Is Playing a Way to Distract Yourself From Problems?

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy as the saying goes. Why do you think most schools treat those 15-30 minutes of recess time for kids like a ritual? Play has been encouraged for both kids and adults for several reasons that include its ability to distract us from our problems:

  • For kids, it’s been proven that they display better behavior after enjoying some playtime because they simply forget their troubles on the playing ground and unwind after probably encountering some academic problems in the classrooms.
  • This same great effect of play has also been seen in adults. Therefore, it is possible that playing at mobile casino Finland the best Suomi gambling sites to take small breaks is somehow helpful. But let’s check out the bonuses and advantages you get when you play.

What Is Play?

Let’s go scientific first. Play has been defined as any activity which is meant for enjoyment and recreation rather than any serious or practical purpose. It also includes a plethora of fun-filled activities that come with laughter. The latter helps us release the feel-good hormone called endorphins. It is proven that endorphins help us feel happy and counteract the negative hormone called cortisol.

In stressful situations, cortisol levels rise and leave us sluggish or depressed. Therefore, playing is now scientifically proven to be helpful in releasing the hormone which can help us forget our problems and make us feel happy again. So, playing that board game and laughing with friends, family, and co-workers while on the game can be enough to help you snap out of the thoughts about your problems.

Play Helps In Expression of Emotions

It may be less scientific now, but playing is also proven to be one of the easiest ways of expressing our emotions unlike other methods like crying. Of course, we’ve been told severally that playing is nothing but pure escapism, a temporary way to forget your problems and escape reality. Partially, it’s true.

Although this approach may sound not effective enough to get us out of problems, playing indeed provides us with the easiest way to let out the emotions that come with thinking about our problems.

For instance, anger generated from the thought about problems can be meted out on video games. You can complete missions, defeat your enemies, and get excited about being successful again. Therefore, when it comes to emptying your bowel of emotions in the most positive way, a general prescription would be engaging in your favorite play.

It Helps in Social Interaction

What about the social connections you strengthen while engaged in a game whether virtually or physically? Meeting and socializing with other people can go a long way to totally distract you from your problem. We tend to think more about anything when isolated from others. This is especially true for games like FIFA Ultimate Team and gambling at online casino sites which offer casino games.

Therefore, playing brings you to meet other people who may share similar problems or even much more serious ones than yours.  Doing it online even makes it more fun by expanding your reach. You can get connected to several people from around the globe in seconds just with an online game.

Sometimes, one may become engrossed enough in their discussions that they even forget to do basic things like taking bath or eating. Therefore, it is more than proven that play is the best therapy that can not only distract you from your problems but also help you socialize. Try it more often!

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