Top 5 online casino games that must be played on desktop

The online casino is the invention that brought the casino industry into the 21st century since nowadays comfort and ease of use are everything. Although land-based conventional casinos can make themselves more welcoming, nothing compares to the ease of being in your own home.

In January 1996, the world was changed forever when an online casino bases in Antigua accepted the first wager done online. Over the years, thousands of online gambling games were produced, and game developers have appeared from all corners of the world. All of this happened thanks to the creation of the personal computer and the internet.

Nowadays, many devices are used for accessing an online gambling establishment, but each device has its advantages and drawbacks. Mobile, for instance, has more mobility than desktop, but it lacks processing power and graphics from a technical perspective.

The personal computer was and still is the preferred method for online gambling in countries like Canada, for example, but great games come with great popularity. So, here are our best picks for gambling on your desktop.

Mega Moolah

Produced by the industry’s first pioneer, yes, that’s Microgaming. This game was released back in 2006, and after so many years, it still is one of the most popular games since it has one of the biggest jackpot payouts.

The most significant win ever recorded in this game was more than 18 million EUR and happened in 2018. A year later, it gave one of the biggest jackpots winning on the Canadian market, which comprised somewhere over C$20 million.

Made by a well-known provider and with consistent, stable, and big wins, this game has it all. Undoubtedly the desktop is the best device to play it on since the graphics are better and there is less delay.

Shogun of time

Developed by Just for the win, it has a nice technologically advanced look, basically cyberpunk with more pleasant colors. The graphics are pleasing and lively. Also, the city that can be seen in the background makes the whole thing more immersive. This slot gives a glimpse of how land-based casinos can look in a high-tech future.

This game has an RTP of 96 and has medium to high volatility. There are three rows and four wheels, with a fifth one added when the re-spin feature is active, giving more winning combinations. The bets are between C$0.10 and C$100.

Not the most popular slot out there, but the graphics are undoubtedly one of the best. Not many games can give you the slot experience combined with a colorful cyberpunk atmosphere. This is a must and playing it on desktop enhances the whole adventure.


Another big name in the industry makes this one, and that is NetEnt. Released in 2012, this is one of the most popular slot games out there. Online casinos have noticed this, and many of them offer exclusive bonuses that can be used only on this game.

There is also a demo mode available if you want to get the hang of it before putting in any real money. You can play on the browser without needing to make an account. There you can also try other demo slots and see the top-rated Canadian casinos.

Starburst has a lot of things going for it, but there are even more. Although it is a standard five-by-three slot game, it offers much more than a regular slot. Ten pay lines give 20 different ways to win since the winning combination is calculated from the right and left.

You have to play this one on PC since the bigger screen will give more life to the background, making you feel like playing slots in space.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

This table game developed by Microgaming has one of the freshest and sharpest looks out there. It’s an adaptation of the classic European roulette, and it can be customized in many ways. The table and roulette colors are changeable to suit your taste better. The clear and compelling graphics go hand in hand with any color combination you may choose.

Apart from looks, the game has an exciting option that lets the player see his game statistics. There is a lot of data shown there that can even be put in different types of charts. There is so much information available you can quickly start building your roulette strategy. Also, this table game has an RTP of 97.30%, and its betting limits are usually somewhere between C$0.25 and C$1000.

Overall, with the looks, customization, and complexity of the statistics it offers, you need a bigger screen to play this roulette game at its full potential.

Gonzo’s Quest

Released in 2011, it has one of the most pleasant graphics out there. You also have the protagonist Gonzo next to the reels. Sometimes, he even makes different gestures depending on the combination you get. This game is best played on desktop since the graphics have high quality.

Some casinos have special offers that can be used exclusively on this game since it has a 95.97% RTP with medium to high volatility. There are a lot of whining combinations since it has 20 pay lines and five reels.

The symbols used are actual ancient Mayan symbols that set the mood of the game even better. Some of them represent words like snake or spirit; this is a lovely touch on the developer’s part. Some controversy is related to this game since the main protagonist Gonzo is based on a real conquistador that was known for his brutality.

Good payout, beautiful graphics, and history all in one slot. What can be better than that?

There are still so many to see

These are our top five picks, but there are many more interesting online casinos games that we did not mention. Slots, for example, have seven different types, which adds so much to the incredible variety already available.