How to Fix Printer Invalidfont Error? – (Complete Guide)

Today we are experiencing printing problems much more and as our file format include PDF, JPG, .doc, .xls etc. These formats are the most used formats throughout the world.

As a matter of fact, among all these formats PDF is most used and is a global format which is used in all of the websites. It is also the most compatible format to keep the data secure.

In this article, we will be talking about printer invalid font error which is most of the people facing right now.

But first, let’s talk about PDF format in detail. Actually, PDF enables any kind of file to print smoothly and accepts every type of font size and pages that you have to give.

But the problems come when most of the people facing a printing problem with the PDF file. The issue indicates that an invalid font is interfering in printing the file. The file is generating an invalid font error. 

In Windows 10 this error comes with various error codes you can also get a message of ERROR: INVALID FONT. 

Reasons Why This Error Occurs?

Printer Invalidfont Error  

There are various reasons that this error shows up on our screen. Maybe you are an old PDF version or there is an improper configuration format.

Other than that, it might be some invalid font name or there can be an incorrect way of formatting. If you want to fix this issue on your system pursue these instructions.

Check for Latest Updates

Latest Updates

First, open your Adobe Acrobat reader or if you have other than this PDF viewer then you should open that. After that, press help tab which can be found in the toolbar option.

After entering the toolbar options press check for update option.

After that, your software or PDF user will go into scanning for all the pending updates for the software.

If any of the updates found immediately click on the Install Update button to download the update that came after scanning. After the installation is completed close the window and then reopen the software to check for improvements.

If there is no update in the software then you will have this message show up on your screen. ‘Resetting Acrobat preference setup’. In the beginning, open your file explorer quickly and go to this location C:\ Users\ [username]\ APP_Data\ roaming\ Adobe\ Acrobat\ [version].

After going to this location rename the following folders Security and JSCache. If you have Windows 7 then we recommend that you replace the location of your preferences and if you fail to found the file then launch the view tab which is in the file explorer window.

After that, check the box where is written hidden files so your all hidden files are shown. After exchanging the location of preferences the Adobe Acrobat will restart itself and will make the problem solve. 


We hope that you fix this problem. If you have any questions you can comment in our comment section to discuss the queries.

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