Hacks: Aimbot, ESP, Speed Hack & NoRecoil

Playing online shooting games is a great way to pass your leisure time. is an excellent first-person shooter game with very similar gameplay to CSGO. If you are bored of the usual gameplay and want to have some fun, you can try using hacks.

When you hack, you can unlock many additional features that weren’t available originally. In this post, I’ll guide you on using hacks, cheats, and scripts in Using these, you can troll your friends or opponents. However, using them regularly might make the game boring. It would be best if you used them wisely. Make the Game More Interesting with Hacks is a first-person, fast-paced, free-to-play shooter game available to play in a browser. You can play it on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. The game is very similar to CSGO and is based on “Movements.” You will be dropped into a pixelated world and have to fight against players from across the globe.

You can use weapons, create and execute your strategy, and defeat opponents. The game is entertaining to play to pass your time but also has a competitive scenario. Many game tournaments are held every day where die-hard fans participate.

If you are bored of the regular Krunker gameplay and want to have some fun, you can try some hacks. Using hacks is a fun way to troll your friends and opponents. However, Krunker devs may ban your account for this. So, I’d recommend using a smurf or dummy account while using hacks. Also, please don’t use them for too long on your device.

Different types of Hacks features rich gameplay. There are so many things to do with not-so-many controls. Your ultimate goal is to shoot your opponents down. Sometimes that can become a bit tricky if you don’t have enough knowledge about the game mechanics. To make things easier, there are multiple hacks available.

Here is a list of hacks that you can install and use while playing the game in a web browser.

  • Aimbot (multiple types): Takes precise aim at the opponent automatically.
  • No Recoil hack: All weapons will have zero recoils.
  • Auto Reload hack: All the guns will be reloaded automatically.
  • Speed hack: Boosts movement speed to up to 5x.
  • Wallbangs: Kill your opponents through the walls.
  • Turbo Shoot hack: Turns all your weapons auto.
  • Frustum check: Won’t shoot opponents that just respawned.
  • Triggerbot: Checks the enemy’s health and automatically moves your aim to the enemy’s head.
  • ESP & Player Tracers: Find the locations of all your opponents.

Other than these, many other hacks are available on the web. The developers are trying very hard to ban all of these. But you can still find many hackers in the game.

How to Hack in a Browser? is written mainly using JavaScript. So, you can easily hack the game while playing it in a browser using scripts. The scripts are available on sources like GreasyFork, GitHub, etc. You must install them in a browser using extensions like Tampermonkey, ShitSploit, etc.

I have shared multiple methods to hack in a browser. You can use either of the methods to play Krunker using hacks.

1. Use Tampermonkey Extenstion to Install Krunker Hack Scripts

Follow these steps to hack using the Tampermonkey browser extension:

  • Step-1: Open any browser, preferably Google Chrome, and visit the official website.
  • Step-2: Next, open a new tab, and install the Tampermonkey browser extension. Chrome users can find it here.
  • Step-3: After installing it, visit this link to browse GreasyFork user scripts for
  • Step-4: Choose the script for the Krunker hack you want to use, and open it.
  • Step-5: Next, click the “Install this script” button to proceed with the installation.
  • Step-6: Now click on the Tampermonkey icon in your browser.
  • Step-7: Next, click “Dashboard” and select the hack script you want to activate.
  • Step-8: Go back to the tab where is open and reload it.

That’s it. You can sign in using an account when the website reloads and start playing. I’d recommend using a spare account that you wouldn’t mind losing while using hacks.

2. Use ShitSploit Client to Hack

ShitSploit is a client developed to hack in Chrome. To use it, follow these steps:

  • Step-1: Launch Chrome, and click on the three dots in the corner.
  • Step-2: Now click on “More Tools” and afterward click on “Extensions.”
  • Step-3: Next, download the Krunker ShitSploit script file from here.
  • Step-4: Drag the “EXT” ZIP file into the Chrome extensions tab after downloading.
  • Step-5: Finally, open in a new tab and start playing.

That’s it. This is the most effective hack to use in Krunker while staying undetected.

More Hacks, Cheats & Scripts

Here are some more hacks that are still working in 2021. You can use them via the Tampermonkey extension method in any browser.

  • God Mode Hack: Get it here.
  • Krunker All-in-One Hack: Get it here.
  • SkidFest for Krunker: Get it here.
  • AimBot Anti-Cheat Bypass: Get it here.
  • No Disconnect hack for Get it here.

All of these Krunker hacks are effectively working in 2021.

Is Hacking Safe in

The shortest answer is NO. Hacking is not safe in as it will lead to the banning of your account. However, if you want to have some fun playing with hacks, you should create a new Krunker account. So, even if the server bans the account, you can get back to playing with your main account.

Recently, developers have released a new update where they are disconnecting all players with extensions enabled in their browsers. They have taken this step to make the game servers free of hackers.

What is the Banned or Hacker Status?

If you hack or cheat on, your account will get a “Hacker” tag linked to it automatically. All your friends and opponents can see it. If you continue using the hacks, developers will ban your account. You can’t lift this ban and must create a new account.

Krunker developers have become so strict against the hackers that now they are even giving the “Hacker” tag to players who joke about having hacks, hacking, or making hacks in the chat. Thus, I’d recommend that you should not risk your account by crossing the limits.

Final Verdict is a fun game to play in your leisure time. You can have fun playing it with your friends. It is simple yet very addictive. This is how you can use hacks in in 2021. However, you may get the “Hacker” tag after using hacks, or they may even ban your account. So, use the hacks wisely.

That’s all for this post. I hope it helps you enough. Feel free to share your experiences with hackers in the comment box.