How to open .cue files in Windows 10

The content of a CD or DVD is often stored as a printable disk image file format known as a tag file. This metadata file describes how each track on CD is designed. If you are wondering about .cue files then they are nothing more than text files that store information regarding CDs and other compact disks.

In this guide, we will share some useful information about how to open .cue files in Windows 10. So let’s get started.

What is the .cue file?

A CUE file is a metadata file that describes how to configure tracks on CDs. These easy to open text files possess useful information about CDs. The .cue format is used to store disk images which consist of a cue sheet file and one/more bin files.

The data in .cue files may possess details of each audio track, singer name, song name, etc. Some of the .cue formats are associated with the Microsoft Cue card files, used for various purposes.

Methods to open .cue file in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest Windows operating system and it offers the features of mounting an ISO or IMG image file. But it does not support some file formats like BIN/CUE, CCD, MDS, etc. To open .cue file in Windows 10, you will require a third-party application. Let’s have a look at the stepwise instruction to do so.

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Step 1: Download PowerISO Application

At first, download and install the third-party application – “PowerISO.” After successful installation, launch the application.

Step 2: Choose .cue File

Locate the file button and tap expose. Choose the .cue file you want to open. Click Open. 

Step 3: Bin File Extraction

Search for the Extract button to extract the main BIN file. The extraction voicemail box will open.

Step 4: Select Destination Directory

Now choose the destination directory for extraction to execute.

Step 5: Choose “All Files

Finally, choose ” All Files” option if you want to extract all the files. Tap OK to start extracting .cue file.


Although Windows 10 is the latest operating system and it offers a variety of capabilities for disk image formats so that there is no need for third-party tools. But there are few formats that are not supported by these windows version.

To counterfeit this issue, we discussed the easiest method to open .cue files with the help of the PowerISO application. We hope the stepwise instructions act as a useful guide for you. Go through each step carefully and you are good to go.

PowerISO is more than just a tool for .cue files, it is a great application for various other uncommon file formats like MDS and CCD. While performing the extraction of files one must be noted that the extraction time is dependent upon the file size. So no need to worry if extraction is taking longer to finish.

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