What Are Smart Lockers – And Why Are They So Popular?

Out with the old and in with the new – technology is revolutionizing lockers for good

Not your average storage space

When you hear the word “lockers”, what comes to mind? For many, it might be the image of old-fashioned metal lockers with padlocks, lining the hallways of their high school.

But as more and more people begin to take advantage of today’s high-tech world, the image of what a typical locker looks like is transforming.

Smart lockers are small storage units that are indeed for quick everyday access, with an incredibly secure level of lock technology. Thanks to computer systems and software integrated directly into storage spaces themselves, these high-tech units don’t require keys or padlocks, greatly reducing the chances of theft or user mismanagement.

Smart lockers can benefit any facility, company, or consumer base is in a number of ways (more about the big benefits soon). These high-tech storage units are used for providing secure employee storage for personal items or as a customer access point for goods ordered online.

Basically, these secure lockboxes are like the normal, everyday storage spaces that we’re used to, only 10x more secure and reliable. And not only that, but they can also add a sleek and modern look to any space (and they are totally customizable!)

How smart locker technology works

The wireless security systems incorporate the use of Bluetooth and app technology, allowing users to control the entry and exit of their units, all through their own smartphone.

This innovative wireless technology is popular due to not only its high level of security but also its convenience and ease of use. The apps connected to smart lockers have the ability to keep track of each time a unit is opened and even allow users to contact tech support for assistance.

Not every smart locker uses app technology. Hardwired systems use a combination of mechanical and computer software, relying on code for input and Wi-Fi connection.

What benefits can smart lockers bring us?

As promised, let’s talk about all the benefits that these popular kinds of storage spaces are providing people all over the globe. Doesn’t matter if you’re the owner, manager, employee, or guest at a facility or company, secure and quality store space benefits everyone.

Peace of mind

Less stress is always a great thing. And one huge stressor in all kinds of shared environments (offices, schools, warehouses, labs) is the risk of theft.

Knowing that your valuable personal items or sensitive work data are safe, can help lift a huge weight off your shoulders. And when workers are less stressed, they perform at a much higher level.

And one bonus benefit? Smart lockers require far less maintenance. Mechanical locks ad keys are prone to failure and key jams, and padlock combinations can be easily forgotten or hacked.

A higher level of technological security cuts back on hassle and high costs of maintenance.

Problem-free workplace

When there’s less possibility for theft, there are more possibilities for a peaceful and well-rounded workplace. You can’t control the actions of all your employees or co-workers, but having access to secure storage space can greatly reduce the chances of theft or vandalism occurring.

New technology can show users when their locker was opened and for how long. This can drastically help solve and avoid any potential security breaches.

Dealing with negative events in the workplace is bad news for everyone. Avoiding such negative experiences will boost morale and trust, ultimately creating a trusting, safe and happy work environment for all.

More convenience

Companies that use pick-up point lockers for online orders find that their customers love the added convenience.

When you give people the option to pick up items at a time that works for them (instead of waiting around for a delivery person), they are much more likely to shop.

Secure smart locker technology has given both companies and consumers a huge boost in ease of use and convenience. Not only due to the freedom of pickup when and where you want, but this new tech also helps reduce carbon waste and headaches, due to delivery mistakes.


Smart locker technology is also bringing a positive impact to the entire locker and storage market. As locking systems evolve and improve, all other aspects of locker functionality will also continue to level up.

And when people feel comfortable and safe in a work environment, they tend to be much happier and, therefore, more productive.