15 Best Free Premium Link Generators

Choosing the right Premium Link Generator can be a task sometimes, especially if you are looking for the best and free ones. This article will help you find the best Free Premium Link Generator for your easy downloads and the rest of the services. The sites mentioned are the best service sites, and they have all the necessary and certain additional services as well. We shall now talk about Free generators for your easy use. The Free Premium Link Generators not only ease out your work but also are pocket-friendly.

What are Premium Link Generators?

When the link is given to a file, it generates another link to download the file as if it is a premium user.

  • It eliminates various limitations of the normal downloading process like speed and waits times between downloads.
  • It is a web-based service that acts as a bridge between the user and certain file hosting services.
  • It gives the user a premium link to a specific file without an existing premium account or a premium user.

You can easily use these without paying any amount and enjoy all the advantages and benefits any premium user does. The user can use both android devices and PCs to get access to these sites. The user can choose between the free and premium ones anytime since the paid ones will have more exciting and advanced features.

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Best Free Premium Link Generators 2021

Here’s a list of the Free Premium Link Generators for your use which is easy and accessible. They have proved to be excellent in security, speed, waiting time, and many others. Many sites mentioned in this list also have the upper hand. You have to be very attentive while choosing yours.

Here’s the list:

1. Neo DeBrid

It is the best Free Premium Link Generator any user can look for. The user needs to create an account and sign in to it. While using the site, you can generate links up to 16GB per second speed. This site provides the best services to you and would not fail to deliver the best-required results.

This has a straightforward interface and fast services, making it hassle-free and clear to understand. All the basic features are available for free on this site. But, if you want advanced features, you will have to buy a premium subscription.

 2. DeepBrid

Deepbrid is yet another famous premium link generator, which is quite helpful to generate links from premium sites. It allows the user to download approximately four to five files of size about 1.2GB per file.

  • The user need not have a premium subscription for this.
  • He may register for free and not necessarily be a paid user.
  • This link generator site is well known for its accurate and instant link.
  • It is also effortless to use and hence, is not very complicated.

3. CoolLeach

This premium link generator provides the best services to its users. This site lets the user download up to 10 free files, and you can also create unlimited links. But, it is safe to register before you start using the services.

Also, the premium version offers the users Torrent support, ad-free service, and many more, but it comes at a price since the premium version is not for free. The site has 24/7 support and looks after the user’s security and anonymity.

4. GeneratorLink Premium

It is the most famous and trustworthy link generator site. This site has received many positive reviews from its users because of the content and services.

This generator site also provides security. It gives a Captcha verification so that the downloads and files are secured and safe from any cybercrime. It has quite an easy-to-use interface which helps in providing the user a smooth and hassle-free experience while using this site.

This site presently supports more than 12 hosting websites that offer a variety of options for the users to access the data.

5. Leech All

Leech All is a vast website when it comes to offering more than ten website hosting services as options to the users. Apart from certain pop-up notifications, the site has a very smooth, hassle-free, and user-friendly interface that helps users access the services.

The user can easily download up to 3GB of data per day. In case of any technical issue or any technical assistance, the user can take help from the customer service and find solutions to their problems. Also, the user can count the amount of GB allotted to them on an everyday basis.

6. LeechNinja

It is one of the top-rated premium link generators available. With this link generator, not only can the usual premium links be generated, but you can also generate links for other premium file-hosting sites. This website is a very safe and secure platform to do so.

It gets regularly updated, so the user may not find the need to do so again and again. Apart from having a user-friendly interface, the site also keeps updating the user about the various changes in it and other information.

7. Uploaded Premium Link

For a better and stress-free work experience, you must opt for Uploaded Premium Link Generator. It works efficiently and shows the user many features as well. Like the server usage, statistics, and traffic used. Ultimately, this information can also help the user keep track of the limit of the server, which will help them know when a particular premium file hoster isn’t working.

8. Reevown Cloud

Reevown Cloud is another one of the Free Premium Link Generators available for users. Similar to the websites mentioned earlier, this site provides all the essential features. It allows the user to download 1GB of data every hour.

It gives valuable and rich information to the user, rather than some other sites which hide things from the users. With its updated user interface, the user can get information about the traffic and how many GB they can use as a premium user.

9. 10 Download

10 Download is a very simple to use premium link generator site with a user-friendly interface. Apart from some ads in between, the site offers a stress-free downloading process that easily overpowers this disadvantage. The user has to open the site, paste the link and download the file. It supports only two hosts.

10. Dasan Premium Link Generator

Dasan provides support to over 50 file hosts. It allows the user to download the files at a breakneck speed. Sometimes due to technical errors, the file download can stop. Dasan provides a stop and resume option for interruptions to avoid this problem. The user needs to register at the site. Insert the link in the box provided, and when the link generates, you can easily download it.

Top 15 Premium Link Generators [Free, No Limit]

These were the 10 Best Premium Link Generator, which helps generate and download links without any cost. Apart from these, some other sites are:

  1. HyperDebrid
  2. Hungry Leech
  3. GIGALeecher
  4. Leech360
  5. VNZ-Leech
  6. PremiumZen
  7. The LinksVIP
  8. The BigSpeed
  9. The HarBlaze
  10. The RapidGrab
  11. The Juba-get
  12. The SimplyDebrid
  13. The AutoGenerateLink.info
  14. The QFI
  15. The HyperDebrid


We come to the end of the article on Free Premium Link Generators. I hope the article helped find some good Free Premium Link Sites. Some of the sites might prove better than others, or some might offer many more features than the rest. But these sites are free of cost and can be pocket-friendly when it comes to spending money on premium link sites. Please leave the suggestions and comments below!