Synaptics Pointing Device Drivers – How to install on Windows?

The touchpad is used to move the cursor around on laptops. This touchpad is controlled by a software known as Synaptics Pointing Device Drivers. Almost all models of laptops use these drivers for touchpads. Basically, Synaptics provides drivers for your mousepads.

In case you have accidentally uninstalled these drivers and hence facing issues with your mousepad. You can reinstall these device drivers and in this article today we are going to explain how? So let’s head towards the post and get to know about Synaptics Drivers in detail. You might be able to boost your touchpad responsiveness by installing the Synaptics Touchpad drivers. Installing Synaptics Pointing Device Drivers enhance the performance of these devices and adds new alternatives.

Synaptics Device Drivers will also supply you with the choice of activating or deactivating your touchpad that is not normally a function that manufacturers leave open for toggling. To be sure you install the proper driver for your Synaptics device, it’s highly suggested that you visit the manufacturer’s website of your laptop or notebook.

Synaptics Pointing Device Drivers Not Working

If you are having trouble with the touchpad not scrolling properly then Synaptics Pointing Device Drivers could be the real culprit here. Either they have been uninstalled accidentally or outdated. If Synaptics Pointing Device Drivers aren’t working on your system, you can consider some methods as given below.

Method 1: Uninstall the problematic drivers

If a particular device driver is causing an issue, simply uninstall it by following the steps given below:

  • Go to Device Manager > Mice and other point devices
  • Next check the drivers given under this section. If there is only an ordinary ps/2 mouse then there could be something wrong with Synaptics touchpad drivers.
  • Right-click on it and choose Uninstall.
  • Now tick Delete the driver software for this device to remove the driver completely.

Method 2: Restore system

If your Synaptics Device Drivers are causing major issues in your system then you can consider a restore. Although it’s like a last possible option when nothing else works out for you. The main reason behind it is that system restore can roll back your system to a time when it was working fine.

For this method, you should have a backup file that you created above,

Method 3: Update Synaptics drivers

If your pointing device drivers are outdated, then also you may face some issues associated with the touchpad. Hence here’s how you can update your pointing device drivers.

Navigate to Device Manager > Mice and other point devices.

Expand it to Synaptics device and right-click on the device.

Next click Update Driver Software.

You need to select Browse my computer for driver software.

Next, choose let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

Check the option as Show compatible hardware.

Under Manufacturer, scroll down to the Synaptics.

Under Model, select the driver and click Next.

Click Yes to the “Update Drivers Warning” popup.

Finally, restart your computer to save changes.

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Synaptics Touchpad Driver

Synaptics touchpad driver is basically a software that acts as a communication bridge between touchpad and computer’s firmware. Without the driver, the Synaptics touchpad is absolutely useless. You can easily uninstall Synaptics touchpad drivers in the same way you do with other device drivers. Let’s get to know about it in much detail.

Synaptics Drivers is a software associated with trackpads and other integrated devices. In short words, it is a thing that allows you to use your touchpad. Either you can update your pointing device drivers manually or automatically.

What is a Synaptics pointing device driver?

Synaptics Pointing Drivers is a program developed by Synaptics. In order to ensure that you get the appropriate drivers, download Synaptics Pointing Device Drivers from the manufacturer’s support website. The most widely used version of drivers is with over 5% of all installations.

Is Synaptics Pointing Device Driver A virus?

Synaptics Drivers is a software that takes control of your touchpad. And if you are suspicious of its authenticity and wondering if it’s a virus. Then let us tell you that is absolutely tested clean. Just make sure that you cannot control anything over a touchpad or click on anything without it.

Is it safe to remove Synaptics Pointing Device Driver?

Earlier in this article, we have mentioned how to remove Device Drivers. So if you are afraid if it is safe to remove it or not. When you uninstall or remove it, you won’t be able to use your touchpad. But don’t worry you can reinstall it. Now we hope that all of your doubts and fears related to Synaptics Driver removal are cleared.

How do I install Synaptics Pointing Device Driver?

Let’s finally dig deeper to know how to install Synaptics Pointing Device Drivers efficiently. If you have removed your Pointing Device Drivers and now you want to install it back. Follow the guidelines as mentioned further.

You can easily find Synaptics Device Driver for your system online by visiting the laptop brand official site. Once you find your appropriate device drivers, you can download it very easily. Once it is downloaded successfully, extract the files. Install the drivers by following the on-screen instructions. After it is installed properly, you can use your touchpad again as usual.

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