Getting to Grips with Online Slots (Beginners Guide)

When we think of casinos, the first thing that comes to mind is the slot. Over the years, online slots Canada has captured the fancy of casino enthusiasts across the globe.

The history of slot machines tells us they were popular even before the advent of online casinos. The reason behind their growing popularity is the simple gameplay and entertainment factor.

Slots are purely based on luck and require no skills or previous experience. The fact that there are no complex rules to follow makes it extremely relaxing.

Online casinos have made slots extremely accessible through mobile apps. Now you can just try your luck with a few spins anytime, anywhere.

What makes online casinos all the more popular is the high Return to Player (RTP) value. This is facilitated by a bunch of bonuses, free spins, jokers, re-spins, and much more.

If you are a beginner waiting to explore the world of online slots, then here is a quick guide for you. Discover how it works and some tips to win.

Basic Principle of Online Slots

Online slots are designed to be simple. You spin it after placing your bets, and the reels stop at a random combination of numbers.

The technology behind the success of online slots is the Random Number Generator (RNG). It guarantees a completely random number every time you hit the Spin button.

The RNG ensures fair gaming does justice to the remote nature of online casinos. There are two types of Random Number Generators (RNGs).

Hardware Random Number Generator (HRNG)

Also known as the True Random Number Generator (TRNG), the HRNG generates number combinations that are genuinely random and can never be recreated. The combinations are not obtained from a repeatedly executing algorithm.

Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG)

Unlike the HRNG, the Pseudo Random Number Generator (PRNG) uses algorithms to generate seemingly random-looking combinations. The combinations can be recreated by referring to the state of the PRNG.

How the Random Number Generator (RNG) Works

There are 24 symbols on a reel, and each symbol corresponds to a specific value. Here is what happens when you spin the reels.

  1. The algorithm generates multiple random combinations, as many as hundreds every second.
  2. The random combination generated for the very moment the reel stops spinning is considered.
  3. The combination is used to generate the symbols that appear on your screen.
  4. The symbols that you see on your computer screen determine whether you win and by how much.

Understanding the Significance of Symbols

The symbols are a key component of online slots. You can find a range of creative symbols, and they add to the visual appeal of the game.

There are the simple symbols and the special slot machine symbols. While every symbol has its significance, special symbols make the game more exciting and add to the RTP value.

When trying your luck with online slots, it is important to remember that not all symbols have equal weightage. Symbols like bonus symbols and free spins are heavily weighted and appear less frequently when compared to other symbols.

The key to success for online slots is the trust of the patrons. Hence, audits by reliable third parties are conducted regularly to verify the RNGs.

Quick Tips to Make the Most of Online Slots

Online slots are completely random and based on your luck alone. However, here are some quick tips to help you improve your chances of winning.

1. Pay Attention When Choosing Your Slots

There is little to no strategy involved in online slots, as every player has the same odds of winning. However, choosing a slot that offers a high Return to Player (RTP) ensures you win more.

Every slot has different themes, features, bonuses, and symbols. Choose one that most appeals to you so that you enjoy playing.

2. Observe the Pay Table Carefully

The pay table of an online slot is practically the “dashboard” where you can have a glance at everything it offers. This helps because you get an idea of the symbols and their weightage, bonuses, free spins, etc.

3. Get Started with Free Games

What’s really great about online slots is that you get numerous options and great variety. You can even find free games, and this is a huge incentive.

It is good to start with free games, as it helps you to get the hang of it before you invest money. 

4. Choose Games with Smaller Prizes

Games that offer a smaller jackpot are likely to pay out more often. This boosts your odds of winning when compared to bigger jackpots.

Hence, it is recommended that you go for smaller jackpots. The big ones sure look enticing, but the odds are comparatively very low.

At the end of the day, casino games should be considered nothing more than entertainment. So, it is always recommended that you start with a budget in mind.


Today online slots are a huge success. New features are being introduced to online slots by the popular online casinos to draw players.

The Random Number Generator has a huge role to play in the rise of online casinos. With the advent of mobile apps, online slots are now at your fingertips!

However, it is important to be responsible when trying out any form of gambling, and online slots are no different.