How to Speed up the Loading of Games on Your Computer

With the constant flow of new releases, there’s a constant need to run these games smoothly. Whether you’re hitting your favorite top adult PC games or try a new release, fast loading time would be a benefit for sure.

Here are several tips on how to improve your loading time in games.

Install an SSD drive

SSD drives are the next generation of storage components for media platforms. Cutting-edge PCs and consoles of the last generation use SSD drives as a standard. SSD drives to store the data in semiconductor cells. As a result, they work faster and more silently than an HDD drive.

On the contrary, SSD drives do not have read-write heads and physical spinning disks. It limits SSD drives in terms of the data storages they can process. Still, games that run on SSD show significant improvement in the loading time speed, even the online ones.

Run Defragmentation

Defragmentation is a vital operation for the correct work of your computer. When you delete data, the empty clusters remain on your disk, while the other store some data. With time, data on your disk becomes fragmented.

The PC processes all the segments, empty ones, and segments with data. The more fragmented your disk is, the longer it takes to process the data. It affects games loading time as well.

To keep the loading times short, run defragmentation of your disks regularly.

Stop unnecessary startups

Numerous utilities and applications consume the RAM of your PC. The more programs run with the Pc’s startup, the slower actual games work. You may install special software for RAM optimization. Everything else that does not relate to games should be closed.

Increase amount of RAM

RAM is a direct component of games running smoothly. If your computer meets the game’s system requirements, everything should work just fine. However, if you want even more impressive results, you may consider increasing the amount of RAM.

In combination with the SSD drive, the high RAM numbers will help you run every type of game fast and smoothly.

Disable visual effects in the game

Another viable option for the game to work faster is to reduce its parameters. There’s a compromise between the game running slow but with a decent image or fast but with low-quality graphics.

Try to reduce the quality of shades and visual effects. Usually, these are the most harmless components of video games’ graphics. If you decrease the quality of the shades without touching anything else, you may still enjoy a decent image with smooth gameplay.

Optimize your system

If you run games on Windows 10, there are a few tricks on how you can increase the performance of your games. Type sysdm.cpl in the search box and press Enter. You will gain access to the System Properties menu. Click on Advanced and then Settings in the Performance menu.

You will see a list of the system’s visual effects. These effects consume resources of your computer as well. Toggle off the effects you don’t need.

Turn off the transparency

The effect of transparency in Task Bar, Action Center, and Start-Up menu takes a significant amount of resources too. You need to type “transparency” in the Settings search. Then, go to “Transparency effects” and move the slider to the “off” position. This should also improve the performance of your machine.

Final Words

If you tried all of the tips listed above concerning the loading time optimization and nothing worked as intended, then it is time for a major upgrade for your computer.