What is IgfxHK.exe? A Complete Guide

Your computer consists of many executable files that are mostly hidden and difficult to find.

Some of these files may be harmful to your computer performance, while some are included in the Windows processes. In this article, I will help you in identifying these various executable files. 

Here’s the kicker:

I will provide you with the complete guide on the IgfxHK.exe file. You will have complete knowledge of this executable file regarding its location and working.

So, let’s get started with the real stuff, shall we?

First of all, we will tell you what IgfxHK.exe exactly is. Then we will provide you with its complete file information, and then finally we will guide you on how to get rid of it if it creates some issues for your computer. 

What is igfxHK.exe?


IgfxHK.exe is an executable file that is indicated from the .exe extension on the filename. These executable files may be harmful to your computer in some cases.

Therefore, you must have complete knowledge of these files to know whether these executable files are harmful to your computer and must be removed or not. In this article, we will provide you a detailed description of igfxHK.exe.

All you have to do is to read this article carefully to know whether the igfxHK.exe on your PC is a Trojan that should be removed or whether it is a trusted file that must belong to the Windows operating system.

The igfxHK.exe is a software component of the Intel common user interface by Intel corporation. IgfxHK.exe stands for Intel Graphics Hot Key Control.

Let’s give you a short review of the Intel corporation as well. This corporation was founded in 1968 and Santa Clara, CA, USA. It has emerged to be the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer now.

It is very well known for providing the best semiconductors in the world. They provide you with a multifaceted commitment to education and diversity.

Coming back to the igfxHK.exe. It is a software module that may have been already installed on your PC when you buy it. This executable file is included in the Intel common user interface.

The purpose of this executable file is to control the video related to installing them alongside drivers for the Intel graphics card and the onboard graphics processor units (GPUs).

This is a safe executable file which must not be uninstalled. It is safe as long as it resides in the System 32 subfolder.

But if it is found somewhere else, then you must not disable or uninstall it as it can be malware at that very location. You can only uninstall it from a pane in the Intel Graphics Control Window.

These GMA drivers are installed in Intel graphics card and they are also provided to the manufacturers of the computers through the Intel graphics chipsets on the motherboard.

You can also consult your computer manufacturers if you are looking online for the updated Intel drivers. But if the Windows says that it is unable to find the igfxHK.exe, then you have to reinstall the Intel drivers.

Is IgfxHK.exe a Virus or is it Safe?

Now to determine whether a particular file is a virus or a legitimate Windows process, the first thing you must do is to check the location of that executable file.

So for a file like this, its location will be something like C:\Windows\System32\igfxHK.exe.

You must always check the proper location of the executable file if you want to know whether it is spyware, malware, or a legitimate Windows process.

Now to determinants the exact path, open the task manager, and go to the view. Then select Columns and select “Image Path Name”.

By doing this a location column will be added to your task manager.  If you suspect some suspicious directory over here, then you can say that you are having something malicious.

You can also detect the bed processes by Microsoft process explorer. So, by checking we see that this file is not a virus or Trojan program. So we have found that the igfxHK.exe is not spyware.

We can also conclude that this is a proper Windows task and not some adware related software, popup, a virus, or a trojan program. So it is not recommended to remove this Windows file.

IgfxHK.exe File Information:


This is a Windows process which is known as the igfxHK.exe module. This software belongs to the Intel common user interface Intel HD graphics control panel by Intel or Intel corporation.

This file is not essential for the Windows operating system and it will sometimes cause problems for your windows operating system. 

IgfxHK.exe is located in Local Disk C and a subfolder of ” C:\Windows\System32 ” It has different size variants. Its file size on Windows 10 is 209,528 bytes.

On Windows 8 it is 219,048 bytes, on Windows 7 the size is 664,934 bytes whereas on Windows XP its size is 245,737 bytes. Moreover, it has 17 other variants as well. 

This executable file is a Microsoft signed file, we do not have any visible window. This executable file is digitally signed and is not a Windows system file.

So that is the reason it is only 6% dangerous according to the technical security rating. But you must also read the user reviews to get more details about it.

This is a safe executable file so you must not delete it if you do not have a valid reason. You must keep your software and the programs updated so that they should not cause any problem.

But if you feel any strange activities on your system then you must immediately check and remove these types of executable files.

To delete or uninstall this executable file MS to get the advice from the software developer or you can update to the correct version.

You can also remove this file by uninstalling or removing the entire program using the Windows control panel.

Best Practices for Resolving igfxHK Issues:

Resolving igfxHK Issues

Now we will discuss the best practices to avoid igfxHK.exe issues. The most important requirement for avoiding these problems with igfxHK.exe is to keep your computer clean and tidy.

By this, we mean that we must usually scan our computer for viruses and we must be cleaning our hard drive. This can be done by using:

  1. cleanmgr and SFC/scannow.
  2. By uninstalling the programs which we no longer need.
  3. Looking for the auto start programs by using MSConfig.
  4. Automatic update: We must always remember to set the restore points or to perform the periodic backups.
  5. If you have experienced a problem then try to remember the last thing that you did or the last application or software which you have installed. This will help you tackle the situation accordingly.
  6. You can use the resmon command. This command helps you to identify your problem. Even if you are entangled with a serious problem, then you can better repair your installation rather than reinstalling the windows.
  7. You can use DISM.exe/online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth command. This command helps us to repair our operating system and it also keeps our data safe.

Some programs have been proven useful for analyzing the process of igfxHK.exe on your computer.

These programs are:

Security Task Manager:

The security task manager displays all the windows tasks that are running. It also includes the embedded processes which are hidden like the browser monitoring, keyboard, or the AutoStart entries.

You can easily remove or delete the files in which you feel suspicious.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware:

This is a powerful anti-malware tool that can very effectively remove, scan, and detect the malicious files in your system. You can use it for free for the first 14 days.

This anti-malware tool also has a repairing ability. You just need to press the “Start Scan” button for killing and removing all the malware on your computer.

It is advised to use this program at least once a week whenever you notice that your computer is running slowly or whenever you notice anything strange about your systems like the pop-up advertisements or things like that.

Advanced System Protector:

It is also one of the best security applications which will protect your computer from the trojans, viruses, spyware, and other threats.

It has 3 scanning models which are the quick scan, deep scan, and custom scan. it also ensures complete privacy by deleting the internet browsing history and browser cookies.

This security tool stops the spread of infection by isolating the suspicious files from the other files.

Wrapping It All Up!

I hope that I have provided you enough guidance on the IgfxHK.exe file. Everything is described in detail and in an organized manner.

After reading this article, I am sure that you will have complete knowledge of this executable file as well as how to get rid of it if it creates some problems for your PC.

Yet, if any question is left in your mind, you can surely ask us. We are always there to help you.

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