Free League of Legends Accounts: LoL Passwords 2021

League of Legends (LoL) is the most popular MOBA title in the world. People absolutely love playing it. However, when you have become a veteran and want to start smurfing, it gets pretty hard to get your second account past level 30. That’s why people sell unranked level 30 League of Legends accounts, but we’ll provide them for free here.

In this post, we will share more than 50 free League of Legends accounts that you can start playing with. You can use these accounts to smurf in the game, experience more champions, or try a different region. Regardless of your reason, you can play LoL using these free accounts.

Why do people buy & sell League of Legends (LoL) accounts?

Released in 2009, League of Legends (more popularly known as LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. It is developed and published by  Riot Games and has been in the top charts of the “Highest Grossing” games worldwide. When you start playing LoL, you have to experience hours of playing against the computer, then many more hours leveling your account, gaining IP, buying new champs, and figuring out the stuff.

Only after you have crossed level 30, you will experience what the game is all about. So, when you have played a lot and turned into a “Pro,” you might wish to create another account and use it to have some fun. However, it will again take lots of hours to grind it to make it playable. A shortcut to having another LoL account is to buy it online.

When you buy a League of Legends account that is past level 30, you can start playing instantly, saving hours of hard work. Along with this, you can also get many perks like switching to a different champion, the ability to switch regions, unspent IP and RP, and more such things.

That’s why people like to buy League of Legends accounts, and thousands of people are selling them online.

Can you get League of Legends accounts for free?

Now there are some people who want League of Legends accounts for surfing in the mid lane but don’t want to spend money. If you are one of them, then you are at the right place at the right time. It is completely possible to get League of Legends accounts for free. I will help you with that.

I have listed down usernames and passwords of over 50 working LoL accounts for free. Along with this, I have also explained how you can earn an account without spending any money.

Free League of Legends (LoL) Accounts

Here is a list of working League of Legends accounts that you can use to start playing instantly. You can use these to play with more champions, enjoy different skins, switch to a different server, or just collect better rewards.

Format: Login ID| Password

  • dilimavax032 | Mpsk8467
  • darikoluma | bunvilgan578
  • offenblack77 | 4967395354
  • filintimang6 | abpotomax96
  • stribaysx23 | TmintGnp8
  • ciftilivact | Emxak461S
  • drantofma001 | evtopex496
  • ponponovag | aBTapxml59
  • granfolxem46 | top4926m
  • evantivalger | eAqapomex
  • darkgonbima | 492694810
  • carnfinilak58 | ebtorpixma
  • slifteneyil6 | miltivan567
  • trapimintaca | trMxok68
  • epitamint492 | p4i7mxLK
  • darkblono | cirtinbaPs
  • anavlolog26 | gTpxak5803
  • komsvaig | 592867028946
  • depoldifliax | dangylac2675
  • grilvack | radsiy4926
  • pisragom | creding4912
  • godawack | difgagonl
  • intdagos | cadrefly126
  • frendixfopl | forvasveh568
  • dawidci | navip123516
  • eweintbol | cawayovban
  • livbaryx | 40262773677
  • carspull | qaswahy581
  • efevint | screndolw096
  • yogurtici50 | daryPszK

Free League of Legends Account Passwords for EUW & NA

  • j0UVIE | riven123zed456
  • etibangolokiras | lillasirtomben425
  • toblyeosertomb | goledvantosil
  • eliseven | 811c2a09
  • Ebankrogil | dalnoviatsh
  • metafixar | balndrafixar425
  • Xacvenfeytleim | Ppolixmaleo493244
  • Sefaridant | Faxrabolt
  • Kasim1995 | kake1995
  • terrasim | 89037177755k
  • xagorto | Theblues94
  • saprafinthos | good4532meems
  • Vandexourelo | Elovxaceril00741
  • brantlavansol | gomtoventils
  • Sandavicak | Eddtoneysol
  • Vanrashi67 | Fashyanrast
  • gambartas36 | lilcartnes576
  • ebasfrenghout | baahousre648
  • Greoftonde458 | sebrazisraon
  • Wvenshete | lillazadaer408

If you are a League of Legends beginner who already knows much about the game by watching its streams, then you can use these accounts to save a lot of time.

How to get more League of Legends Accounts free?

If you are still not able to find any worthy League of Legends account for free, then here are some ways through which you can get one. You can also buy cheap LoL accounts on various marketplaces and forums, and it is completely legal.

1. Participate in Giveaways/Contests

A lot of giveaways and contests take place on Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and many other websites. You just need to participate in as many giveaways and contests as you can. Some of them are skill-based while most of them are based on luck. So, you have to hope that you are among the lucky participants who get a free League of Legends account.

The best part of getting an account this way is that they are unverified. So, if you have won it, you can change the password, email, and the summoner name to anything you wish.

2. Use Earning Websites & Apps

There are a lot of places where you can buy cheap LoL accounts. A general search query of “Buy League of Legends account” will lead you to countless sources. However, not having enough money prevents you from buying. To solve this problem, you can start using earning websites and apps available on the web. Here are some examples:

In most of these apps and websites, you just need to earn points by doing simple tasks like filling a survey, watching video ads, or downloading apps. Once you have earned enough points, you can redeem them for PayPal cash. Then, you can use the money to buy any League of Legends account online.

3. Other Ways to Get Free League of Legends Accounts

There are several other ways you can get a free LoL account. Take a look at them:

  • You can trade a League of Legends account for any premium account that you have like Netflix, Disney+, Fortnite account, etc.
  • If any special event is coming, you can ask for an LoL account as your gift from your loved ones.
  • You can borrow your friend’s account who once used to play but now have quit playing due to their reasons.

You can think of various other ways, but make sure you share them with all of us in the comments.

Does any League of Legends Account Generator/Creator work?

You will find many League of Legends account generators or creators while searching for some free smurf accounts. These tools claim to generate or create accounts past level 30, premium skins, and many RP points for free. However, all of them are fake and do not work. They are just trying to scam you.

They will make you do tasks for them in the name of “User verification,” and may even steal your information. Never fall into their trap and try to use them. They are highly unsafe.

Final Words

People buy League of Legends accounts to rejuvenate the thrill factor in their journey. You can now do that without buying an LoL account, and by using a free one. These are all the free League of Legends accounts we currently have. We will keep adding more accounts to the list. Make sure you keep visiting us frequently.

That’s all for the LoL fans currently. I hope you have found an account to enjoy smurfing.