Free Fire Mod APK: Hack for Unlimited Diamonds 2021

Free Fire is a hugely popular battle royale game by Garena available on Android and iOS devices. A lot of players want to get pro at the game quickly, and so start looking for Free Fire hacks. This leads them to the “Free Fire Mod APK.” If you want to know what it is, and if you should use it, this post is specifically written for you.

Here, I will explain what is the Free Fire Modded APK file and if it helps you to get unlimited diamonds, bundles, and skins. Additionally, I will also explain if it is safe and should you use it. And, if you still want to install it, I will explain that as well.

What is the Garena Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire has recently won the title for “Best Mobile Game of the Year” in the ESports Awards 2020. It beat massively popular games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile to won this award. In 2020, Free Fire’s popularity skyrocketed in a manner that left every other competitor behind. It has stayed consistently on the top of the ‘Most Downloaded Games in Play Store/App Store‘ list.

The key factors behind its success are intriguing gameplay, great visuals, and stylish cosmetics. However, Free Fire players to even enhance their experience by using hacks. The most popular hack is the Free Fire Mod APK. This modded APK File + OBB of Free Fire allows you to have an unfair advantage in the game. You can have unlimited diamonds for free, you can get unlimited health, perfect aim, and so many other things.

All this allows you to beat almost any player, and get a BOOYAH! in every game you play. However, the modded or hacked Free Fire version also has its downside. We’ll also discuss them here.

Features & Hacks available in Free Fire Mod APK

The Free Fire Mod APK consists of the original gameplay but with added advantages. It utilizes the scripts to offer you an edge over other players. You will find features like Aimbot, Unlimited Health, Unlimited Diamonds, and many other things.

Let’s take a quick look at the features and hacks available in this modded version of Free Fire:

  • Get Unlimited Diamonds for Free– You can have unlimited Diamonds to buy any bundle, weapon skin, or open as many crates as you wish. There won’t be any limits like the original version.
  • AimBot- This hack automatically locks your aim on the enemies precisely and then you can shoot them down. If you don’t have a good aim, this is the right feature for you.
  • Health Bar that never ends– You can get an unlimited Health Bar that won’t run out even if you take 1000 bullets of the MP40, or take an AWM directly in the head. So, you can survive for the longest and get that BOOYAH!
  • All Characters unlocked– You will have all characters already unlocked in this game for free. So, you can play with DJ Alok, Jai, or any character that you like. There are no limits.
  • Shoot your enemies while swimming- Yes, it is completely possible in the modded version.
  • Kalahari Map and New Modes available– You will find all the maps and modes available in the original version here.
  • Effective Anti-ban– You will have the lowest chances of being caught in the cheat detection system and getting banned.

These are the key features and hacks available in the Free Fire modded version that makes players choose it over the fair version.

Is Free Fire Mod APK Safe?

The Free Fire Mod APK comes with an effective Anti-Ban feature. This reduces the chances of getting caught by Garena’s Cheat Detection system. Although it reduces chances, this means they are still present. You can still get caught and banned for cheating. So, the Free Fire Mod APK is safe but only to an extent. There are still chances of losing your account.

So, I’d recommend you do not risk your main account by playing the hacked version. Instead, grind hard in the original game and beat everyone else with your skills.

Should you use it?

The decision to use it or not is all yours. You could also download Xenos Injector. If you just want to have some fun with your friends or teammates, or want to try all characters, skins, and bundles for free, then you can use it. But, if you truly want to get your name written among the legends of the game, then the hacked version won’t help. You’ll have to play, grind, and work hard on the original version.

Only then you can progress far in Free Fire. One more thing I’d like to suggest is don’t use the Free Fire Mod APK with your main game account. Instead, create a new account, a spare one that you wouldn’t mind losing. Only then, you can play without any worries.

How to Download & Install Free Fire Mod APK?

If you’d still like to download and install the Free Fire Mod APK, here is the complete procedure. However, I’d recommend that you use your spare or dummy account while doing it. Even if there is an effective Anti-Ban feature available, there are still chances of getting banned. So, don’t try hacking while using your main account. Uninstall the Free Fire original version before moving further.

Once ready, follow these steps:

Step-1: Firstly, click on this APK Download link and this link to download OBB File.

Note: You’ll have to allow installation from ‘Unknown Sources‘ if it isn’t already active to install the downloaded files from our website.

Step-2: Once downloaded, click on the APK file and install it.

Step-3: Now go to the File Manager, tap on the Android folder, and then on OBB. Here, create a new folder named “com.dts.freefireth” (without the quotes, obviously).

Step-4: Next, paste the downloaded OBB file here. Then, close the File Manager.

Step-5: Finally, launch the Free Fire modded version and start playing. Make sure you log in using another account and don’t use your main account.

That’s it. This is how you can have fun in Free Fire by hacking very easily.

Final Verdict

Free Fire is an incredible battle royale where you have to beat down your enemies and survive to get BOOYAH! The original version has certain limitations that you can break with the Free Fire modded version. I have already explained all the hacks and features above. Although I wouldn’t recommend using such hacks regularly as it ruins the fun of the game.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.

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