Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

Are you struggling to sort out how to increase your Instagram followers? You are not the only one who feels this way. In fact, businesses are clamoring to the platform in greater numbers than it’s ever been. And that implies increased competition for anyone looking to grow their social media following.

Cheer up: acquiring actual Instagram followers can feel like a full-fledged war against the Instagram system.  This is certainly relevant if you’re just getting started with your account. That’s why we put up this step-by-step guideline on how to grow your Instagram following with real people.

How to Get More Instagram Followers in 9 Easy Steps

The size of your Instagram following represents an active fan base that spreads the word about your company to their friends and colleagues. The number of followers on Instagram holds immense importance, which explains the increasing number of people choosing to buy Instagram followers.

We’ll go through the fundamentals of how to get genuine followers who want to interact with you in this guide.

Post On a Regular Basis (And At The Right Times)

This may seem self-evident, but stability is important on Instagram.

What’s the consistent theme among several of the most popular accounts? Their streams are constantly updated with new content. Making it a point to post on a daily basis is a fantastic place to start when it comes to gaining Instagram followers.

The solution is easy: the more material you create, the more chances you have of being promoted and recognized. We’re not suggesting that you put quantity before quality, but you should make sure that you’re devoted to expanding your reach.

Furthermore, continuous, high-quality content allows potential followers to get to know you and your business identity. At the very least, you show that your account is active and not just collecting dust.

Start Dialogues and Respond to Inquiries

Getting more Instagram followers is heavily reliant on your participation on the network. To put it another way, you can’t just publish and hope for support from the algorithm. You must interact with others, both followers and non-followers.

According to statistics, 71% of consumers monitor a business on social media in order to interact with it.

This entails making it a point to answer all of your followers’ inquiries and comments. This not only sends a strong signal to the Instagram system, but it also shows prospective followers that you’re open to dialogue.

Take the opportunity to start conversations outside of your own account by commenting on other people’s postings. Other brands, firms, and influencers in your industry are included. It’s simple to raise your profile by frequently participating in other people’s comments threads.

You can also use strategic labeling to attract the attention of others. Influencers, for example, frequently post photographs tagging other brand accounts in order to increase exposure.

Create Captions That are More Interesting to Read

Again, the majority of individuals follow accounts in a way to involve in some way, shape, or manner. As a result, you will need to get creative with your Instagram captions. Check out the following caption formats, which generate responses:

  • Posts with a question
  • Requests for recommendations
  • Personal accounts
  • Posts with a “tag a friend” option
  • Posts with photos

Captions can be used to stimulate activity on your posts in a variety of ways, from queries to jokes. You may also pair the themes of your captions and graphics to pique the interest of viewers and get them to discuss.

Make Your Instagram Bio More Appealing to Potential Followers

It may not appear that your Instagram bio is important. However, keep in mind that it’s generally the first thing a potential follower sees on your profile. As a result, you must make the most of it! Some parts of an Instagram bio that attract followers are listed below:

  • A profile photo that is both elegant and clear.
  • A call to action (for example, a #hashtag to share, a link in the bio, or contact information)
  • A language that sounds like it was penned by a genuine individual (not a machine).

Consider your profile to be your account’s “homepage”: it should promptly notify your viewers that this is your brand’s real, genuine account (whether or not you’re registered on Instagram).

A recognizable logo and compelling material that fits your brand language can help to solidify your brand identification.

How does that work? In a nutshell, don’t throw away your bio.

Extend Your Instagram Presence Beyond the Platform

Increasing your Instagram followers necessitates promotion outside of the platform. Let’s imagine you have a fair number of email subscribers, internet content, or a following on another social media platform, but your Instagram visibility is missing.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to find strategies to divert your followers to Instagram from other places.

Many businesses, for example, display their Instagram accounts on their websites via share tools or live streams. Your email subscribers are subject to the same reasoning. Take a look at how they advertise their Instagram contest, for example.

Make It a Point to Promote Fresh Content Forms and Stories

Instagram is always releasing advanced functionality, and marketers should prioritize keeping up with the platform’s newest layouts.

Stories, for example, began as a rival to Snapchat. They’re now arguably the most popular feature on the website. There are two advantages to posting stories consistently. You not only “skip the line” of your followers’ accounts by appearing on their homepage every post you make a new Story, but you also tell them that you’re consistently primary contributors.

Use Community and Brand-Specific Hashtags In Your Post

Reality: Instagram posts with hashtags earn more comments and “Likes” than someone without. Combining your posts with #tags, whether brand-specific or community hashtags, provides more accessibility for new followers.

Along with a few tags in every given article, especially in the first remark, it is a good decision that we see marketers use frequently.

Furthermore, including a specific hashtag in your profile for your account or company might drive additional shares from your friends and followers. Consider how hashtags can have a trickle-down effect.

Access a Variety of Content

When you’re trying to figure out how to obtain more Instagram followers, advice like “provide good content” isn’t very useful. Posting a diversity of information would be a more proactive option. Although photographs are Instagram’s bread and butter, don’t overlook other sorts of posts such as videos (especially live video), GIFs, or user-generated material.

Recreate Your Best-Performing Posts Using Analytics

It doesn’t have to be a mind game to figure out what your consumers are expecting. With Instagram management solutions, you can quickly find your best-performing posts.

After all, no two groups of people are alike. Maybe your fans can’t get enough of your videos. Maybe they’re fixated on re-grams and community posts. Several apps can help you figure it out and push you to recreate your finest content in any case.

And with that, we’ve come to the end of our tutorial!

What are you doing to increase the number of Instagram followers you have?

Increasing your Instagram followers does not change quickly, but it is not unattainable.

However, by taking corrective action such as the ones listed above, you may lay the groundwork for a regular influx of new followers. To make the situation even simpler, you can also buy followers, which can be an expensive way to get more followers, but usually, people go for this option too.

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