Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Codes [New List]

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 is every bit as interesting as its Part 1. What makes it more interesting are the codes that can be redeemed for free skin knives. Although these Murder Mystery 2 Codes won’t do much for you in the game, redeeming them for different knives can add more spice to the game. So let us give you some Murder Mystery 2 codes that you should redeem to enjoy more in the game!

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Game

As you already know, when you are playing Murder Mystery then you either get to be Innocent, or Sherrif, or the Murderer! The Innocents in the game will try all they can to run, hide, and escape from the Murderer. And hopefully, use your skills to determine who the actual murderer is. The Sherrif on the other hand works with the Innocents to work out who the murderer is. Since you are the Sherrif so you will be the only person with weapons in the game.

The Murderer is the only bad guy in the game. He will eliminate anyone who comes in their way. You as a murderer, have to be careful to not get shot by the Sherrif!

Murder Mystery 2 Codes 2021

Murder Mystery 2 codes are freebies given out by the developer, Nikilis, and most often contain different types of knives. Be sure to keep checking our list if you don’t want to miss out on any!

1. Active Codes

Currently, there are no new codes, but keep an eye on our list as we’ll add new ones as soon as the developer releases them.

2. Expired Codes

We have accumulated a list of Codes that are not active and expired. Have a look at them and don’t waste your time to redeem them.

  • Redeem for Free Combat II Knife: COMB4T2
  • Redeem for Free Prism Knife: PR1SM
  • Redeem for Alex Knife: AL3X
  • Redeem for a Corl Knife: CoRL
  • Redeem for Denis Knife: D3NIS
  • Redeem for Sub Knife: SUBo
  • Redeem for Sketchy Knife: SK3TCH
  • Redeem for Reptile Knife: R3PT1L3
  • Redeem for Infected Knife: INF3CT3D
  • Redeem for Goo Knife: Goo3Y
  • Redeem for Skool Knife: SKooL
  • Redeem for Patrick Knife: PATR1CK
  • Redeem for Gifted Knife: G1FT3D
  • Redeem for 2015 Knife: 2015
  • Redeem for Neon Knife: N3ON
  • Redeem for TNL Knife: TH3N3XTL3V3L
  • Redeem for Pumpkin Knife: HW2017

As mentioned earlier, knives won’t help you last longer in the game. It would be cool though, to go around collecting knives while you are hiding or just killing off your friends.

How to Redeem Codes in Murder Mystery 2?

Redeeming codes in Murder Mystery 2 is not a tough job. You can easily redeem your codes and avail of what they have to offer. Now for this, you need to follow some easy steps. On the side of the screen, when you are in the lobby, look for the inventory button. A window like this should appear:

On the bottom right corner, you can see ‘Enter Code’, it also has a Redeem option underneath it. Click on the ‘Enter Code’ and input the code you have got. After entering the code, click on Redeem and get your reward after redeeming the code. If the code is valid the button will show Blue automatically.


In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the Murder Mystery 2 Codes that may help you to make your gaming even more interesting and fun. However, the codes mentioned here are not guaranteed to be working till the time you get to hold of this article. So just hope that the code you get should be working. That’s all from my part, leave your comments and suggestions in the box given below!