How to Fix KurtzPel Crashing Issue on Windows

KurtzPel is an anime-styled action battle game released in May 2019. This third-person action battle game was designed by KOG, the developers of Grand Chase and Elsword Online. Its classic action interface offers a variety of PVP Modes coupled with a match-making system.

But gamers often come across an annoying issue of this game crashing for no reason. So today we are going to discuss KurtzPel and deal with its crashing problem. We will also explain how to fix it in the best possible way. So welcome aboard!

What is KurtzPel Game?

KurtzPel is an action pack, anime-inspired third-person perspective game. It provides various gamer profile appearances, body type, height, and other unique features. Its user interface ensures an amazing gaming experience. If you experience crashes with this game, you can fix it by doing quick methods. But before that, let’s get to know its possible reasons.

Reasons for KurtzPel Crashing

Some of the possible reasons for KurtzPel Game Crashing are as follows-

  • Outdated system drivers.
  • The steam application needs an update.
  • Antivirus software creating some issues, etc.

Methods to fix KurtzPel Crashing

Go through the following methods to fix the KurtzPel Game crashing issue.

Fix 1: Switch to NA or EU servers

As the game was first introduced to the EU and  North America, later to Asian countries. So switching to NA or EU servers might resolve the issue for you. Here’s how to switch the servers.

  • Open Steam.
  • Go to Library and right-click KurtzPel.

  • Choose Properties.
  • Select Set Launch Options.

Select Set Launch Options

  • Next in the text box given, type ZoneCode=live PublishCode=EU.

  • Hit OK.
  • You can set for regions other than the EU, like NA for America.
  • Finally, reboot KurtzPel and check if the issue is solved.

Fix 2: Disable antivirus temporarily

One of the common causes behind game crashing includes antivirus software block. You can disable your antivirus temporarily to resolve the stated issue. Once done, open the game again to check. If the issue persists, you can try out other fixes mentioned further.

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Fix 3: Update the game

Developers release game patches periodically to improve the gaming experience. So you should update game patches to avoid any crashing related issue. It simply means you are required to update your game. Sometimes outdated games generate unnecessary errors.

Fix 4: Run as administrator

This is another easy fix to resolve the KurtzPel crashing issue. Privileges issue might be the common reason behind the stated issue. Follow these steps to run the game as an administrator.

  • Close KurtzPel.
  • Launch Steam.
  • Go to Library and right-click KurtzPel.
  • Choose the option Properties.

  • Now go to the Local Files tab and click Browser Local Files.

Browser Local Files

  • Right-click on TheChase and select run as administrator.

run as administrator

  • Open the game to check it again.

Fix 5: Reinstall KurtzPel

 Whenever you encounter the game crashing issue, you can reinstall the game to resolve the issue. If it doesn’t work you can try out other methods as well.

Fix 6: Verify Game Files

Missing or corrupted game files can create an unexpected crashing issue. Therefore this one is an important and easy hack to fix the stated issue. Just follow these steps.

  • Open Steam.
  • Go to Library and right-click KurtzPel.
  • Now go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Files.

  • Exit Steam and re-open KurtzPel.
  • The issue must be gone by now.

Final Words

We have shared all working methods that will fix KurtzPel crashing issue in Windows 10. If you are still facing issue with KurtzPel game then you have to reinstall the game.

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