The Most Useful Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to Know!

All the operating systems contain keyboard shortcut keys that help the user to get the work done instantly with a couple of touches rather than doing it manually.

If you are not habitual of using these shortcuts key, then you are really missing the most convenient part which is the reason that most Mac users love their device.

Thanks to the compatibility of Apple’s hardware and applications, as you know all the functions of shortcut keys, you would never need to reach for the mouse or touchpad. 

macOS has a lot of shortcuts, we have mentioned below a few of many shortcut keys that you must know.

I’ve been trying to stop (still useful) shortcuts that require similar Windows partners that include ⌘+A to select all or ⌘+F to open the Find prompt and focussing on shortcuts that you’ve not known if you’re new to MAC.

If you are wondering what this “” symbol means then this is the symbol for the Command Key.

And this is the primary key to all the shortcuts we have mentioned for you in this article.

If you are a windows user, then you may relate it to the CTRL key, it has a similar function to that key. 

Moreover, you would be glad to know this fact that if you become habitual of using shortcut keys, you can even be able to make your own.

How? Simply navigate to the System Preferences, click on Keyboard and select Shortcuts and then on the left side, select one of the options. 

Now, let’s directly jump to the shortcut keys.

Below we have mentioned shortcuts and in front of them are their functions.

We will follow the pattern till the end so don’t get lost. 

Shortcuts For Startup:




TBoot in Target Disk Mode
ShiftBoot in Safe Mode
NBoot from a network server
DBoot to Apple Diagnostics
Cmd + SBoot in Single-User Mode
Cmd + VBoot in Verbose Mode
OptionBoot to Startup Manager, to pick other startup disks if available
Cmd + Option + P + RReset NVRAM or PRAM
12Eject removable media
Cmd + SBoot in Single-User Mode
Cmd + VBoot in Verbose Mode
Cmd + RBoot to macOS Recovery
Option + Cmd + RBoot to macOS Recovery over the internet

Universal Shortcuts:




Cmd + Option + EscForce quit
Cmd + Option + EjectActivate Sleep mode
Shift + Control + EjectPut display(s) to sleep
Cmd + Control + EjectQuit all apps and restart
Control + EjectChoose from Sleep, Restart, and Shutdown options
Cmd + SpaceOpen Spotlight search
Cmd + TabSwitch to the next open app
Cmd + ~ (Tilde)Switch to the next window in the current app
Cmd + ZUndo
Cmd + ?Help
Cmd + , (Comma)Open Preferences for current app
Cmd + SpaceOpen Spotlight search
Cmd + TabSwitch to the next open app
Cmd + ~ (Tilde)Switch to the next window in the current app
Shift + Cmd + 3Take screenshot of entire screen
Shift + Cmd + 4Take screenshot of selected area
Shift + Cmd + 4, then SpaceTake screenshot of selected window
Cmd + ASelect all
Cmd + FFind
Cmd + WClose current window
Option + Cmd + WClose all windows
Option + Cmd + VPaste and match style
Shift + Option + Cmd + VHide current window
Cmd + HHide all other windows
Cmd + MMinimize current window
Option + Cmd + MMinimize all windows
Option + Cmd + VPaste (cut) i.e. move copied item to current location
Shift + Option + Cmd + VPaste and match style
Control + Cmd + QLock the screen
Shift + Cmd + QLog out
Option + Shift + Cmd + QLog out instantly

Finder Shortcuts:




Cmd + IGet info
Cmd + JView options
Cmd + DownMove down one folder
Cmd + Option + IShow Attributes Inspector
Cmd + Control + NWith files selected, create a new folder and immediately move selected files into that folder
Cmd + NOpen new Finder window
Cmd + TOpen new Finder tab
Cmd + DeleteMove selected item(s) to Trash
Cmd + UpMove up one folder
Cmd + 1Icon View
Cmd + 2List View
Cmd + 3Column View
Cmd + DDuplicate selected file or folder
Cmd + [Back
Cmd + ]Forward
Shift + Cmd + NCreate new folder
Shift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty the Trash folder
Option + Shift + Cmd + DeleteEmpty the Trash folder immediately
Shift + Cmd + GGo to the folder…
EnterRename selected file or folder
Option + Spaceinstantly
OptionOpen preview of selected file in fullscreen mode
SpaceOpen preview of selected file

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