistake 4. Ignoring technical failures

The objective of the online casino site is to work smoothly, without failures or any bugs. The casino should have a strong and reliable hosting service to ensure smooth operation. And such services are expensive, so they cannot be afforded by fraudulent sites. Have you started to play, but immediately noticed how the slots often freeze? Or do you get knocked out of the game, do not load free spins? Perhaps you saw other errors on the site? It is better not to continue the game and not to replenish your account on such a platform anymore.

Mistake 5. Cheating on bonuses

One of the most common traps for visitors to fraudulent casino sites is the provision of bonuses on unfavorable conditions for players. The site prohibits the withdrawal of winnings until the user has wagered the bonuses given to them. But the system is designed in such a way that it is impossible to fulfill this condition of the user agreement.

How fake bonuses work:

  • The site’s rules state that the bonuses can only be used when playing at a certain bet. But it is so low that the player is simply not physically able to win it back.
  • The casino may also impose time limits on the implementation of the bonus account. The terms and conditions of the site will spell out that the use of bonuses is fixed in time. And the algorithm is calculated in such a way that no gambler is able to realize the bonuses in the specified time.
  • Another trick is the slot restrictions. Bonuses can only be used on certain types of slots, as prescribed on the casino’s website. But these slots have such a low payout (RTP rate) that the bonuses also cannot be wagered in full.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of scammers, online players should carefully re-read all the terms of use of the site, and not automatically check the box on the acceptance of the rules. After all, the user agreement is a good indication of the online casino’s level of responsibility.

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