What is PrnSys.exe? A Complete Guide

In today’s article, we will discuss PrnSys.exe. It is an executable file which means it works on a specific coding scheme.

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Also, what types of errors are caused by the PrnSys file and how can you resolve it.

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What is PrnSys.exe?


PrnSys.exe is a program used with PrnSys. It is an executable file. Hp introduced it in its screen utility software. It enables you to take screenshots and save them. Also, you can print these screenshots.

When you buy Hp devices PrnSys.exe is already installed in it. It is stored in system files. It is safe and virus free. It is not useful to delete the PrnSys file.

It is a non-system process although it is already available in HP devices. It is created when you install PrnSys.

This means it has no link with the operating system performance. If somehow you alter or delete the PrnSys file do not take tension.

You can see the Hp print screen process by using windows task manager. Also, you can have a look at how much disk space is utilized for hp predefined processes.

You can access the task manager in two ways. The first is to use the search option and the second is to use a shortcut key.

The shortcut key for the task manager is Ctrl + Shift + Esc. It works when you press all three keys at a time.

PrnSys.exe is loaded on the main memory when you run it. It does not open like other files. Whenever you open it, it will start executing the set of commands that are stored in it. It is also called the Hp print screen process.

You might be wondering?

Is it harmful to keep the Prnsys.exe file in your system?

The answer is No. PrnSys file is not a virus and does not harm your computer system. It is a safe process.

 It has a specific directory in which it is created.

It is formed when you install the software. PrnSys helps the software to work accurately. It will not affect the operating system.

So, you can keep them on your system without any fear.

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PrnSys.exe File Information:


The main purpose of PrnSys.exe is to provide ease to you when to take a screenshot of the system screen.

These images will store in a specific location for you. Moreover, you can change the directory to save images in your desired location.

Can I remove PrnSys.exe from the system?

Yes, you can remove the PrnSys.exe file from the system. As it is a non-system file. It is easy to remove or disable it.

Because it will not affect the system performance in any case.

PrnSys.exe has no proper connection with the window’s operating system. The operating system does not care if this file is in the system or not.

There are multiple methods that you can use to remove this file.

The easiest way is to first uninstall PrnSys then remove the PrnSys.exe file.

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Is PrnSys.exe File CPU Intensive?

PrnSys is not considered as CPU intensive. However, system performance will decrease when you run many processes at the same time.

You can use MSConfig and windows task managers to reduce the overload of the system.

Microsoft system helps you to manually find the processes which reduce system performance. You can disable the extra processes after you find them.

Window resource monitor is used to find the process which takes more memory to write or read on the hard drive.

By using a shortcut key you can access Resource Monitor. Its shortcut key is key + R. After accessing the Resource monitor, enter to resmon.

Is it Better to Download a New PrnSys.exe File?

It is not considered good practice to download a new PrnSys.exe file from the internet. If you want to upgrade the system download only Prnsys software latest version.

The exe file is automatically downloaded with the software.

When you install this software, PrnSys.exe is created on a specified location in your system. It is not considered good practice to download an exe file from a third-party source.

There are high chances that this file from an external source might contain viruses. Also, the EXE file with its original application comes with the complete package.


Best Practices for Resolving PrnSys:

Most PrnSys.exe errors occur when the process is executing by the application. To avoid such errors, always prefer Hp official website to download the software. Possible causes of errors generated by PrnSys.exe

There are many reasons for PrnSys.exe to give an error. The main reason is Version of the software does not match with the file version.

When you update the software Prnsys gets a new version while prnsys.exe still has the old version.

The other reason is that the file overwrites when you install some other software on the system that includes prnsys.exe. Sometimes, you accidentally made changes or remove the file from the directory.

This is also an error for the operating system because the software will not run properly.

An administrative account is compulsory to make changes in the file. In this case, data will not go to the important files from the program.

Viruses or worms can disturb the operating system. Your system will start to freeze and not produce proper results.

By using these steps you can protect your operating system from PrnSys.exe errors.

Make sure you use proper antivirus software to protect your system

  1. If windows causing a PrnSys.exe error then use a registry cleaner.
  2. It will help you to repair or remove the errors.
  3. Make sure you use fully updated drivers for new hardware.

To optimize CPU settings it is better to run a performance scan.

Now: your system memory will optimize automatically.

Error Messages Due to PrnSys.exe:

You will see the following message when PrnSys do not work in a proper way

  • File not found 
  • The device did not recognize the PrnSys.exe file 
  • Can not found a file

Moreover, PrnSys.exe manages all USB connections. If some error occurs then devices connected through the USB port will not work properly.

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Fix PrnSys Errors:

When you add new hardware or install the software there is a possibility that you will get an error.

If you remove the error then it is easy to resolve it. The error will remove automatically when you remove that specific software and hardware.

Here the steps to remove PrnSys.exe file issues.

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  1. For new device scan for driver updates 

If you load new hardware or program in your system, they need drivers to start their proper working. Mainly, the drivers should have an updated version. 

Always download the latest driver from secure websites to avoid the risk of viruses. After you have downloaded the drivers restart your computer.

  • For the operating system download or install updates

It is considered a good practice to always use the latest software for your operating system.

Because they increase the efficiency of the system and makes it easy for you to use it. If your operating system has an older version it does not matter always use updated software.

  • Use anti-malware or anti-virus applications on the system

Anti-virus software protects your system from any type of virus by doing deep scanning of the computer. Allows you will receive messages whenever there is a new threat occurs.

It is better to use a Malware scanner to increase your system protection.

You may use older software or hardware if these steps do not work to resolve your issues.



PrnSys.exe an executable file that is used to printing screen is already installed on the system. It is introduced by HP for their devices.

You do not have any need to install this program on your system because it is already installed.

It is a part of the Hp print screen utility. Depending upon your device specifications and type PrnSys.exe installed on different locations. But in most of the devices, the directory remains the same.

No additional information will store in it due to the .exe extension. It has a specific code store in it.

Every time you open this file it runs like a new software that needs to be installed.

Normally, you do not see this file because it is hidden in your operating system. You can see it through the windows task manager or using a screen monitor.

Both allow you to check the system performance and you can make changes manually.

There are possibilities that you will receive an error because of this file. The common reason for these errors is the version issue. But these errors are easy to resolve.

By using the simple steps you can fix all the errors or it is quite easy to delete this file.

Most PrnSys.exe errors occur when the process is executing by the application. If you uninstall or update the software the issues will be resolved.

To avoid such errors, always prefer Hp official website to download the software.

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