Learn Essay Writing in Ten Minutes

Plenty of students regardless of old and young tend to fear essay writing and for good reasons. Completing an assignment requires intense research, concentration, and a lot of time. Besides, writing a magnificent paper isn’t like reading a book or solving a math problem.

On the flip side, it’s also a paper that you can break into simple steps to make the essay enjoyable and manageable. In this post, you get to learn some tips that help you figure out how to write a great essay while enjoying every bit of it.

Why writing essays are difficult?

When it is to essay writing, most students tend to put it off because of some reason. That`s why Write My Essay Today paper writing service does help you with academic papers, they know the main reason why students find it hard to write essays is that they are more focused on having rewards.

Also, it includes passing with higher grades, avoiding accusations when it comes to plagiarized papers, or even winning approval from teachers. All these things make it harder for the students to complete the paper.

How to write essays quickly:

When you follow a step-by-step process, you get the job done without much trouble. Here are some tips that help you learn essay writing within a few minutes.

1. Know your assignment

When you write a paper that doesn’t answer the question, it becomes a complete waste of time. Therefore, ask your professor several times what the assignment is all about and erase all your doubts. That way, you can understand what to write within a specific timeframe.

Apart from that, asking for clarification doesn’t mean that you are stupid. But submitting the assignment without understanding it properly is stupid anyway. Keep in mind that if you don’t answer the question, it doesn’t matter how well you wrote the paper.

No doubt, it would earn you bad grades. Even if the professor is nice, you have to rewrite the paper again. But, what is the need to do extra work? In addition, asking your professor for clarification means that you are serious about the assignment.

2. Make your research effective

After you understand the assignment, you should start researching. However, researching a topic consume a considerable amount of time. And, it could turn into a few hours. So, you have to work on a strategy that allows you to manage work efficiently.

Setting a definite time limit for researching is the right approach to writing a paper within the given time. That way, you can spend about 20 to 30 minutes per page when researching the same.

For example, if the paper is supposed to have 6 pages, never spend more than 3 hours when it comes to researching. When you spend more time, the overall process becomes a bit slow. It is unwise to worry about not having more information.

The purpose of initial research is to provide you with sufficient materials to get started with the paper. And, you can do more research if you need. Hence, get into the database, find out what you need, and start writing.

3. Start with an outline

Creating an outline that includes numbers or bullets is outdated and isn’t a wise approach to writing essays these days. So, you can follow what is referred to as a flat outline. List the topics that you need and put them in order. Visit the library to locate the sources and leave all the irrelevant ones.

Convert the topic-level outline into a paper. The flat outline is the best solution because it mirrors your writing process. No one starts writing with the ideas they have. Whatever you are going to say, you need to do that through the process of writing. The flat outline gives you the right format to start writing while leaving enough room for you to include something later.

4. Try to create the right environment

Now that you have understood the topic, are done researching the topic, and your flat outline is completed, it’s time to move to the next level. You have to sit down and write. However, the biggest obstacle when it comes to completing your paper fast is a distraction.

If you don’t have the right environment where you can focus, you spend plenty of hours dealing with distractions. To focus on your writing you should have a distraction-free space. Also, make it comfortable and have all the necessary amenities around you.

5. Follow the structure

The purpose behind writing the paper is to fulfill the requirement for the assignment and to impress your professor. To ensure that you don’t get caught up with the structure, pick up a standard one and follow it wholeheartedly.

Sometimes, it is good to pay attention to what your professor says in class to get an idea of what the topic should be while writing the papers. It is easy to pay attention to the structure after spending a couple of reading sessions.

6. Concentrate on quality

Suppose, if a paper needs to have 6 to 7 pages, you may feel tempted to write a couple of extra pages. Although you may feel that more is better, it is the exact opposite in terms of essay writing.

Most professors in colleges prefer to have a 5-page assignment instead of a 7-page one. Certain topics don’t need to have 7 pages and 5 pages should be enough. Therefore, if you stretch the situation, things might not work in your favor.

7. Editing and drafting

The important thing you can do is to write diligently with effort and attention, and follow up with a good edit. When you don’t know something while writing, make a note of it and come back later.

Next, proofread your essay and look out for common errors. Work out the conclusion of the essay and create an impressive title that goes with the assignment.


So, writing a paper is still a lot of work. But when you follow the steps in this post, you can get it done quickly without compromising on the quality of the paper. In short, these tactics would help you speed up your writing process.