Free Disney Plus Accounts: Working Disney+ Passwords 2021

Disney+ is the premium OTT streaming platform owned and operated by Disney. It has a freaking good collection of movies and shows to watch in a short time. You can watch all of them without paying anything by using the free Disney Plus accounts we provide here.

I will share 50+ working Disney+ accounts with their username and passwords for free in this post. Along with this, I will also share ways by which you can have your Disney+ account for free or cheap. This will unlock a golden chest of entertainment right in front of you.

Free Disney Plus Accounts with Username & Password

Disney+ has managed to get a massive audience in a brief period. It has already crossed the mark of 100 million paid subscribers, and it took Netflix almost ten years to reach that. The increasing popularity of OTT platforms and the easy availability of high-speed internet globally have played a vital role in this feat. Still, many internet users can’t afford Disney Plus.

If you are one of them, I’m here to help you. I will help you access the premium content of Disney+ without having to spend any money. I will share some working Disney+ accounts here for free. You can use these to enjoy Marvel’s thrillers, the High School Musical, or any other movie or show that you want to stream.

List of working free Disney Plus Accounts

Disney Plus has an incredible library of movies, sports, TV shows, and other things that you can binge-watch only if you have a premium account. So, here are some premium Disney Plus accounts for free, made available for the users who don’t want to pay for the subscription. Make sure you use them ASAP until their subscription expires.

Format: Username | Password

  • | 2114111Scrabble
  • Airel | Airel123
  • Alexanderdj2000 | Alexanderdj2000
  • | Frozen77
  • | buddy1275
  • | Prova1234
  • | Mariana20207
  • | queenelsa27
  • | Alexanderajim
  • | 17171920
  • | johnnyking5
  • | 64851325454
  • | blade123
  • | 5641324165
  • | 6843546816
  • | jack952145
  • | 123456789
  • | 99999999a
  • | 123456789
  • | dark123321
  • | 123456789
  • | 134angel
  • | 123456789
  • | kra24152
  • | anna99999

I will keep adding more Disney+ accounts to this list as soon as I find them. Make sure you keep visiting us if you cannot find a working account.

Accounts that do not work anymore

Here are the free Disney Plus accounts whose subscriptions expired and they do not work anymore.

  • | perez2003
  • | prouser659
  • | Emmalou82
  • disneyaccfree21@gmail | basili2409
  • noemieb86@hotmail | mylolylou86
  • | Hallemom1
  • | Orange16
  • | Ms627262
  • | cronaldo70
  • | yusuf2005
  • | linda5526321145
  • | 123456789
  • | 55major55
  • | agit2131
  • | Bacalao007

It would be best if you didn’t waste your time using them. If you find any non-working accounts above, let me know via comments, and I’ll move them to this list.

How to Get your own Disney Plus Account for Free or Cheap?

Disney+ costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 a year (only $5.83 per month if you buy an annual subscription). However, some users are not able to afford that even. Especially if you are a student, spending your money on such luxuries gets hard. But what if a Disney+ account costs only a dollar or two? Now it seems pretty affordable.

If you have had no luck trying to steal a free Disney Plus account until now, I’d recommend that you try to get your account for free or at a highly discounted price. Here are some tricks and methods to have your free or almost free Disney Plus account.

1. Start a Disney+ Free Trial

Earlier, Disney+ offered a 7-day free trial to any new subscriber. One can use multiple free trials to keep using Disney Plus for free. However, Disney+ has stopped offering free trials in late 2020 in most regions like the US, UK, etc. But, there is still a way to claim a free trial on Disney Plus.

Currently, you can get Disney Plus free trial through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It is available as a special perk included in the gaming subscription service. The free trial is for 30 days. You don’t have to pay for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You only have to start a free trial and then cancel it before it ends.

2. Trade or Share a Disney+ Account

If you have a Netflix, Hulu, or any other premium account, you can trade or share it with users online for a Disney+ account. You need to share your account in return for a Disney+ account. You can find people willing to share or trade on Reddit, Facebook, or other social networks.

However, make sure you don’t find any scammers. You can also trade or share accounts with your friends who own a Disney Plus account.

3. Get a Disney+ Account from is a group-buy website selling premium accounts for services like Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., for a highly discounted price. You can buy a Disney Plus account from for as low as $2 or $3 per month.

Just visit it from here, click on purchase, register for an account, complete the payment, and you’ll get your own Disney Plus subscription for a very low price.

4. Use Online Earning Websites

You can’t purchase a Disney+ subscription because you often don’t have spare money. Do not worry; there are multiple earning websites available on the internet that pay you for doing simple tasks like completing surveys, downloading apps, and watching video ads. I have listed some genuine ones below.

You can find many more websites and apps and use them to earn. Buy it once you have made enough to pay for a Disney+ subscription.

5. Ask for it as your gift

If your birthday, anniversary, or any other special event is approaching, you can ask for a Disney+ account as your gift from your loved ones. You can also get it as a gift on holidays.

This is the simplest but very effective method of getting a Disney+ account for free.

Does any Disney+ Account Generator Works?

When you search for free Disney Plus Accounts on the web, you will find many Disney+ Account Generators claiming to give you unlimited premium Disney+ accounts for free. However, all Disney Plus Account Generators are fake and do not work. They are only trying to scam you into doing a task for them in the name of “Human Verification.”

Some even steal your information and infect your system with viruses or malware. Thus, stay very far away from them. Never fall into their traps.

Final Words

Disney+ has a fantastic collection of movies, shows, and other things to stream for your entertainment. But, it has a subscription fee that many users don’t want to pay. Fortunately, you can now use the free Disney+ accounts to stream anything on the platform for free. Or, you can get your Disney+ account at the cost of peanuts.

That’s all for this post. I hope you can now enjoy Disney+ as much as you want. Feel free to drop some movie or show suggestions on Disney+ for all of us.

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