What is kboost.exe? Is it a Virus? – (GUIDE)

Today we are going to discuss all the information about the Kboost executable file in this review. It will cover all the aspects that will allow you to know what is Kboost.exe.

It will also tell you whether it is a virus or just a normal executable file of the system.  

Want to know the exciting thing about this whole article?

In this review, you will be able to know everything about the Kboost executable file. It will allow you to know how this file reacts to the operating system.

As many executable files turn malicious if they stay idle this is why you should know the information about it. 

You will also be able to know the right ways to remove these executable files perfectly. It will make sure that your whole system is secured and free from any virus.

Some effective practices can make you capable of removing these files without any interruption. 

So, Let’s get started with the informative part, Shall we?

We will take you straight towards the best information about Kboost.exe without taking more of your precious time.

It will contain al the details of the Kboost.exe file and how it works in the operating system.

The best practices to remove this file if it is a problem for any other files are also explained perfectly. 

What is kboost.exe?


This executable file is a legitimate file and part of the TypeMaster 2001. It was developed by Windows Software Developer and resides in the location:

C:\Program Files\Windows Software Developer\TypingMaster 2001\kboost.exe

Various cybercriminals or malware programmers write malicious programs. Then they name it as legit file i.e. kboost.exe to spread the virus, damage the hardware.

With every executable file, you will see the .exe extension. These files are often legit but not in all cases.

Some of these can be harmful, loaded with malicious infection, causing severe damage. Though it’s suggested not to delete a safe executable file unless you have a reason.

If without a valid reason you engage in the deletion of such a file, you might face performance issues.

Use any diagnosis application to check the suspicious files. For instance, ASR Pro is a great, reliable option.

The application will take the necessary actions if the file turns out to be malicious. Each malware has a special design that impacts the system in its way.

Not only it messes with the software and hardware but also causes multiple issues. If you notice any below-listed changes in the system, it’s infected.

  • the fluctuation of the Internet connection
  • more CPU memory occupied by kboost.exe
  • the system keeps freezing often
  • performance of the system is low
  • The whole System keeps getting redirected to strange sites
  • the system gets annoying popups

If either of these issues happens, it means the system is infected. For further confirmation, you can go to the Task Manager and check the location of kboost.exe.

If the location is in the C folder/subfolder then the system is safe. But if the location shows any other folder, it points to the system being under attack.

When you detect any malware in your computer, urge to remove it, fix it. But this also needs a certain security application, only then you can delete kboost.exe.

Even though you can find several tools for this purpose but not all will work. Such malware can be hard to detect so try and test a few options.

Once you find an optimal program, use it for the deletion.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

kboost.exe File Information

Like many other programs or files, kboost.exe is also not mandatory for Windows. If it turns out to be a virus, it will cause serious problems.

The location of kboost.exe is in C:\Program Files. If found elsewhere, the file is not safe, needs immediate removal.

For Windows XP/7/8/10 the sizes are 740,352 bytes, 761,856 bytes, or 1,243,152 bytes.

You might see an icon next to the clock on the taskbar. The icon is for this program and able to record keyboard/mouse inputs.

Though the file is not Windows file yet the security rating is 72% dangerous.

It is easy if you try the Add and Remove Programs which you can easily find in the Control Panel of Windows.

This is your choice to uninstall TypingMaster 2001 or TypingMaster Pro.

In case you have your doubts about the system being legit or not, use these tips. First, open the Task Manager and go to View.

Next, select Columns and choose Image Path Name, this will add a location column to the Task Manager.

Now, if you notice any dubious directory, further investigate the process. Or you can use the MS Process Explorer for the detection of bad processes.

From Options, activate Check Legends.

After this, go to View> Columns> add Verified Signer as a column. If the status of Verified Signer of a process lists Unable to Verify.

Then this clues you to take a minute and check the process.

You must always keep in mind that not every good process has a Verified Signature label. Also, the location and size occupied points towards the file being legit.

Best Practices for Resolving Kboost Issues:

It is pretty common to have security issues in your system. The reason is an unclean computer that nestles malicious programs.

With 1 simple step, you can be far away from these troubles. All you need is timely scanning of the computer/system to avoid it.

With the help of Task Manager, you can check whether kboost.exe is a reliable program or not. It will give you al the details about this executable file.

It will also help you to know which processes this file interacts with and has an impact on anything. 

You should know the places where these executable files exist and the right practices to remove these types of files if they act as malware.

The usual location of these executable files is as follows

 C:\Program Files\TypeRightNow\

Compare the above-mentioned sizes and locations with the program on your computer. If you notice any difference then take immediate action.

This action means you need to remove the file for good.

There are various commands, software, etc that you can use for such scans for malware. Using cleanmgr and sfc/scannow can help you with cleaning the hard drive.

It will help you to remove any type of malware produced because of the executable files in the system. 

Then you can uninstall programs that you are no longer needed. Also, use MSConfig and check for autostart programs.

Enabling the automatic update can be helpful for Windows. Neve miss periodic backups and set restore points.

Despite following the above-mentioned tips, if your system still faces issues. You can recall the last installation, updating, or any action performed on the system.

If you fail to recall or recognize then use resmon command. It will identify all the processes that might be a cause of the problem.

In case of serious problems also, the first suggestion is not to reinstall the Windows. Instead, the better approach is to repair the installation for the latest Windows.

Use this command as it will repair the OS and you won’t face any data loss.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Apart from these practices for resolving issues, you can also use some programs.

These programs will be useful and helpful in analyzing isuspm.exe on your system.

Security Task Manager:

This program will display all the running Windows tasks. It includes embedded hidden processes like keyboard and browser monitoring.

Or it can be the Autostart entries while indicating the security risk rating.

It can be affecting not only stoping the process of these executable files but also remove it completely.

The Security task manager is a powerful tool that has complete access and authority to stop or remove any file from your operating system.

This is why you can use this amazing tool to make sure there is no virus left in your computer. 

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

This program will not only detect the presence of any sleeping adware, Trojan. But also remove them from the hard drive, even if it is spyware or tracker.

Apart from these applications for removing kboost.exe, you need something else.

Some viruses have their functionality and can affect the removal process.

To avoid any further issues from rising, you need to enable the Safe Mode with Networking.

This is a secure environment and only loads the necessary drivers/services. It disables the majority of processes so you can run a system analysis.

Wrapping It All Up!

These are all the amazing and useful practices to help you remove the kboost.exe files completely from your system.

These practices are not only proven but also make sure you get the best results without a doubt. 

I am sure you will love the contents of this review. It is because al the information in this whole review is properly detailed.

All the content is well organized which allows you to find the right information according to your need. 

In this way, you will have all your doubts elevated without any problem.

It is because everything in this review is briefed for the user to understand it completely. 

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