What is aawservice.exe? (Compleet Guide)

What is aawservice.exe?


Aawservice.exe is a file that you have to be installed on your computer system and can also list below which is the actual folder and location of the hard drive which always checks where your program on your hard drive can be located.

This also ensures that it is not related to adware, spyware, or virus. 

The writers of spyware or other viruses sometimes simply place a similar to the same file named elsewhere in your computer which can make you fool.

But the aawservice.exe installation acts as a part of spyware or adware removal service because it is a program that can act even though you choose not to run adware all the time. 

When you decide to interrupt that so you can finish it in the task list but you can also run services on your device and manualize the adware method when you don’t even want it to work.

If you manually can or open the program it will only Run then. This file is not linked to other viruses or spyware so it is considered safe for your computer. 

The Ad-Aware Device:

The ad-aware device is responsible and this cycle operates in the background for the security of real-time scan because it is a running packed horse.

Antispyware and antiviruses are ad-aware software that tracks and differences the data from internet traffic.

Ad-aware free was first released in 1999 and later downloaded more than 381 million times. Lavasoft resides in Goteborg, Sweden.

If you want to know about the primary product of ad-aware so it is another software or also has a small library in it.

The aawservice.exe is a device that is registered for collaboration with the Lavasoft ad-aware and removal adware system.

This software is structured to secure machines against cyber-attacks and many of the applications which have the features include:

  • Easy to use and configure
  • Technology to remove rootkits and 
  • Real-time protection.

High CPU Usage of aawservice.exe:

If you want to resolve the usage issue of CPU so you have to follow these three steps:

In the first step, there is an aawservice.exe process you have to terminate it from the task manager.

In the second step, you have to remove this program from the process of a Startup, and in the last step, you have to type a manual to set an ad-aware startup.

We suggest that you backup your device data and registry settings before making the above adjustments.

In this scenario, you will be able to revert your settings to an earlier change if you have any issues regarding this program.

If your windows have any sort of error, try using reimage repair. If you want to know in-depth about it, then check out our review of Reimage Repair.

How to Restore the Program?

If you want to create a restore aawservice.exe in your computer so you have to build in the restore system utility by following these steps.

In the first step, there is an icon on your Taskbar so you have to click on Windows and then press enter.

After that, you have to type the restore system in the search start dialogue box and click next in the system.

In another step, you have to select the restore point from your list and click next.

When the process is completed you have to click the finish button so it can restart your Windows and resolve the aawservice.exe high CPU usage issue.

aawservice.exe File Information:

aawservice.exe File Information

It is a genuine anti-spyware mechanism that ad-aware performs so you do not start ad-aware without it being enabled.

However, as DAKU stated it takes a ridiculous amount of memory while operating on Windows XP prioritizes it over any other task and does not require you to adjust its priority in the task manager.

Additionally, it keeps restarting itself after you shut it down.

This appears to consume the most storage the first few minutes begins and is programmed to operate 24 by 7 which will slow down the device at startup.

As aawservice.exe some Malware disguises itself particularly if it is stored in the sea folder of Windows or Windows system32 so you can easily check your computer processes of aawservice.exe to check the other viruses.

For checking the security of your device we suggest Security Task Manager because it is one of the PC world’s top and Washington Post-install picks.

The best thing that can help you decide if a single file is a valid Windows operation or virus so it is the executable position itself.

You have to open the task manager to decide the route and go to view and choose the columns.

After that you have to click on the path name image to add a position column to the task manager and if you consider a strange directory so more investigation into this method may be a smart idea.

The Procedure of Verified Signer:

If it is a procedure’s verified Signer, so the status is classified as unable to validate instead you can glance at the mechanism for a second.

All Windows processes have not been checked and the signature is verified but none of the poor ones do either.

If you are tied to having a virus then you will urgently attempt to patch it and download it to activate a complete Protection Program like this to install the virus acx.exe.

You can also try other options if you are successful to detect all tools that are the type of Malware in your program.

The software is not a program on the Windows system and this software is not be used as the package aawservice.exe.

There is a digital signature on this file and many applications can be able to monitor by aawservice.exe. 

File Sizes of aawservice.exe:


This is the adware version of the 2007 service which belongs to adware software.

For Windows operating system this program is not essential and also has few issues causes relatively because aawservice.exe is stored in a C folder.

Which has program files of 86x” and also has other subfolders in the C document like Ad-Aware, program files of 86xand Lavasoft.

On Windows 7 8 10 and XP documented file sizes are 2152152 bytes and 1,402,272 bytes with all occurrences of 15 percent and 18 more versions. 

Safety Ranking of aawservice.exe:

The technical safety ranking is there for 32 percent dangerous in this program but you can also read the consumer comments for review.

When ad-adware issues occur you have to uninstall this version and can also go with the Lavasoft website help area by which you can find the new version of this program.

If you want to uninstall the program via the control panel or Windows so you have to delete or add the programs in Windows XP or other features like Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Best Practices for Resolving AAWSERVICE.EXE Issues:

Some of the easiest approaches to prevent issues with acx.exe are a clean and tidy machine and this means a scanning Malware that cleans your hard drive with scan now option and clean manager by installing programs.

This is no longer needed for your computer and you can also monitor any auto-start program with MS configuration which is enabling the updates of automatic Windows.

Do not neglect to always render daily backup or at least to identify points of recovery.

The following applications have been useful in helping you evaluate the function of aawservice.exe on your PC.

All active Windows lists function as a security Task Manager, even internal secret operations such as screen control, keyboard, and autostart entries.

  • In the first step, you have to go to the start menu which is available on Windows 10 and at the right side of your screen bottom left corner then you have to click on the control panel and then under the programs in Windows XP and Windows Vista for installing or removing and adding the programs.
  • In the second step, you have to find the items program and click on it and after that, you have to go on Windows XP and Windows Vista 7 8 and 10 for uninstall or add or remove the tab which is to the right of the program.
  • In the third step, you have to follow the prompts to remove the acx.exe program. During Windows operating system deployment some error messages occur in your program so it is necessary to maintain a record of where and when the aawservice.exe program happens. 

Then you have to use the six Resmon command which can identify the processes that affect your problem.

Except for the issues you are best off fixing the system then reinstalling Windows for executing for Windows 8 and last versions like cleanup-image, DISM.exe online program, and restore health command.

Without losing your data this allows you to repair your operating system.


The users must have complete knowledge about these kinds of viruses because they can be harmful to your operating system and can also damage your files easily.

So be aware to install these kinds of software which can destroy your computer system.

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